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Obento Jones
Boston Tea Party
Posted - 2010.02.04 16:00:00 - [301]

I never had this problem before the most recent patch. Now I can't even log in long enough to sell stuff at a station or (like this morning) change my skills without everything freezing and me getting the socket closed error before having to re-login. I will be canceling my account. If I can't even change my skills there's not much point anymore.

Leam Lakaud
Posted - 2010.02.09 18:22:00 - [302]

It seems this is still not fixed. Before dominion i only had this occasionaly (read as once or max twice per month). Since i resubscribed after dominion i had this more often than in my entire eve life. Today i had that 3 times. The last time (5 Minutes ago) i wasn't even 15 seconds active before the socket closed.

Miss Zulu
Cherry Games
Posted - 2010.02.10 14:32:00 - [303]

I never ever had this problem nor heard of it before from other players. Since Dominion Patch 1.1.1 i'm getting "Socket closed" on a regular basis (2-3 times a day!!!). First i thought its uTorrent 2.0's new uTP feature but even without running ANYTHING in the background of my Win7 32bit OS the error occurs. Please fix this CCP.

Posted - 2010.02.10 17:26:00 - [304]

e a bad network part by ourselves, so CCP could solve the problem faster.

Kentares Kodiak
Posted - 2010.02.10 18:52:00 - [305]

Ok... Ill stop doing missions for now.

I just had close to a dozen "socket closed" message in around 5 minutes (hence losing a handful of drones in the process).

Posted - 2010.02.10 19:31:00 - [306]

Sorry, could you tell me what exactly you've done. Did you changed you ip range of provider, or just internal router LAN DHCP ip range? And could you give those ip examples? I have this problem too, and i'm angry ))! Seriously.

Posted - 2010.02.10 20:17:00 - [307]

Originally by: N1kel
O_o Problem solved Exclamation I`ve changed the IP-range on my router for intranet - dunno why, but it helped.. No more lags on 238.58 :)

Please, could you tell me more, i have the same lags. What ip? External provider's or internal DHCP?Question

Kentares Kodiak
Posted - 2010.02.12 11:01:00 - [308]

I noticed that when there are fewer online players the "socket closed" message isnt so common (i.e. when there are less than 20k players online I dont remmember of having this problem). Its just a coincidence?

Posted - 2010.02.12 19:26:00 - [309]

I recently noticed that there are two new applications (.exe files) that i hadn't seen before in the ccp install folders (one in the main eve folder, and one in the bin folder)

one is for the in-game browser and tyhe other is some kind of logging application... I have added these to my firewall exceptions (windows firewall) and it seems to have helped... still occasional disconnects, nowhere near as frequent and may be related to internet (wireless) problems, but no more socket error messages are appearing.

Gotta be worth a shot

Theel Maas
The Praxis Initiative
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2010.02.14 21:40:00 - [310]

I don't get it. I've been back since early in December, and everything has been OK since I returned until today. I've gotten socket closed multiple times an hour today in systems of varying populations at different times of the day. My connection hasn't been changed, and I'm still able to perform every other action on the internet I could before. Sometimes I get socket closed while trying to log in to my character from having a socket closed crash.

Lord Maple
Posted - 2010.02.15 00:46:00 - [311]

Today is the first day ever I have had more than one "socket closed". Like the post before i couldn't even log in with out it telling me this. What's up with this? I have not changed a single thing to my network or computer re-installed the client didn't work. Need ideas for a solution.

Nik Luciferin
Posted - 2010.02.15 05:54:00 - [312]

I never saw this before the Dominion release. Now I barely have enough time to update my skills queue before EVE crashes. If the next couple of patches don't take care of it I'm canceling my account. I have tried petitions, repair tools, third party software, system restores, alternate settings, restarting my connection/router, and simply waiting until there are less players online. Nothing helps.

Posted - 2010.02.16 23:34:00 - [313]

Originally by: Daevonar
I recently noticed that there are two new applications (.exe files) that i hadn't seen before in the ccp install folders (one in the main eve folder, and one in the bin folder)

one is for the in-game browser and tyhe other is some kind of logging application... I have added these to my firewall exceptions (windows firewall) and it seems to have helped... still occasional disconnects, nowhere near as frequent and may be related to internet (wireless) problems, but no more socket error messages are appearing.

Gotta be worth a shot

Scratch that, it hasn't fixed it

Posted - 2010.02.17 01:41:00 - [314]

You know, I hear what a lot of people are saying... EMI, packet loss, router issues, firewall issues... fine, I can see how they would all screw up people's connection to EVE.

But the way I see it is this. My computer hasn't changed. My router hasn't changed, My ISP hasn't changed, and my location hasn't changed, yet for some reason for the last month or so I have been getting socket errors and random restarts... the only thing I can say with any confidence has changed is the EVE software... now, where should I start looking for problems?

Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.19 13:24:00 - [315]

Having same problem here. Unfortunately (timing wise) started having the same socket closed issues after the same time I installed a new cable modem and router. After a solid week of troubleshooting, I came across this thread. In order to remove as many new hardware variables, contacted the cable company and swapped modem serial numbers back to the old one (kept it as a backup), and removed the new router (old modem was a modem/router). In addition, restored the complete system image created immediately prior to installing the new modem & router. Now, system identical to when I wasn't having any socket problems whatsoever.

Result: No change, still have the same socket problems. So, problem is not on my end (at least up to the cable outlet in the wall) with respect to hardware. Got so bad one Friday evening that I experienced over a dozen socket closed disconnections within a 2-hour period while on a corp op. Fired up PingPlotter to try and gather more data.

Surprising Results: While I get an occasional packet loss here or there (which can be expected over 10k+ samples) between my machine and tranquility, the eye-opener is in London. I'm getting (on average) 4% and 9% packet loss on CCP's side ( and respectfully). One thing I'll check this weekend (to completely remove my cable provider) is to run the same tests with my LAN running off an EVDO connection.

Now, here's another interesting coincidence (or indirect issue). When running PingPlotter, I haven't had any socket errors. I'll admit I haven't tested this combination that rigorously.

I'm fairly confident the issue is a combination of something that was done in Dominion (due to the number of people this is affecting), and something going on in the last 3-4 hops to the server.

Van Holstein
Posted - 2010.02.19 19:49:00 - [316]

Edited by: Van Holstein on 19/02/2010 19:56:48
I got the same fault after the new patch on my Windows 7, but it does not effect vista or xp after what i know or atleast my brother doesent have this problem with his xp (we use the same line and nothing has been changed exept the new patch). Is there any news of how to fix this?. I would like to play eve again.

Posted - 2010.02.19 23:56:00 - [317]

Edited by: BUFA on 19/02/2010 23:59:04
I have the same problem on one of my computers.

Both are on XP SP2,both running Dominion, one as update the other from a fresh install (I had to format and reinstall Windows). The one with the clean install crashes all the time, when on the "Select Character" page or when undocking. I have been crashing 7 times in a row when selecting character.

The other machine works just fine. I haven't changed anything in my router so it's not a network problem.

Please try to fix this as it makes the game non-playable. While writing this message, it crashed 5 times!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you in advance,

Tassos Ringas

Rieger VaunBraun
Estrale Frontiers
Posted - 2010.02.22 04:06:00 - [318]

I have uploaded a couple log server files tonight. I have been having the socket closed error for about the last 3 months or so on and off. For a couple days everything will be just fine, then the next day I won't be able to stay connected for more than 2 minutes. I do have a Dev question though. Should I just keep sending up log server after log server, or do I just wait to hear back from CCP?

Leam Lakaud
Posted - 2010.02.23 19:52:00 - [319]

You don't really expect to hear from CCP, do you?

Black Nova Corp
IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.24 15:56:00 - [320]

After playing with this some more, I think the problem is with the EVE client and a specific configuration on some user's machines. While I don't know what said "specific configuration" is, that's what the symptoms point to.

If I start EVE (independent of OS) I'll get a socket closed error within a few minutes. However, if I have ping plotter running (pinging tranquility), then start EVE (or start it immediately after starting EVE), absolutely no socket closed errors on any machine on the LAN (even have being logged in for hours).

It's almost as if there is a problem between the TCP stack keeping an idle connection alive, and the client receiving this information. Though not sure why running ping plotter is solving this issue, and is impacting (not causing socket closed errors on any machine on the LAN). However, it's a workaround for me on this issue.

Posted - 2010.02.25 06:01:00 - [321]

Edited by: BUFA on 25/02/2010 06:14:52
That seems to have fixed the problem!!!

Thank you very much.

Now it's time that CCP did something formal about it...


Zaboth Garadath
Ore Extraction Corporation
Posted - 2010.02.25 22:55:00 - [322]

I haven't been able to trade properly since this started, and considering it was my main profession, it was a real blow. I pretty much only get socket closed errors when I'm using the market- I'd say it disconnects every 2 minutes or so when I'm buying/selling stuff. Also an issue for just doing anything on the market. I ran ping plotter when I was told to when I petitioned it, and I had a consistent connection, even when the socket closed.

recently, with my new alt account, I now regularly experience 'socket closed' on whatever account is on the market, whilst the other runs fine.

However, I've only got this when playing in China (Which is a problem, as I live there, although when I do play in the UK it never has this)

PLZ CCP LET ME MAKE ISK AGAIN! (I cant bear to do lvl 4 missioning) Very Happy

Nomen Clay
Posted - 2010.02.27 14:31:00 - [323]

All right, been awhile. no response apparent. My home connection fixed itself, construction outside I suppose. As for iphone tethering at work?

As previous posts have mentioned throughout this thread pingplotter downloaded, pointed at tranquility and set on a 5 second interval. Haven't socket closed in three days at work. Infact eve seems to behave just like any other mmo i play from my iphone line. Occasional delays when lag picks up, but it no longer socket closes.

Pingplotter is free folks, go grab it :)

Posted - 2010.02.27 21:35:00 - [324]

The "socket closed" issue seems to go by IP, NOT by machine - invariably if anyone in my household gets a "socket closed" we ALL do.

3 times so far today, 2 or 3 times yesterday, mabey twice all week the week before that, it seems to get noticeably worse as the server load increases.

It's VERY irritating on my main machine as I have to go into Task Manager to get Eve to do ANYTHING after "socket closed" happens - and the only thing I can get it to do is to shut down that way. Doesn't work that way on any other machine we play Eve on, dunno if that's somethign different in the Eve configuration or if it's a "different driver" issue, but as my main machine definitely has the most updated drivers.....

It is NOT an issue with my connection, my Everquest trader bots do NOT have problems when this happens (EQ is VERY sensitive to connection issues). It might be an issue with the connection of Tranquility to the rest of the net, or at least to my part of the net.

It HAS gotten noticeably worse since the first Dominion patch.

It does NOT matter where we are at or what we are doing at the time, from what I've seen - can have characters in completely different regions and they'll all go down at more-or-less the same time.

Some of the clients don't get the "socket disconnected" message, they just crash to desktop (might be configured to close client on error, I haven't had the chance to check on that yet).

Posted - 2010.02.27 23:59:00 - [325]

Just want to ass my name to the " Cursed " list for all those Cursed with the "Sucker ERROE" aka socket error, and / or freeze /and or smashed eyebrows and keyboards.

1. Pingplotter pinging
( all ping 0-200 ) all packetloss under 5%
EXEPT 1 F|_|Cking server 70-100% packetloss 24/7, and i pinged it from my frinds house ( he has packetloss aswell runing on a tottaly diff provider) same thing

2. My internet connection YES ITS crap, i played eve a year ago all was fine,

3. My PC - tryed it all roll back, upbradr, unsinstall, windoes xp/V/7/98 WTF?
i played it a year ago

4. my eye brows and keyboard ( missing both, and still loocking for my s-h and c-m keys ( refer to angy german kid.

** answer from CCP **



(this is a fake answer made up by me coz im ****ed, i want to play eve not keep reloging every 30 seconds !!!!

Cygwin Gaad
The Element Syndicate
Blazing Angels Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.28 12:33:00 - [326]

I get socket closed messages but ive found that the issue lies with my router's NICs changing state for a microsecond severing connections everywhere. what bugs me is that it takes eve six and a half minutes to discover that its dropped and finally present a socket closed message.

eve used to be more lag tolerant than that, is there any particular reason that if the connection is severed that it waits 390 seconds before timing out.

Rake Dillinger
Posted - 2010.03.02 09:24:00 - [327]

i got this socked closed disease on sunday, and since that, its usual. nothing changed to my computer, i have stable internet, never disconnects or anything. a bunch of people i asked on chat on sunday reported same problems, and like me, they never had it before...

Akira Aronnis
Posted - 2010.03.02 17:38:00 - [328]

Edited by: Akira Aronnis on 12/03/2010 23:26:09
Edited by: Akira Aronnis on 03/03/2010 14:38:11
Edited by: Akira Aronnis on 03/03/2010 00:16:33
Edited by: Akira Aronnis on 02/03/2010 17:42:18
OK adding my name to the list.

For the last 4 days or so I've been getting socket closed on all 3 accounts (all within 60secs of each other) it is independent of afk status, in fact it has been happening a lot recently when i've had all 3 characters in a mission with drones out :(

So after loosing countless drones, i'm only pretty much only logging in to change skills.

I've had periods (like today) where the client cannot even see the eve server and thinks I'm not connected to the internet, these periods might last about 30mins, then miraculously it CAN see the internet (i always have to restart the client multiple times before there is even a CHANCE that this miracle occurs).

Then i can connect my clients back up, but then only for about 10mins-40mins before my next set of "socket closed" appears.

multiple router resets have done no good either.

All the time i'm still on vent chatting to mates while this is happening. With no ill effects on vent.

all i can say is, it's damn annoying.

Host Information
2, -------------- ,
5, -------------- ,
6, -------------- ,
8, -------------- ,
9, -------------- ,


UPDATE.... well i've been fiddling about more, and unless ccp has changed something in the last 5hrs i've been in game without socket error with ALL 3 clients (for about 5hrs!) with NO problems/socket errors so far. awesome.

all i did was update my router firmware and it seems to have fixed it (so far) - will update this post again if this was just a fluke/errors come back.

UPDATE.... OK. So far so good (nearly 20hrs since router firmware update), and still no socket closed errors. Why these errors started in the first place eludes me but it might be worth looking into if your having the same issue.

update 10/2/10 (about a week of no problems) then socket error is back !!!!!!!! (so maybe it wasn't my router firmware after all)

well today i've been getting Socket errors again but even worse than last time, i can stay on for about 5-10 mins, then each account gets "socket closed". sigh

Nox Virago
Order of Sarum
Posted - 2010.03.03 08:48:00 - [329]

Originally by: Rake Dillinger
i got this socked closed disease on sunday, and since that, its usual. nothing changed to my computer, i have stable internet, never disconnects or anything. a bunch of people i asked on chat on sunday reported same problems, and like me, they never had it before...

Same here... Until a few days ago everything worked fine, now I get disconnected every few minutes. I experience no problems in other apps/games so this problem is specific to EVE. Hope this gets fixed soon as the game is practically unplayable for me at this point.

Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.03.04 08:53:00 - [330]

I get this error since about 12-2009. Multiple times per day, sometimes that bad that I can`t reconnect for a few minutes (10mins max). I can get on after that but its always the question for how long. PVP is a real pain this way, even ratting is risky.

I have no issues in ANY other games. This must be eve related as any other game works fine on my connection, and I never have disco's other than whilst playing eve.

Sad Panda Sad

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