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Lady Austaria
Posted - 2009.09.22 21:48:00 - [1291]

Seriously Dire, that was incredible. You have an eye for this kind of thing. I am not sure what you do for a living, but I can tell you that if it isn't making movies.....then your talents may be being wasted!
Thank you for the obvious hard work and dedication.

Universalis Imperium
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2009.09.25 12:33:00 - [1292]

Breathtaking, amazing. And yea I got a bit choked up too there... :)

I wish fights and drones could dog fight like that in game.

Please make moar!! :)

Posted - 2009.09.27 15:51:00 - [1293]

Saw this on youtube, ended up downloading the high res version and just finished watching it and all I can say is this is simply EPIC.

Personally I reckon: " extreme right wing government seized control of the Gallente Federation ..." would have rolled off the tongue a bit better.

Otherwise this video gets 5 stars from meCool

Dissonance Corp
Posted - 2009.10.04 11:34:00 - [1294]

Excellent !!!!!!!!!!

Me want more videos!!!!

Well done for making this, best eve video out there to date!


Posted - 2009.10.04 11:58:00 - [1295]

Simply Amazing!!! The best EvE video I've ever watched.

One question: Can you give me the name of the music at the background?

Sacred Templars
Posted - 2009.10.13 12:01:00 - [1296]

Epic.Really nice job

High Guard Command
Posted - 2009.11.07 06:43:00 - [1297]

I still get chills up my back and an adreline rush watching this vid

Originally by: CCP SessionChange
Can i has your babies? Shocked


Yhalasia Khurin
Posted - 2009.11.09 15:00:00 - [1298]

A nice video, but i am curious. Did those specific fighter carriers exist then? and was the crow even invented yet?

Pearre Dash
Posted - 2009.11.10 01:52:00 - [1299]

Originally by: Yhalasia Khurin
A nice video, but i am curious. Did those specific fighter carriers exist then? and was the crow even invented yet?

The carriers the Caldari used were mostly converted freighters. The Condor was one of the, if not the, first combat frigate the Caldari started mass producing during the uprising. I remember they had a combat patrol of three of them as the art piece for an old Caldari-Gallente war chronicle.

The Ice
HUN Corp.
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2009.11.15 06:47:00 - [1300]

Booom, thats awsome..:)

More more..:)

Ash Enatos
The Scope
Posted - 2009.11.15 23:17:00 - [1301]

Edited by: Ash Enatos on 15/11/2009 23:17:56
Edited by: Ash Enatos on 15/11/2009 23:17:41
Truly amazing!

I stared at my screen for a few minutes before I was able to start moving again Cool

Nerhtal Al'Thali
Nisroc Angels
The Obsidian Front
Posted - 2009.11.17 23:54:00 - [1302]

I thank you for the effort and hard work put into making a movie like this, it is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Just wish there was a lot more of it :)

The Littlest Hobos
En Garde
Posted - 2009.12.07 00:50:00 - [1303]

just returned to eve... if i'd seen this before i'd probably have returned sooner. ;) anyone wants to complain about necroing can kiss my ass, i'm posting out of a sincere desire to praise something that rocks. if something awesome gets bumped to page 1, then so be it.

Cyrus Doul
E0 Corp
Posted - 2010.01.05 08:33:00 - [1304]

awesome video. And is this the most CCP responded to thread ever? there's even a gm!

mr passie
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2010.01.08 07:24:00 - [1305]

played this game for a long time but somehow missed this vid. its absolutely awesome

Lovejoy II
Posted - 2010.01.09 00:37:00 - [1306]

Haha. I saw this vid on youtube along time ago. I always thought it was a trailer for a expansion called Day of Darkness II, not until now did i realize it was not.

Fantastic Work!

Posted - 2010.01.12 20:30:00 - [1307]

i just saw this video. No idea how i could have missed it all the time :).

And i must say, brilliant.

A Video like this as comercial in TV (or the Superbowl!), and one day later the server would crash becauce it would be overrun.

The Scope
Posted - 2010.01.12 23:34:00 - [1308]

I wounder if CCP has ever though of developing a version of the program they use to make their videos for us the players, to go away and make out own epic videos of the game, that may turn out pretty cool.

cal nereus
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.01.14 19:16:00 - [1309]

I just saw this video yesterday, and I wanted to say I loved it! Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should totally see it now. Great video, Dire. :)

Lord Arshavir
Posted - 2010.01.15 02:16:00 - [1310]

I caught this a while ago on Youtube and very much enjoyed it, but the high res version is even better. Excellent work chief, you have a talent.

Is there any chance of CCP releasing the cut down version of the software you used as a community resource? If they did, perhaps you would be so good as to put up a short tutorial on its use on the wiki.

Zarunil Vaheet
Posted - 2010.01.16 12:18:00 - [1311]

WOW! Shocked

Want more!

This guy needs to get hired!

Most confidential
Posted - 2010.01.23 11:25:00 - [1312]

Any ideea if an 1080 version exist?

waffle lover
Posted - 2010.02.16 02:13:00 - [1313]

you sir
are epicly ultra mother******* awesome to the extreme!

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