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Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.03.29 17:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Vex Cachet on 03/04/2009 14:39:02
My wife and I found a Corporation. Thanks to all for the great responses. New Eden is a wondrous universe, filled with fascinating people and experiences.

Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.03.29 17:23:00 - [2]

Edited by: Vex Cachet on 29/03/2009 18:46:48
I should probably add some info regarding PvP. I am eager to learn PvP tactics from more experienced pilots and am willing to devote myself to the defense of the Corporation and Alliance. My wife is less experienced in PvP and would probably prefer a Carebear existence, but has had experience scouting and scanning for small wspace and losec fleets, so she's familiar with what's required to support a PvP fleet.

The Jackhammer
Hydroponic Zone
Posted - 2009.03.29 22:29:00 - [3]

Always recruiting like minded pilots ...

Our Public Chat: UTA Public

Our Pilot Recruitment Thread: Unity Thru Aggression [AGR0]

Our PVP Corp Recruitment Thread: Unity Thru Aggression [UTA] (Alliance)

Kames Gre'new
Mercury Nation
House of Mercury
Posted - 2009.03.30 00:10:00 - [4]

o/ Vex

If you are still on the lookout for a corp, please consider GATED. Most members are US timezones, myself being MST. We are slowly building our forces and would love to be given a chance if you and your wife so deem.

Good luck in your search.


Souvera Corvus
Session Changes
Posted - 2009.03.30 01:29:00 - [5]

We are an Australian/US corporation that is looking to increase its west-coast US presence. The alliance has its quotient of west-coast players and we're about to welcome another US TZ corporation.

Its difficult sometimes to persuade people to make the jump to a corporation who are 'looking to increase' presence in a specific TZ but the fact remains that we have done so and continue to do so.

We have objectives and we have something resembling a plan. Our activity levels are high, particularly at the weekends and we're a resonably laid-back bunch where RL comes first.

The thing to decide I guess is whether there's a ready-made solution out there for you or whether you'd like to create one yourself.

Take a look here to see if you think what we do is what you'd like to do.

Best of luck anyway.

Point of No Return
Posted - 2009.03.30 02:07:00 - [6]

Feel free to checkout ITTC / FIFTH SYNDICATE ALLIANCE.

Link to our recruitment post --->

Or join ingame channel "ITTC Public" if you want to talk.

The New Era
Posted - 2009.03.30 02:27:00 - [7]

I've read your post and i'm not entirely sure how well it will fit you, but I'd like for you to have a read of our recruitment thread and keep in mind that we are adding players at a rate of around 4 a day at the moment. So Corp membership count is semi irrelevant. Also, we have a 1400 man alliance behind us which is going to make your life much more interesting in terms of having people constantly online to play with and talk to.

We WH. A lot.

Axium Cog
Posted - 2009.03.30 05:05:00 - [8]


I recruit for Net 7.

Criterion 1: Check! We have (last i checked, i have been off for a week due to traveling) 76 members in our corp. Of those all are active at least twice a week, most are on regularly at about an hour a night minimum. Around 10 or 15 of our members are alts of active members. We are mostly US TZ with a small group of 15 at GMT. Our CEO and one Director are PST, other members may be as well but i do not know precisely how many.

Criterion 2: Check! We are a corp that knows RL comes first. We are composed of 20 to late-40 y/o members. Most are in their mid to late 20s, so we are a mature bunch.

Criterion 3: Sort-of Check... We believe that you are the one paying the bill so you should be having fun. Due to this we are in W-space and run exploratory, extermination, mining, or defense ops constantly. Our members took a vote this weekend, which i do not know the results of atm due to my trip, as far as what we as a corp would like to pursue for the following month. Our new members, both new to us and new to the game, hold an equal vote as those that have been in for years. We vote to decide what we all wish to do. Should everyone decide that we all want to collect a billion veldspar,wed set to it. We have two POSs, fully operational and supplied, which support our W-space ops. Low-sec and Null-sec ops may follow in the near future.

Feel free to contact me(REC), DaReaper(CEO), or A Rednova(DIR) in-game to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

I wish you and your wife the best of luck in finding a new home, and hope that we are a suitable option.

Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.03.31 06:29:00 - [9]

Following up with several replies and a /bump to keep things interesting.

Theo SClaw
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2009.03.31 08:07:00 - [10]

Hi Vex,

The Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse is currently recruiting and could correspond to what you are looking for. Please clik on this link to get details on our corp, or join the benegesserit channel in game. You could also evemail me directly.

Looking forward to talking to you,


Thor Granger
Posted - 2009.03.31 09:19:00 - [11]

Hi Vex,

Giraffe Heavy Industries might be just what you are looking for. We're a small tight corp at the momment, looking to expand significantly with many of the same ideals that you presented. We are however apart of a growing Alliance, which is very active in wormhole space. The majority of our members are on the West Coast, however we also have a good balance from both north America and Europe, and usually there is always someone one.

PM me in game, or join Giraffe Maternity Ward channel to chat one of us up.

I look forward to talking with you.

Thor Granger

Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.04.01 01:21:00 - [12]

A bump in search of more responses.


Lunas Whisper
Chillwater Ltd
Imperial Ascension
Posted - 2009.04.01 02:37:00 - [13]

Originally by: Vex Cachet
My wife and I are looking for a new Corp, one that has a substantial memberhsip on the West Coast, USA. We are both Minmatar and each have approximately 13m SP but consider ourselves relatively new. We are both professionals IRL and work busy work weeks, but are very experienced MMO'ers who play virtually every night and large parts of the weekends.

We started our accounts in July 2008 and decided to train up Learning skills while we were still raiding in EverQuest, with the goal of starting EVE fulltime in January 2009. We put about 5m SP into Learning and maxed all skills to L5 (except the two Charisma's at IV). When January arrived we cancelled our EQ subs on schedule and started playing EVE fulltime. At that time we began branching out into our respective skill specialties. My wife is a Miner and Explorer and flies a Hulk with T2 crystals for Mining, a Rigged, Cloaked Covert Ops with Codebreaker and Analyzer modules for Exploration, Hacking and Archaeology, and a Hurricane BC for L4 Mission runs. I have been focused on combat and fly a Vagabond for Missioning and Exploration support, and a Mammoth for hauling when we're mining. We are always on together and have enjoyed immensely our duo'ing combination. But we want the camraderie and execution capabilities of Corp. membership.

We don't like to Corp. hop, but we've been disappointed with the few Corps we've tried so far and feel like we have to keep trying. So we've decided to be a little more specific about our expectations this time. We're looking for a Corp that has the following characteristics:

1) A large number of *active* accounts based out of the West Coast, USA. We would rather not log in only to find our Corp of 80 members consists of 20 players with lots of alts and only 2 online when we're on. We want a lively presence when we're on.
2) Adults familiar with team-oriented attitudes toward members and a healthy respect for the demands of real life. This should go without saying but it's worth specifying.
3) Ambitious and well organized. We want to do stuff! We are jazzed about wspace, have spent a lot of time there and would like to spend more time there, as well as losec and nullsec. We seek competent leaders who know how to inspire loyalty from a voluntary army by keeping things active and well planned.

We believe we have much to contribute. We have Vent and TS and headsets, a lot of patience, and are willing to move anywhere. We are happy to pay RL fees to help support infrastructure and ensure committment. Although the Corps we have tried so far have been run by very nice people who know how to provide 2) above, we haven't found any able to provide 1) and 3) has been hit-and-miss, so it hasn't been very fun overall.

If you think we would make a good fit with your organization and can make a contribution to your goals, and you meet each of the 3 criteria above, please respond via EVE mail or here. We look forward to finding a new home!

Thank you.

Vex & Kesha Cachet

Vex Cachet, I'd like to invite you to check out The Centurions at I believe we might be the corp to meet your needs. We are fairly focused while being laid back and we truly do understand that real life comes first.

Our corp is less concerned with sp, though that is nice, but more with the people behind the sp.

Don't hesitate to hit me up via evemail with any questions, or come into our recruiting channel and meet the corpies there.

Lunas Whisper

Rage of Inferno
Posted - 2009.04.01 03:25:00 - [14]

Check us out:
RAGE recruitment
I think we can provide 1,2 and 3 of your post Smile
We do lots of PvP but also a lot of WH exploration recently (fun when you come out in 0.0 space 50 odd jumps from home).
Pls feel free to join our ingame channel R-A-G-E or drop me an eve-mail if interested.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted - 2009.04.01 04:22:00 - [15]

Hey how are you? I read your post and feel that you would really fit in with our corp. We consist of close friends and family, so we are looking for players in the same sense.

We are all active, I am personally on Pacific TX and a few others are as well, so about half Pacific and half Eastern. We major in Fleet PVP ops. Contact me in game and I will try to do the same.

Talk to you soon!

Night Wolves

AE Rivven
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.01 05:02:00 - [16]

Whenever your ready to have that chat, mate.

Rule of Five

Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.04.01 14:17:00 - [17]

AE Rivven,

Thanks. I came by JUNTA chat last night and spoke with some other applicants there who had recently spoken with your recruiters, some had spoken with you. It was late and I think I just missed Guy. Everyone had good information to share, and Kesha and I are both interested in following up with you. We'll try and catch you again tonight.

Thanks to everyone else who responded, some great information. We're making our way through most of it and will be in touch and will respond to your emails soon if we haven't already.

Posted - 2009.04.02 05:44:00 - [18]

Hello there Vex, I think we might be a decient fit for ya.

Some info about us.
- We are a corp that was established in early 2003. We are alive and kicking, seeking growth once again.
- We are not currently in 0.0 but have plans to move in that direction once again some time in the very near future.
- We are currently part of Eternus Imperium Alliance.
- We have been in and out of low security space, and have much experience in all respects of 0.0.
- We have much experience in the way of fleet warfare.
- We operate POS's, and do research. We do capital production, and many of the lesser production aspects of eve.
- We are close like a family. Like a family, if you need somthing there is always help from someone within the corp where help needed.

For the most part we produce all of our own ships and supply those in the corp with what they need.

We are currently recruiting pvpers, industry/npc based players.

What we ask of you:
- Team Player, if you join up you are part of a family of pilots who work to support each other. Communication is very important.
- Ability to use TeamSpeak/vent/mumble depending on what we as an alliance decide on.

What we offer:
- We build/supply the ships you need, usually free of charge.
- We have some great FC'S and very experienced pvp members in the corp to learn from.
- We also have a strong industry side of our corp as the name would lead you to believe. If your looking to get into building/research/mining we can satisfy those needs easily.
- A strong standing in both US and UK timezones. We are looking for some Au/Nz time zone players, to increase our ranks in those tz.
- We have strong leadership who takes care of what needs to be taken care of.

If you think we sound like somewhere you would like to call home, then contact Yakuto ingame.

Vex Cachet
Posted - 2009.04.03 02:29:00 - [19]

Bump, she said.

Gaius Aemilius
Wormhole-space Surveying and Exploitation
Posted - 2009.04.03 14:50:00 - [20]

Originally by: Vex Cachet
Edited by: Vex Cachet on 03/04/2009 14:39:02
My wife and I found a Corporation. Thanks to all for the great responses. New Eden is a wondrous universe, filled with fascinating people and experiences.

Congrats Vex. I hope it works out well for you. Wish I'd gotten a pitch in for you sooner.

If it doesn't work out, give me a holler if you're interested in a w-space colony.

But I'll cross my fingers and hope you're both happy where you now are.


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