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St Albatross
Posted - 2009.03.29 04:37:00 - [1]


Sparta Enterprises is a new corporation looking to enhance an already great core of characters.
This is a great ground floor opportunity: a chance get in on the early stages of corporate development and grow with a bunch of admirable fellows.
(I am especially looking for a "Director of Humans" to assist in recruitment, messaging, etc.)

We are very ambitious. We will build and defend in 0.0 space. We will be a known entity.
But we also laugh. This message doesn't begin to convey how hilarious we are.
New players very welcome. Casual players are welcome.
We want you even if you aren't funny. Just don't be a jackazz or a pirate.
We have European and Australian players and cover 24 hours (er ... 23) a day.
Miners and traders needed, as well as military muscle.
We want to enhance your style of play, rather than dictate to you.
If you wanted to be lead around by the nose, you could be playing EQ2!!

For more information, contact St Albatross, Seth Rogue or Nort Cevic in game. Or apply at Metropolis / Hek / Boundless Creation or Metropolis / Ryddinjorn / Pator Tech School.

st A ~


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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