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Rukia KuchikiSan
Posted - 2009.03.27 17:41:00 - [1]

I'd like to know if it is worth training for the Codebreaker to try and hack the Hacking Sites (they are Radar, right?).

How much can you get from a 0.0 hacking site?
What ship should i use? (are there rats?)
Is 1 codebreaker enough or i need more?

Thank you.

Riven Varlass
Posted - 2009.03.27 18:43:00 - [2]

Without having done a vast amount of them.
In 0.0 you can expect:

Rats, multiple waves.
1-3 Invetion tools (the one time use)
0-1 Invention tool BPC (the permanent ones)
15-25 Datacores
100-300 Invention BPC build parts

Caldari space will yield caldari invention tools, gallente will.. etc.

Now go to eve central and look up prices.

Hope it helps you a little.

Tierius Fro
Posted - 2009.03.27 19:14:00 - [3]

Yes, it is worth it.

You need only one.

You place it on any ship, whichever one you want to open the cans. Note that attempting to open a can may spawn some rats.

Rukia KuchikiSan
Posted - 2009.03.27 19:24:00 - [4]

Thank you.

Celia Therone
Posted - 2009.03.27 22:36:00 - [5]

I can't speak to 0.0 but lowsec radar sites are doable in an assault frigate. However I found them faster in a Vexor than the Ishkur (mostly drone based skills/damage).

Codebreaking is worth getting, the sites can give a decent return even in high sec, they're significantly better in low sec. The main problem is the rarity of sites now that everyone is doing exploration.

One codebreaker is sufficient but some of the cans can take quite a while to hack if your skills suck. So it depends a little on how dangerous the space you are in is vs how valuable your mid slots are. In some sites the cans can be a long way apart (75km from group a to group b then another 75km to group c) so it helps to have a decently fast ship.

Low sec radar spawns seemed to top out a handful of cruisers with some frigates. Normally some in the site when you warp in, sometimes there are multiple waves, more can spawn when you approach a can or try to hack a can. Hacking cans can also set of an explosion.

Havegun Willtravel
Posted - 2009.03.28 23:20:00 - [6]

hacking is both fun and profitable.

the last 0.0 site i did spawned 10-12 bs with another dozen support craft. net take was over 100 mil, so ya worth your time and effort.

havent' done a low sec site since the patch but doubt they've changed much. 0.4-0.3 will usualy spawn a wave of frigs and cruisers with a second cruiser respawn. Easily handled by a vexor or thorax. advnatage to armor tankers who dont realy miss the mid slot.

train to at least level 3 to make it practical, also cloaking if your planning on venturing out of empire


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