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Rob Mattacks
Posted - 2004.08.19 19:31:00 - [1]

Just got a brand new 17" lcd screen and Audigy 2 Zs to finally do the rest of my system justice Very Happy I wanna buy a game tommorow to test this kit out properly and was wondering whether to go for Doom3 or far cry. Have played the demo of far cry and was impressed but now with doom3 out not too sure and money is a bit tight after upgrade so can only get one for now.

Any advice/suggessions/preferances ?


Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2004.08.19 19:55:00 - [2]

Far Cry has longer-lasting appeal, I think, but Doom 3 just has that "wow, wooooh, weeee" graphical snazziness and awesome msound.

I'd buy both Wink

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2004.08.19 20:02:00 - [3]

Yeah, I'd "buy" both too.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.08.19 20:27:00 - [4]

The environments in Far Cry is totaly awsome but Doom 3 got cooler effects and such. To bad that its so damn dark so you cant enjoy them. Doom 3 will max out your system but Far cry is still a better game.

I also vote for "buy" them both.

Infinitus Odium
Posted - 2004.08.19 22:36:00 - [5]

I vote for buy and not "buy"... and get both of them, they're both good Very Happy

Jae Nefarious
Exotic Dancers Club
Imorral Dragons
Posted - 2004.08.19 23:12:00 - [6]

i have to say far cry havnt played doom 3 yet but from what i hear its looks good but sucks

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2004.08.20 06:37:00 - [7]

How about Pong Redux?

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.08.20 09:14:00 - [8]

Farcry is better IMO. Lots more to look at and do, and keeps you hooked more.

Rob Mattacks
Posted - 2004.08.20 09:35:00 - [9]

Thanks. Well think i may go for both then and will trade in some other older games to get the extra money. I prefer to buy rather than "buy" Razz. Far cry does appear to be the better game from everyone i have spoken to but call be a fanboi but i guess i just gotta get Doom3 to see what it's looks like and for old times sake Very Happy

Posted - 2004.08.20 16:46:00 - [10]

have had doom 3 for a week, but cant play it until my new sound card arrives... it's very shaky with onboard audio apparently

played far cry from start to finish without a single crash - cant play doom for more than 5 minutes without one

Gahan Makdorr
Posted - 2004.08.25 08:50:00 - [11]

Overall I think FarCry is better, though much harder then Doom3. Doom3 is pretty neat, but the enemies are quite dumb and all scripted not to mention it is too dark and u cant see s**t.

Matthew Johnson
Johnson Industries
Posted - 2004.08.25 13:10:00 - [12]

Wanna feel like in a horror movie? Buy DOOM3. Twisted Evil
Wanna have nice puzzles and more "Wow!" than "ARG!" experiences? Buy Farcry. Shocked


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