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Wet Ferret
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:07:00 - [301]

Originally by: Aglaea
I'd like Band of Brothers Reloaded to follow the same rules as everyone else. Thanks.

kittie kat
Republic University
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:07:00 - [302]

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:08:00 - [303]

Seriously. I am glad to see that the CCP believes in equal treatment for all.

Jessica Dean
Indigo Fade

Posted - 2009.03.23 23:09:00 - [304]

Fail exception from the rules is fail.

Amadeus Bohr
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:09:00 - [305]

Will Hunter
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:11:00 - [306]


Narciss Sevar
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:11:00 - [307]

I approve this message.

Pedro Sangre
Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:12:00 - [308]

I expect rules to apply across all players equally, be they friendly / hostile / neutral.

Kyodai Koga
Epsilon Lyr
Tau Ceti Federation
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:13:00 - [309]

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:13:00 - [310]

Shame shame...

Jack Light
Faction Fighters INC
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:15:00 - [311]

Khandara Seraphim
Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:15:00 - [312]

Originally by: Ann Ripley
Jesus i hope you tards that are complaining quit the game. Less idiots to listen to.

Incoming wahhhhhhbulance....

We are still better than you ;)

This is precisely the kind of arrogance that comes from knowing you've got the devs in your pocket. Has CCP learned anything at all from T20?

Where is the transparency we were promised? Why are things like this still allowed to happen?

Yes, its a dumb rule and really not that big a deal. It's not like the new name is even good. But you know what? Decisions like this are a sign that maybe one day CCP won't care too much when the rule broken IS a big deal. And that's a problem.

Jin Masaru
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:16:00 - [313]

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:16:00 - [314]

they had several sov 3 systems they should have to sacrifice, not to mention the 1 bil alliance forming fee, so it does matter since other alliances don't have this option

same rules should apply to everyone, an alliance that has previously been the beneficiary of developer misconduct isn't a particularly smart choice for receiving special treatment

Malcore Trisus
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:17:00 - [315]


The Scope
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:18:00 - [316]

DarkStar 1

Posted - 2009.03.23 23:19:00 - [317]

Seraphim Io
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:19:00 - [318]

Edited by: Seraphim Io on 23/03/2009 23:21:47
Originally by: Karina Bellac
Edited by: Karina Bellac on 23/03/2009 22:32:20
"Band of Brothers Reloaded" is 25 characters long. As per the EVE Online Naming Policy



* a. Valid player character names:

o Must be at least 4 characters.
o Cannot exceed 24 characters.


4. Player-run corporations, factions, organizations and player-owned items within the EVE Online game world are also subject to these rules and policies.

that is Delicious and to expand on rule number four....

"Player-run corporations, factions, organizations and player-owned items within the EVE Online game world are also subject to these rules and policies. Players may not create, promote or be a member of a group that violates the policies outlined herein. Membership or participation in such a group may result in character deletion, temporary suspension or termination of a subscriber’s account."

So basically all of BOBR must disband or BE banned...yeah your choice

Orion GUardian
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:19:00 - [319]

right because we care.....

Mourning Starr
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:20:00 - [320]

Edited by: Mourning Starr on 23/03/2009 23:24:46
ass clowns, cop on

dunno how to give the golden thumbs up thing, sry

Mestor Viklar
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:20:00 - [321]

BoB getting unfair treatment from the devs? Well I never!

Tipz NexAstrum
Celestial Horizon Corp.
United Corporate Ventures
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:22:00 - [322]

Lars Erlkonig
Discrete Solutions Ltd.
Mean Coalition
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:22:00 - [323]

CCP-get your act together. You can't keep favoring one group and allowing them full run of the game without having to follow the rules. I don't care which Devs/Founders/whatever you have in BOBR, it needs to stop.

ICE is Coming to EVE
Not Found.
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:25:00 - [324]

I would really like to hear what kind of explanation we will get about this. If we get any.

Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:25:00 - [325]

Edited by: RahSun on 24/03/2009 15:24:32
Arkanon-do your job!

EDIT after CCP Grimmi posted the Lead GM position:

The problem I have with CCP's rationale is 2 fold.
1) The Kenzoku alliance already was in existence before BOB disbanded. I know. I fought them as Kenzoku (and watched them die)before the whole Haargoth fiasco. Just because new corps join, does that allow them to rename the entire alliance? Can Goonswarm do the same every time a new corp joins?

2) Other alliances whose names have had mispelings or cAPtilizaTion errors were told to re do it from scratch (Stian Alliance / SUdden Death Squad), but former BOB/Kenzoku gets to find a GM willing to bend the rules just for them. When Ars Caelestis, my former corp, was forcibly disbanded by our CEO, he camped the corp name so we couldn't reform under it. Ars Ex Discordia didn't just emigrate en masse to an alt corp though. We reformed under our own new name, Ars Ex Discordia, after putting a day's worth of thought and effort into it. CCP would not let the 200 + players keep the corp name over the single CEO that had taken it from us, but we made do and grew from it. The fact that BOBR or .BOB. or RKZ or whatever name they want to be called this month can't do it and need to have GM's interfere on their behalf is not only disingenuous, but also shows faults with the way in which their leadership & the GM's involved handle things.

Posted - 2009.03.23 23:25:00 - [326]

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:26:00 - [327]


Oomi Naerre
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:26:00 - [328]

Julius Lincinius
Ex Coelis
The Bantam Menace
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:27:00 - [329]

Finally the CSM can do it's intended job.

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2009.03.23 23:27:00 - [330]

Edited by: Mestoth on 23/03/2009 23:29:09
a. If a name is deemed inappropriate, GM’s may be able to change the character’s name in some circumstances. This is solely at the discretion of CCP and/or its representatives based on, but not limited to, account and player history and the severity of the violation. There is no guarantee that the name will be changed. Only character names that are deemed as inappropriate are eligible for a possible name change. Names will not be changed for any other reason.[b]


and its 25 charachters long for a 24 charachter length limit. Otherwise, Goon swarm should be able to rename "Goonswarm, Masters of Band of Brothers Cause characther lengths dont matter anymore with my new GM Friend"

New ticker will be "GOONSWARM PWNS UP T20"

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