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Agent Known
Posted - 2009.03.22 18:59:00 - [1]

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I'm currently looking for a corp that accepts newer characters. My main is 3 months old with 4m SP, and can fly a Hulk and has decent drone skills. My PvP alt (this character) has just below 2m SP and is cross-training Gallente.

I'm looking for an industrial-oriented corp with some PvP action from time to time, but not constant wars. 0.0 is an option, but only in "secure" areas so I can further improve my mining goals.

Evemail this character in-game for any recruitment offers. I'm currently in a corp at the moment, but it doesn't seem to be the corp for me, so I'm hoping to find one that is. I'll also read this thread from time to time. Smile

Thanks for your time.

Edit: I'm willing to provide limited API keys for both characters on request.

Edit2: I also have a working mic and use Ventrillo. I dual-client both characters, so they'll always be on together (unless I lose a monitor Laughing).

Edit3: My timezone is Eastern US (currently DST, GMT-4).

Posted - 2009.03.22 19:08:00 - [2]

Hi :)

I would like to point you in the direction of our recruitment thread - And do contact me if anything appeals to you :) <--- go have a look :)

- Nan

Agent Known
Posted - 2009.03.22 19:55:00 - [3]

Updated some information, and of course a bump for good luck. Cool

Still searching...

Posted - 2009.03.22 20:16:00 - [4]

Will Send you an evemail tonight when I'm on. All the details will ensue.

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.03.22 21:19:00 - [5]

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Zenas Vasillis
Alpha Polaris Group Unlimited
Posted - 2009.03.22 21:38:00 - [6]

Evemail contact sent in game

Point of No Return
Posted - 2009.03.22 22:39:00 - [7]

Feel free to checkout ITTC / FIFTH SYNDICATE ALLIANCE.

Link to our recruitment post --->

Or join ingame channel "ITTC Public" if you want to talk.

Agent Known
Posted - 2009.03.22 22:57:00 - [8]

I have found a corp to join. Thanks for your time. Cool


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