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Pulivin Motic
Outer Limits Trading Company
Posted - 2009.03.21 18:02:00 - [1]

Hi im a new player already in my retriever. I plan on becoming Capital Industrial ship pilot. Im looking for a corp that does regular mining ops and has a tolerance for a new guy asking questions.

Thanks- Puli

Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2009.03.21 18:11:00 - [2]

The Sekura Group Is Currently Recruiting

We are currently engaged in Faction Warfare, fighting for the Gallente Militia, we do a mix of mercenary contracts, Sleeper raids (for the industrialists), pirate hunting, nullsec raiding, and grabbing any opportunity that comes our way!

What We Offer
  • The Sekura Group Gaming Community (an entity that exists outside EVE-Online, and will continue to exist after EVE)
  • Highly Experienced Combat Trained Players
  • A Great Mix of PvP (Frigates, Cruisers, Battleships, and Even Capital Ships)
  • Access To a Large Number of BPOs For Industrialists
  • A Mature Group of People of All Ages
  • Logistical Aid Where Needed
  • Forums, Killboards, Ventrilo
  • Access to 0.0 For Ratting
  • No Blob Warfare


If this interests you, please visit this thread for further information, or contact myself (or one of the contacts listed in the thread) ingame. We look forward to hearing from you! Cool

Cassandra's Light
Posted - 2009.03.21 19:41:00 - [3]

Hey, my corp recently just went over a HUGE revision, we went from a major 0.0 PvP corp to a full industrial corp. We're still remodeling, but we are all carebears and love us some mining. We operate in high sec caldari space, no pvp or anything like that. All mining, manufacturing and research. Hit me up in game if you want more info. We love newbies in retrievers!


Drake Malthon
Wormhole Engineers
Greater Realms
Posted - 2009.03.21 19:53:00 - [4]

Hey Pulvin
I believe you would definitely find a good home in our corp. We are a small group that is pretty active together running missions and mining. As well as jumping into low sec every now and again and having a little fun checking out the pvp area of things. We are mostly and industry/mining corp, but we stress having fun most of all. Don't want the game to turn into work, it's supposed to be a getaway after all :)

So if this sounds interesting to you check out our webpage and either reply to this post or evemail me in game.

Theo SClaw
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2009.03.21 21:08:00 - [5]

The Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse is currently recruiting and could correspond to what you are looking for. Please clik on this link to get details on our corp, or join the benegesserit channel in game. You could also evemail me directly.

Looking forward to talking to you,

Antiria Archurian
Iomall Geard
Am Freiceadan Dubh
Posted - 2009.03.21 21:29:00 - [6]

PINTO might be what you are looking for. We're a tight mining and industrial corp, always looking to help newer players.
Take a look at our recruitment thread here, or join us un the channel PINTOPUB in game.

Armored Phoenix
Phoenix Stellar Mining Industries
Posted - 2009.04.04 14:59:00 - [7]

If you are interested in industry and/or marketing, contact H.F. Enterprises. We are an active corp in an active alliance, primarily Empire-based, with some low-sec operations. There are always members online, split between US and European, with some scattered other, TZs. Contact me in-game by mail or start at convo. Would be interested in discussing your in-game interests and what we might be able to help and provide you with.

We conduct alliance mining ops every other Saturday, and there is almost always someone willing to haul for solo or group miners.

H.F. Enterprises Corporate Marketing Relations Division Manager
Armored Phoenix

Maestro Del'Tirith
Space Exploration
Forward Motion Industries
Posted - 2009.04.04 21:38:00 - [8]

Edited by: Maestro Del''Tirith on 04/04/2009 21:38:29
Take a gander at the thread in my sig - we are new and small, but with experience and a willingness to help you learn and provide you with the resources you need to get off the ground. Check us out and if you think it is a good fit, give us a shout in game and perhaps we'll agree.

As a side note, we buy minerals off members at market value, with no 'corp take'. Check out our forums for an overview of how that works out.


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