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JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.19 23:42:00 - [1]

The KnightRiders are a new corporation mainly focused on mining and missioning at the moment, hopefully leading on to research and manufacturing as well.

This is an exciting opportunity for both new and experienced pilots, as you will have the opportunity to help shape the ambitions and destiny of a new corporation just starting out on its adventures in New Eden. At the time of writing this ad, we had 16 members, and we are looking to increase that number substantially.

We are looking to recruit personnel of all specialities, in particular for pilots in the following areas:
Miners for Mining Ops and Solo (All time zones, especially GMT)
Mission Runners
An experienced Trader
A few relaxed players with good PVP experience (for Corp defence, as we plan to do some work in low sec occasionally)
New pilots (No specialization required)

Our Corporations prime goal is to have fun together playing EVE, and plenty of interaction in corp chat is encouraged. New players are encouraged to join, and everyone will be willing to help give each other advice and direction. The corporation will offer you all possible assistance to help you become an important part of our future.

We are anti pirate/griefer/can flipper etc.

Organised Operations will be non compulsory. We realise that Real life comes first and that is no problem at all.

If you believe we could be the right corp for you, or if you wish to discuss more, then please get in touch (in game) with Drake Malthon, MichaelAnthony, Victus Vendora, Major Six, smithcj or myself (JM Nosnam). Search for us, and add us to your addressbook to see if we are online. We will give you our public channel so you can chat with all of the corp after you contact one of us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Very Happy

Our website (which is at a preliminary stage) is at:

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.20 10:00:00 - [2]


Posted - 2009.03.20 18:54:00 - [3]


JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.20 21:57:00 - [4]

We recruited another member today.

I'm really keen to get a few more GMT or Euro time zone miners on board so that we can organise some good mining Ops! Please convo us if you see any of the above names online Very Happy

Drake Malthon
Wormhole Engineers
Greater Realms
Posted - 2009.03.21 01:12:00 - [5]


Posted - 2009.03.21 01:15:00 - [6]


Check out my thread would I be of interest to you


Hi All,

I am Emo, its an easy name to check; I have beeen involved in Eve, pretty much since release; but I have taken a break for nearly a year. Most of my old buddies have moved on to other games but EVE just keeps drawing me back. I am looking to meet a fresh bunch of people, who perhaps, will become Eve friends, who knows. In addition to EMO who is my main, I have an Industrial, manufactuting Alt around the 30 million SP mark and a secondary fighter ALT of about the same level. My personnell circumstances have changed quite a lot since I started, I honestly cannot commit to more then 4 hours a day from 6pm GMT onwards except for the weekend, they are mine :-)

I am ideally looking for a small guild, high sec or low I dont mind, who use voice, and are just fun to fly with. I will not Pirate, nor will I attack someone who doesn't attack me first. I have forgottoen how many scalps I have but its over a thousand I am sure you can look this up, I just dont remember. I would love to be a soldier for a small guild in High sec who are just fun to fly with. My motivation is to join a fun bunch of people and have a laugh. if this sounds like your guild please let me know...

I am completely financially independant,I have a fully equipped carrier and more battleships, support ships and stealth ships then you can shake a stick at. I am based in the Uk so would prefer an English speaking guild. Voice chat and fun is my only must have.

if you are a small guild, with voice chat and a good sense of English based humour I would love to hear from you.


JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.21 17:38:00 - [7]


JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.22 00:05:00 - [8]

Bump again. Really keen to get more GMT/Euro zone people to mine with Very Happy

Lenko Rock
Posted - 2009.03.22 06:11:00 - [9]

I replied over on your website forums; but I will repost here.

I'm based in Australia (GMT +9:30).
I've been mining and haulling across my two accounts with a Rokh and Mammoth.
I like mining and running occasional missions.

Only a 4mil sp pilot, currently skilling toward my first mining barge.
Will send you a message in-game; if I'm what you're looking for.

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.22 11:13:00 - [10]

Bump again. Hopefully lots of GMT miners online on a sunday! Very Happy

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.22 16:23:00 - [11]


JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.22 20:55:00 - [12]


Posted - 2009.03.22 21:10:00 - [13]

do you guys have a recuitment channel? i'm looking over a few corps before i join and like to talk to a few

I'm a GMT miner/ looking towards the future of titan

i'll be checking the website soon (Y) peace

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.23 01:41:00 - [14]

bump again. Its been a great day!

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.23 14:26:00 - [15]


Casimer Kain
Posted - 2009.03.23 20:29:00 - [16]

sounds like what I'm looking for! I'm getting a foot up on the mining track. I'd love to expand out. I'm willing to mine and run, and escort occasionally.

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.25 10:01:00 - [17]


Posted - 2009.03.26 13:01:00 - [18]

I am intrestead. Please in game mail me at... WaKKO151

I have my own solo mining operation up and running and make about 5-50 mil a night depending on what the MOBs drop. If we can help eachother increase profits then I am definetly down.

JM Nosnam
Posted - 2009.03.26 20:58:00 - [19]



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