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The Jackhammer
Hydroponic Zone
Posted - 2009.03.17 01:26:00 - [1]

Edited by: The Jackhammer on 17/03/2009 01:26:36


Priced for a QUICK sale

12.4 Million Skill Points

This is the perfect toon for ANYONE who's looking for an mining MAIN/Alt. She will be ready to fly a freighter in a little over a day. Can be ORCA ready in 14 days and some change.

She's a MONEY MAKER and has been good to me BUT its time for us to part Crying or Very sad

The Terms

Starting Bid: 3.5 Billion ISK
Increments: 100 Million ISK
Buy Out: 6.0 Billion ISK
Auction Ends: FRIDAY March 20 - 03:00 Eve Time

Contact: Romierome
- if you have ANY questions (in-game)

Character comes stripped down ... NO ASSETS

Winner MUST pay within 3 days of winning the auction.



roidelover's Skill Sheet

Arrow Attribute Re-Map is Available

20 skills trained to level 5 for a total of 8,960,000 skillpoints.
106 skills trained, of which 18.9% are level 5 skills.

Industry (Level 5's)
- Industry
- Refining
- Refinery Efficiency
- Ice Harvesting
- Mining

Spaceship Command (Level 5's)
- Gallente Industrial
- Mining Barge
- Exhumers
- Spaceship Command

Drones (Level 5's)
- Drones
- Scout Drone Operation

Electionics (Level 5's)
- Electronic Upgrades

Science (Level 5's)
- Science
- Astrogeology

Learning (Level 5's)
- Empathy
- Instant Recall
- Iron Will
- Learning
- Spacial Awareness
- Analytical Mind

Karr Blanch
The Nietzian Way
Posted - 2009.03.17 03:12:00 - [2]



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