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Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.05.27 00:14:00 - [301]

Edited by: Quesa on 27/05/2009 00:13:55
Who here thinks the only reason CCP wanted to nerf module duration with cloaking to make the new T3 Sploit-ship more attractive?

/tinfoil Shocked

5th Front enterprises
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2009.05.27 10:58:00 - [302]

wtb t3 modules or ammo

Posted - 2009.05.27 11:26:00 - [303]

Originally by: ollobrains
wtb t3 modules or ammo


Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.05.27 16:59:00 - [304]

Originally by: Quesa
Edited by: Quesa on 27/05/2009 00:12:12
Trying to keep this thread up on the first page to continue to highlight how stupid their idea was to give a ship the ability to warp cloaked and have bubble immunity.

I just keep thinking it was an overdue April fools joke because I never thought the Devs would actually do something so stupid.

Live and Learn Inc.
Posted - 2009.05.27 17:37:00 - [305]

Not really stupid at all, it's the product of a flawed design. The problem is, if t3 was as good as t2, then there would only be 4 cruiser in use in game. As it stands a t3 hull fitted as a recon will be vastly inferior to a t2 recon ship coupled by the fact that their modular state ment they could be easily broken and shifted, was broken before release by the fat that rigs (the single thing ever well fit cruiser carry) are destroyed.

This seems like a stop gap to me, giving them an ability that makes them truly unique because if they make them a true alternative then t2 becomes obsolete. If they don't then they have to do things t2 can't, which then means that they arn't the alternative, they're in a class of their own.

Rock < ccp > hard place.

At the very least they should make rigs survive if people decide to dismantle and ship their ship, it was after all ment to be one of the key advantage of the class.

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.05.28 17:27:00 - [306]

Back to the front we go.

CCP, re-think your irrational decision to allow a ship to be immune to warp bubbles and warp cloaked at the same time.

Try to think of something new and inventive instead of slapping the 2 worst suggestions together.

Rhetorical Devices
Posted - 2009.05.28 18:28:00 - [307]

With regard to the propulsion subsystem, will those ships still be sucked into bubbles, or even immune from that effect?

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.06.04 14:36:00 - [308]

Originally by: CCP Nozh

Sorry for not being very vocal on the forums, I have been reading them, but haven't really given myself time to post. Here's a small update.

Note: bonuses might change around slightly but you should get the general idea and goal of each subsystem.

"Legion Offensive - Convergent Beam Focuser" is being changed into a Khanid subsystem. Now getting a 5% bonus to missile launcher rate of fire and a 5% bonus heavy assault missile damage with 5 launcher hardpoints. Coupled with the changed "Legion Engineering - Power Core Multiplier" you'll be able to field 6 launchers, dealing plenty of damage.

4th Offensive subsystem:

Covert Ops Cloaking Device fitting bonus. Ability to deploy and use a Covert Ops Cynosural Field. They'll have a single damage bonus (Amarr only gets the standard capacity bonus) and 4 turret slots.

4th Defensive Subsystem:

Warfare link bonuses. Only one warfare link at a time, but with a higher bonuses.

4th Propulsion Subsystem:

Immunity against warp disruption fields. Deployed, launched and/or projected. They won't grant an extra slot like the other propulsion subsystems and will make your ship less agile. The agility drawback can be nullified by training the subsystem skill.

4th Engineering Subsystem:

Will give you another bonus to heat damage reduction, allowing you to overheat your modules for an extended period of time. I'm going to be doing some extensive heat time testing to see if we need to adjust these bonuses.

4th Electronic Subsystem:

A simple CPU bonus to scan probe launchers, allowing you to fit an expanded probe launcher with ease, along with a nice 10% increase to scan strength of probes, making it an very good scanning platform. In addition to this they'll give a tractor beam range / velocity bonus.

These are in authoring right now, so you can expect to see them on Singularity very soon. I'm working on getting the subsystems re-seeded, should happen very soon.

Also. The price, don't panic quite yet, we're still confident the price will go down.


What happened to the implementation of covert cyno offensive systems... apparently now the T3 cruiser can't light a covert cyno because you 'made a mistake' with the description?

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