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Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.15 06:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Lieb Mich on 15/03/2009 08:59:03
WTS this charackter!
It's great miner,carrier pilot and freighter/jump freighter pilot!
ExclamationAlso Rorqual ready just need a Capital industrial ships skill!
ExclamationExhumers lvl5
ExclamationPositive Sec status
ExclamationNo killrights
ExclamationPositive Wallet
ExclamationLocated in high sec
Exclamation+3 implant set
Exclamation79 skills trained, of which 70.9% are level 5 skills.

Starting bid:14 Bill
Bid inc:100 mill isk
Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: Make me an offer
Sniper rule: 20 minutes
Ending date: 2009/3/21, 20.00 Eve Time

I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time.
I will receive the ISK!
I will pay the character transfer fee!
Happy bidding!!!

Posted - 2009.03.15 06:24:00 - [2]

Edited by: Hosy on 15/03/2009 08:58:13

Deadly Doer
Posted - 2009.03.15 08:54:00 - [3]

Edited by: Deadly Doer on 15/03/2009 09:01:42
Originally by: Hosy
Confirm i will Receive the isk

He fixed it, BTW if i could afford it i would wish to buy this char.

Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.16 09:50:00 - [4]


Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.17 00:51:00 - [5]


Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.18 05:31:00 - [6]


Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.19 05:58:00 - [7]


Lieb Mich
Posted - 2009.03.20 08:57:00 - [8]



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