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Hexoatl MK43
Posted - 2004.08.16 13:30:00 - [1]

right is is the wrong place but i do not were the right place is i hav lost 3 ships now and not got and insurace wen i had 100% on the 2 moa's and a caracal i hav tryed 2 pettition but i do not think it has worked and now about 20/30mins ago i lost a vexor 2 concord wen i was in a 1.0 and hav a concord corp standing of -1.79 i did get insureace 4 that but i do not think it should hav happened sum plz help me this is just getting annoyin coz this is a lot of isk lossing 4 ship all fully equiped. help me plzughNeutralQuestionExclamationExclamationExclamation

Posted - 2004.08.16 13:53:00 - [2]

serves u right u pirate Laughing.

finally concord is doing this job instead of me (ehem).

hope u c concord again Very Happy

Hexoatl MK43
Posted - 2004.08.16 14:03:00 - [3]

oops uddate the -1.79 is with diplomacy lvl 2 it is -2.8 other wise.ugh and i am not a pirat any more. k so do not be nasty.

Posted - 2004.08.16 14:07:00 - [4]

eagle this guy was a pirat and has made a better life know don't curse on him.
everybody deserves a second chance.

Posted - 2004.08.16 14:10:00 - [5]

except alot of prates, like uhh Lordmix, Tank Ceo, All of R.U.S.H, and so on :D

Hexoatl MK43
Posted - 2004.08.16 14:14:00 - [6]

dam it dam it dam it how the hell do concord find u in a safe spot i just got there and clicked the x wen they started shooting dam this it was in a 0.9 this time how the hell do they find u in a safe spot now i am ****ed off time 2 go cool down i think dam this blood thing. MadMadMadMadMadMadMadMadMadMadMadMad

Jozef Meurtrier
Posted - 2004.08.16 14:47:00 - [7]

I have a whole tray of cookies with your name on it!

"Pirat" or not, CONCORD hates repugnant nubtards.

Xeno Tech Corp
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2004.08.16 21:28:00 - [8]

try to log until dt. then, use a shuttle to check, i meen really check, hunt concord down, 10k is alot cheaper. hope it will help u.

Kindly regards, Concord uhh Camaro :P

Strider oTO
Posted - 2004.08.16 22:07:00 - [9]

no "Pirats" allowed in 1.0 space. Begone ye scurvy dog! Get ye to more dangerous waters! Yarrr


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