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Engelious Angelion
Squishy Force
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:33:00 - [61]

yey ppl attending the post, thx for response =))

Liz Laser
The New Era
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:38:00 - [62]

Still trying to get a successful download. So, not all that thrilled yet. All the patch has done (so far) is cause me to pay CCP for 3 days I couldn't play. But hope springs eternal. TODAY is the day my download will succeed. Everyone knows this stuff works better on weekends.Rolling Eyes

Claudia Jefferson
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:40:00 - [63]


Aside from the lag issue i think it has been one of the smoothest and much impressive patches yet.

Haramir Haleths
Nutella Bande
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:43:00 - [64]


Distant Thunder
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:43:00 - [65]

Posting in a win thread

Da'iel Zehn
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:49:00 - [66]

I'm with you OP!

Though, I think some things may have been updated that actually shouldn't have been when it comes to graphics. But overall, I think it is great!

Fix what needs to be fixed. If its not broken, don't fix. That is my opinion.


The Scope
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:51:00 - [67]

Returned to Eve just before the patch.
Scanned my first wormhole last night ( like the scanning system ) and the whole concept of WH is so cool.

Shame about the temporary lag, but thumbs up from me. Liked it so much I renewed my subscription.

Vladimir Lengyll
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:53:00 - [68]


Agree with OP -

I love the skill training queue and the new fitting screen.

I enjoy the new graphics.

I can't wait to cross through a wormhole!

Sib Makern
Republic Military School
Posted - 2009.03.13 14:53:00 - [69]

I love the new buffs to both graphics and sound. The jumpgates are more soothing to hear - especially if you hang out near an active one!

Like the new tractor/salvaging effects, along with the roids. And the ship effects were an unexpected cherry on top! Razz

Considering that this was an enormous rollout of new content, changed game mechanics, and graphical buffs, the issues we are experiencing seem reasonable. Your commitment to getting help from the players on SISI before the patch along with a gearing up of GM support gives me confidence you are working overtime to get the hotfixes out to deal with the latest issues.

I will not be cancelling my subscription - will keep my stuffs - and am looking forward to when it all works seemlessly.


Hand Of Midas
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:01:00 - [70]

This is a truly a brilliant expansion! Wormholes are AWESOME and the whole idea of exploring new places, finding temporary new routes to existing places is insanely addictive.


Zhula Guixgrixks
Increasing Success by Lowering Expectations
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:16:00 - [71]


Increasing Success by Lowering Expectations
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:30:00 - [72]

I agree to the OP. Lag seems to be restricted to K-space, so doesn't really bother me :P. And cap on trade hubs might be a good idea to make the trading less centralistic.

Republic Military School
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:40:00 - [73]

I'm lovin' the new stuff... great job. Maybe someday I'll actually go through a wormhole. For now, I'm just loving the new interface changes. Skill queue, Fitting, etc.

YAY!!! \o/

Dravius Luxor
Independent Galactic Network
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:48:00 - [74]

Good to see a positive thread for once Very Happy

Let me point out something which (I personally think) is very important:

What you can get out of scanning is now sensibly proportionate to the amount of time you spend on it!

If nothing else, that simple fact makes this patch a success.

And if you're not sure what I mean by that; just think: you can now find anything, anywhere...

... and enough posting, I'm off to find things!

Hopefully my warp effect will fix itself, but until then I will use my imagination... all in all though, amazing patch Cool .

Sillas Cov
Red Federation
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:53:00 - [75]


I keep trying to bail from this game to get back to real life, but am shocked at the depth of game play, and the quality of the game situations:

Worm holes.... frackin ROCK!!! Very Happy



Element 115.
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:57:00 - [76]

Great work CCP patch has something for everyone and has helped revive small gang warfare.This patch is a pirates dream.YARRRR!!

thecunning mrfox
Darwin's response
Posted - 2009.03.13 15:59:00 - [77]


Once again CCP have made EVE a better place to live. ROCK ON!

Posted - 2009.03.13 15:59:00 - [78]

/signedTwisted Evil

Posted - 2009.03.13 16:03:00 - [79]

If they just did the skill queue only I would be happy, but that, combined with the certificates, makes skill planning a fun thing, rather than a reactive job.
I am training for exploration now and can't wait to try it.

Eilella Tralente
Posted - 2009.03.13 16:07:00 - [80]

I'm having fun.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.03.13 16:10:00 - [81]

Originally by: Tellenta
Corpmates are having issues getting out of wormholes as the exits sometimes do not allow the same amount (or lesser amounts) of ships out as they do in that is rather annoying I'll probably by-pass wormholes on that basis alone as I don't want to waste my time looking for a second or third exit.

Each Wormhole has a finite value that it allows through it,I cant remember if it's mass or volume.Don't expect all who jump in to be able to jump out,especially if it is an unstable wormhole.
P.S. don't give up dude, percevere and eventually all will be right with the worldWink

CCP, well done from me too, I did SiSi testing for weeks and thought you would never make itCool

Doomed Predator
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.03.13 16:21:00 - [82]

A bit of tweaking here and there and I'll be happy. Generally I'm very pleased with Apocrypha.

Ana Vyr
Posted - 2009.03.13 16:24:00 - [83]

Two thumbs up from me!

Posted - 2009.03.13 16:26:00 - [84]

I have to admit as far as toys this is the best CCP patch I've experienced since I joined! (during RMR)

I just wish they'd put in some piratey bits...of course wormhole PvP sounds promising. I gotta try it.

Johnnyan Inc.
Posted - 2009.03.13 17:03:00 - [85]

Originally by: Dravius Luxor

And if you're not sure what I mean by that; just think: you can now find anything, anywhere...

So does everybody else, with no skills, how cool is that ?

I'm not that excited about this expansion, then again i'm thinking about the last one, oh well, at least you people are. Just thinking how silly some of the new effects are compared to the old ones i believe many things were rushed just to be there on 10. I could bring much more criticism but i believe this is not the place.

Vasili vonHolst
Gargamel's Lair
Posted - 2009.03.13 17:51:00 - [86]

Edited by: Vasili vonHolst on 13/03/2009 17:51:37
Posting in PR thread...

Tentacle Monster
New Eden Trade Union
Posted - 2009.03.13 18:31:00 - [87]

You know, it would be nice if I could actually DO something new with this patch, but as always, the additions are catered to players who have been around for years and have a use for wormholes and can afford T3 ships. Making a new character is worthless, as it would go against the months of training I've already gone through and the developers are so damn adamant on only allowing training on one character. The queue is a joke, I was expecting to be able to queue months worth of training time but found it's limited to a day. The new exploration system does nothing for me, I was just starting to get into the old one and making plans for which skills to train, but now it's been turned around, I have to relearn it and I still can't do anything because of lack of skills. The missions are as crap as ever, but still the most reliable way for a non-industrialist to make money.

Korerin Mayul
Posted - 2009.03.13 18:39:00 - [88]

i felt a great disturbence in the force; as if... the eve player forum was being used for somthing other then whinging and trolling....

that being said...

/signed, thanks for the new stuff ccp.

The Perfect Storm
Posted - 2009.03.13 18:46:00 - [89]


FullMetal Basilisk
The Naked Peas Group Plc.
Posted - 2009.03.13 18:58:00 - [90]

i must say, apart from the audio and lag issues, it has been a phenomenal success with both myself and my corporation.

thank you CCP

once again adding phenomenal content to a phenomenal game.


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