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Imperial Dreams
Posted - 2009.08.29 12:49:00 - [241]

Edited by: eXcs on 29/08/2009 12:51:59
Please give us bigger fonts! In whole UI, I already have glasses dont wanna play with binocculars damnit ugh
(Running at 1920x1080 on 16" LCD, cant lower ress really, if i would whats the point with premium gfx?)

Delencia Lakat
Posted - 2009.08.29 15:15:00 - [242]

New Fonts Nao.

Kim McKay
Posted - 2009.08.30 16:42:00 - [243]

New font and font-size choosing!

I'm at 1680x1050 on 20 inches aka my pixels are tiny. It is really hard after you play some time and always leaning forward to read is not that comfy...

Mobius Fierce
Posted - 2009.08.31 19:01:00 - [244]

There's a lot in this game that confuses me, but system names shouldn't be one of them. Please improve the font.

Leilana Phi
Posted - 2009.08.31 19:48:00 - [245]


Arcturus Io
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.08.31 23:36:00 - [246]


Karkand Kampa
Posted - 2009.09.01 07:57:00 - [247]


Posted - 2009.09.01 09:25:00 - [248]


Natalia Kovac
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.09.01 12:17:00 - [249]

Signed. It is pretty ****ty.

Tyler Lowe
Brotherhood of the Spider
Posted - 2009.09.01 15:21:00 - [250]

Playing at 1680x1050 here, which I assume is becoming the norm. There is an enormous amount of information on screen that has to be left onscreen to play this game. The current font is not easy on the eyes. I have seen contract scams that specifically take advantage of the font in this game. That is a pretty good indication that the font needs work. Please provide choice in the for of font selection and larger size selection range.


Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.09.01 16:53:00 - [251]

5ER10U5LY 516NED Razz

The screen shots I've seen from way back when you could add your own font to the client are fantastic, clear and no confusion. Unfortunately CCP nerfed that a week before I found out how to do it.

Red Raider
Caldari Provisions

Posted - 2009.09.01 22:40:00 - [252]

And options for it to be larger than 12 point for those of us running it at 5040 x 1024.

Ninja Troll
Posted - 2009.09.02 03:06:00 - [253]

Originally by: Hertford
I,1 O,0 5,S 6,G 8,B : I think that covers the basics.

I think everyone talking in l33t sp33k may solve all our problems.

Posted - 2009.09.02 11:27:00 - [254]

Posted - 2009.09.12 16:13:00 - [255]

Edited by: Clintus on 12/09/2009 16:21:14
I recently decided I would like to play EVE again and re-enabled my account for a month. I attend the local python programmers meet-ups, and every once in a while EVE comes up. Originally, I played on one of my laptops. Sadly, I cannot read any of the text in the game on my current setup. My situation is fairly different from most people, however I have played a lot of MMOs and games in general on this setup. This is the only one so far I have had this problem with.

My setup is a 60" HD TV running slightly less than 1920x1080 for overscan reasons. I don't even have this problem with really old games. It's only EVE.

My vision has been tested previously above normal(20/15). Most people have trouble reading things at the distances I can. The eve font is nowhere near legible on my setup.

As a developer myself, I am going to call out laziness in the dev team, or possibly graphics content team. This is not a game mechanics need to change complaint, its a "the interface sucks" complaint. If people were complaining about something being to hard to do, I could understand the devs ignoring the complaints. I would respect that. However, this issue is a known issue and nothing is being done about it.
EDIT: The only other possibility is the dev team is too small, but if you look at every piece of content CCP has(their site, the eve site, etc.) its all at about 10pt. Maybe they just have an idiot designer.

I will not continue to pay for something I cannot play. I will be canceling my account, and probably not return. If the devs put a ETA on this that isn't too far out within the next 2 weeks I may remain an EVE customer, otherwise I am going to voice to anyone who mentions EVE about how CCP drops the ball on something so small, but critical.

Can We Haz Your Stuff
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2009.09.12 17:53:00 - [256]

Ok I have to add my own request as well. The wife and I have been playing off and on since the beta. We reactivated our old accounts from 2005 just this month, as 12 of us from my website/forum have all gotten together to play, plus my wife and our roommate and a few others. The biggest complaint I have about the game (the ONLY complaint really) is the font size.

Yeah, we can change the font size in chat, but the UI font are just too darn small. Wife and I and roommate all have 1680x1050 22" widescreens. 12 point expanded font barely makes anything more readable. Every single night, all 3 of us, as well as most of our forum friends have eyestrain headaches from trying to read the $#@# font in the UI windows.

Moving up to 24" or larger will only make the UI font smaller, which means more headaches. We are all 4-eyed nerds who wear glasses so there's not much more we can do except take a lot of tylenol and limit our playing time.

Please CCP, you made this game when CRT monitors and 1024x768 resolution was the king, but this is 7+ years later and almost everyone now has 19" or larger widescreen, which means incredibly hard to read tiny font.

PLEASE, PLEASE fix this at some point. Please. This is such a great game, and keeps getting better and better. There's a reason why my wife and I have begun playing again for the FIFTH time since beta. But the font...please.

Katrina vanTassel
Posted - 2009.09.13 10:32:00 - [257]

Definitely yes. Fonts are hard to read on hires displays.

Posted - 2009.09.14 12:03:00 - [258]

I play on a 24" at 1900x1200 and although I can read it, the text is truly tiny and painful. The UI in Eve is one of the game's worst points but the fonts should be trivial to fix (unless the devs did something really stupid, like hard code the font sizes in several different places or, even worse, make the layouting engine not able to scale.)

Quam Singulari
Posted - 2009.09.14 12:09:00 - [259]

This Font walks into a bar and ask the bartender for some whiskey.

CCP, if you wanna hear the end of this joke just change the font please.

Wheel Of Time Ltd

Posted - 2009.09.14 13:35:00 - [260]

Edited by: 0lly on 14/09/2009 13:35:01
As some one who released some of the tweaked fonts before they were "locked away " I support this motion. Cant see how the ability to clearly read the screen is an exploit.

CCP could always put the font file back from whence it came and allow us modify it again. Save ccp having pay for a new font. Smile - go on you know you want to ......


Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2009.09.14 14:09:00 - [261]

yes please.

Sophie Malaster
Heavy industries Shinohara
Posted - 2009.09.14 18:13:00 - [262]

Yes pls :)

Lucas Tigh
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.09.15 18:58:00 - [263]

M0O-JG... Neutral

Auri Hella
Downwind Trading Guild

Posted - 2009.09.15 19:24:00 - [264]

I would love a bigger font. I have a 24" screen and it's still tiny at 1920*1200.

Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.09.19 15:45:00 - [265]

this was brought up with CCP and the issue is being addressed :)

Can We Haz Your Stuff
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2009.09.19 17:00:00 - [266]

thank you Dierdra and CCP!

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2009.09.20 00:46:00 - [267]

Haha, succinct. I like it.

Gorobei Shimada
Posted - 2009.10.07 08:09:00 - [268]

Edited by: Gorobei Shimada on 07/10/2009 08:10:41

I'd also be very grateful to have a larger variety of font sizes. 8-36 at least would be wonderful. Thanks CCP! Arrow

Sneak Lemming
Posted - 2009.10.07 12:07:00 - [269]

Honestly 0 and O should be radically different



Posted - 2009.10.07 14:53:00 - [270]

0,O,D These all look similar... Far too alike in the current font. Please fix.

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