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Sane Industries Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.07.26 14:00:00 - [211]

Maria Kalista
Knights of Kador
Posted - 2009.07.26 16:36:00 - [212]

I think the fonts are hard coded. CCP payed a big chunk of money to be able to use this font, not realizing at the time how bad it actually was.
Though I dearly support a new and better font, if only one that distinguishes between zero's o's b' 8's etc.I won't see it happen soon™.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.26 17:21:00 - [213]

Posted - 2009.07.26 21:18:00 - [214]

as long as the difference between characters is obvious.

Echoes of Space

Posted - 2009.07.27 08:06:00 - [215]

Not being able to tell difference between characters is quite annoying.

Ribeye Jaksom
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.07.27 08:40:00 - [216]

Originally by: Jameroz
Not being able to tell difference between characters is quite annoying.

Siigari Kitawa
Perditus Peregrinus

Posted - 2009.07.27 09:04:00 - [217]

Edited by: Siigari Kitawa on 27/07/2009 09:03:58
To be 100% honest, the font readability is fine. The font itself looks alright to me, I have no problems with it.

Also, this current font is without a doubt the cutest for :D. :3 and o/

Now, onto the dirt:

The font needs to have some of its characters fixed. Like in the OP, there are quite a few characters that are impossible to differentiate, and it's a pain. Fix those letters first, then go from there.

Please post in my thread regarding the original Warp Drive Active font.

whatzmyname again
Posted - 2009.07.29 15:40:00 - [218]

Get it fixed, pronto! My eyes are dying CCP!

Orb Lati
Sebiestor Tribe

Posted - 2009.07.30 02:55:00 - [219]

Edited by: Orb Lati on 30/07/2009 02:56:06
Edited by: Orb Lati on 30/07/2009 02:55:40

and heres a worthy replacement.
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

joking. Razz

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2009.07.30 03:52:00 - [220]

The Eve font is symptomatic of the lack of usability consulting.

Some experts in the field of UI design, accessibility and usability should be on the dev team.

Saju Somtaaw
Kagan-Kincaid Enterprises
Posted - 2009.07.30 13:19:00 - [221]

Edited by: Saju Somtaaw on 30/07/2009 13:18:52

Posted - 2009.08.03 20:28:00 - [222]

Edited by: ZhouXi on 03/08/2009 20:30:51
Please do this, I have been annoyed by this for quite some time playing at max resolution but having to squint or move closer to the monitor in order to make sure I read something correctly. I recently read a thread that suggested a way to fix the font size, went to change it thinking I had been unnecessarily penalizing myself all along, only to discover that I already had it set to the largest setting >.<

If they are really dead-set on using said font, at least let us make it larger :(

Posted - 2009.08.03 20:29:00 - [223]

Edited by: ZhouXi on 03/08/2009 20:30:40

Aeron Sophus
Imperial Strippers

Posted - 2009.08.04 11:35:00 - [224]

Use Futura or Fixedsys Excelsior

The former would look awesome and the latter would look horrible UI wise, but is the most readable font that we have for computers.

Perhaps allow us to pick our own font source for the chat (not the general UI).

And for gods sake, don't even think about using Arial or ANY of those fonts, they are all horrible.

Suicidal Trainingscamp
Thukker Tribe Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.08.04 21:55:00 - [225]

Edited by: theZJ on 04/08/2009 21:57:42
Edited by: theZJ on 04/08/2009 21:57:32
Alright, warp to XI-OY2 gate... or is it X1-0Y2? Or XI-DY2?... goddamnit supported so much
Futura would really be awesome

Posted - 2009.08.04 23:24:00 - [226]

Nice, please

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.08.07 19:04:00 - [227]

I would like to /sign this post.

The font is ridiculous to read, I literaly have to limit my play time because it gives me headaches if I play too long.

/grovel PLEASE!

Kaliba Mort
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2009.08.25 15:47:00 - [228]

I want a font that I can read! Make it bloody larger. LARGER!

I have to click a few times on the chat window for that to be readable - but at least that is fixable! Arial 10 is pushing it a little regarding readability. With LCD display, you want to be running at native for best text contrast. But that's bloody 1920x1080 making the text tiny - even on a 32"!!. Or 1280x1024 on a 19" is insanity!

I want Arial 10, Arial 12, Arial 14 and Arial 16 selectable for interface. Heck, all of UI.

The original post's problem is also caused by font being too darn small.

There would also be less confusion in 0.0 regarding gates if all the names were lower case. You know,

I,1 O,0 5,S 6,G 8,B
i,1 o,0 5,s 6,g 8,b

But for that to be readable, selectable font size is vitally important.

If some developer doesn't want to allow changeable font size, his coding editor needs to be changed to white on black with point 8 font immediately!! Twisted Evil

PS. The website has a tiny font too, but at least one can change that with a modern browser Very Happy

Posted - 2009.08.25 15:53:00 - [229]

Im getting old...I support what Kaliba said lmao

The Priesthood
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.08.25 15:57:00 - [230]

Edited by: sukmanobov on 25/08/2009 15:59:43
Originally by: Kaivos
Yep, and make it ****ing bigger.


Originally by: Kaliba Mort
[h3]1920x1080 making the text tiny - even on a 32"!!. Or 1280x1024 on a 19" is insanity!

Try 1680x1050 on a 20" although iv'e gotten used to it.

Posted - 2009.08.26 19:40:00 - [231]

I would join large screen camp and vote for an increase of font. I have got 120-140dpi notebook 17" screen. native res is 1920x1200. I must play 1024x768, otherwise I would go blind soon.

I have contacted guys through petition, but been told to go in dev forum.

I hope more people join this petition and developers will do anything with that. Time passes by and everybody has got cheap 19" + LCD. It will not last long and there will be standart 22" + screens.

Basically, this game is unplayable @ resolution higher than 1280x1024 (12 size wide font and large screen).

Vogon Roads
Posted - 2009.08.26 20:23:00 - [232]

Yes, please, more font size choice. We get choice of 10,
12 and..... squeeze a 14 in there!

Posted - 2009.08.26 23:31:00 - [233]


Roland Deschaines
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.08.27 08:47:00 - [234]

Sauli Keskinen
Posted - 2009.08.27 14:50:00 - [235]

The Eve font may have been ok back in the days of 15" CRTs at 800x600 resolution but on today's wide format HD displays it's just painful. PLEASE do something to make the UI legible on modern LCD displays!


Posted - 2009.08.27 18:10:00 - [236]

Edited by: Skandrannon22 on 27/08/2009 18:11:39
Agreed, this need to happen, or at least be an option.

Case in point - trying to goof around with corp mates, and typing in CAPS, I've noticed that the letters tend to ... uh... lean into each other.


Trill Li
Point of No Return
Posted - 2009.08.27 20:20:00 - [237]

Yeah, the font truly sucks. I run 1920 x 1280 or somesuch and the UI fonts are seriously too damn small. can it really be that hard??

Black Legion.
Posted - 2009.08.27 20:58:00 - [238]

I would have enough fixing the number "0" (with a dot or a slash inside) but agree.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.08.28 09:45:00 - [239]

Five months after the original post, and this topic keeps on bouncing up. What does that tell you, CCP?

Bellum Esca
Posted - 2009.08.28 11:51:00 - [240]

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