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Posted - 2009.06.12 23:45:00 - [181]


Zion foundation
Red Alliance
Posted - 2009.06.13 01:52:00 - [182]

Fonts Fonts Fonts! I need to change them! Russian locale uses good ones, but it's bad.

Kytanos Termek

Posted - 2009.06.13 21:23:00 - [183]

Edited by: Kytanos Termek on 13/06/2009 21:23:02
Supported. Having a list of 10 or so fonts would be cool.

and I imagine it would be relatively easy to change, mainly the issues would be in coding.

Deep Core Mining Inc.

Posted - 2009.06.15 06:21:00 - [184]

new fonts and choose font size!


Kyra Felann
The Scope

Posted - 2009.06.15 07:02:00 - [185]

Edited by: Kyra Felann on 15/06/2009 07:06:34
EDIT: To make it clear, I don't really have that big of an issue with the font itself, just the size.

Yes! This has been bugging me since my first day playing Eve. I run at 1920x1200 and the text is tiny. It causes me eye strain and neck problems because I unconsciously lean forward to read things.

I realize it may take a major reworking of the UI, but this game needs a major reworking of the UI anyway. Please make the UI, including the font, scalable.

Weer Treyt
Posted - 2009.06.15 08:41:00 - [186]

My eyes need a break. Large fonts now!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.06.15 08:44:00 - [187]

So, 3 months in, and this thread is still around. Anyone might think the font situation needs some work...

Rusty PwnStar
Centus Inc.
Posted - 2009.06.15 12:39:00 - [188]

\o/ never looks right in-game either, hasn't since they first messed it up.
Plus I agree with many of the other comments in this thread.

Why can't they use the forum font?

Kaylan Jahlar
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.06.15 14:57:00 - [189]

Edited by: Kaylan Jahlar on 15/06/2009 15:06:35

I really second that. The font is not easy to read as it is. The shape of the font has a lot to do with it, but also its size.

When EVE Online was first released, the standard resolution of LCD Monitors (for the ones who had one), was 1024x768. The font was still fine then because it was still easily readable at that resolution.

Now however, most players now have bigger screens, with bigger resolutions, and yet the font hasn't changed. For example, I'm running EVE Online on a 22" widescreen monitor at 1680x1050. Needless to say that the font is extremely hard to read, especially when I'm tired.

There is an option to condense it or expand it, but to be honest, that makes the font even harder to read either way. You can also change the font size of the context-menus, but that fixes only a part of the issue.

You should offer at least 3 fonts in EVE:

Monospace (i.e. current font)
Serif (i.e. Times New Roman)
Sans-serif (i.e. Verdana)

Then, offer at least 3 size presets:


You should also be able to change the default font size of windows & UI panels, tooltips, and context-menus separately.

The default font size you choose for Windows & UI Panels should also impact the base size of IGB tags such as H1, H2, and such (therefore affecting size of text in agent mission briefings). For example, if choosing normal as the default size would mean your font would be 10pts in size, then H1 could be +6pts, so 16pts.

For example, one could want very small text in his overview and fleet window so it takes less space, but have a bigger font in information windows or agent mission briefings.

Kaylan Jahlar
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.06.15 15:34:00 - [190]

Edited by: Kaylan Jahlar on 15/06/2009 15:40:35
Originally by: Valdarham
What's wrong with it? I've not seen anything wrong with the font.

If you're running high resolution, it's very hard to read because:

1. It's too small
2. It's too thin
3. Some characters are too much alike (i.e. O's and zero's, I's and one's, S's and five's, etc...)
4. The shape itself is hard on the eyes, and this is a fact. Squared fonts are not meant to be easy to read.

I have studied desktop publishing in College, and part of our job involves designing and using fonts intensely. We had courses dedicated to fonts and typography in general.

There's a reason why some fonts are always used by default in Windows and other operating systems, it's because they have been proven to be easy to read (scientifically). For example, the on-screen font that is known to be the easiest to read is a sans-serif font: Arial (or Helvetica for its MAC equivalent). Tahoma and Verdana are pretty close behind. The font is designed to be smooth on the eyes, rounded and thickened just enough to be easy to read. The space between letters is just right, the proportion is natural and the shape of numbers and letters are far apart enough so they are not mixed up.

For printed text, it's usually serif fonts that are preferred (such as Times New Roman). The serif itself is what makes it easier to read "fast", because it's easier to differentiate certain letters that way.

The typical printed font size is somewhere between 10pts and 12pts. Smaller is too hard to read on most mediums, and larger takes too much space and is harder for your eyes to track. The same goes for on-screen fonts. The size in points is proportional to the resolution of the screen, so depending on your screen's DPI setting, 10 points might be slightly bigger on one monitor and smaller on another. For this reason, it's necessary to have an adjustable font size in EVE Online.

The EVE Online font is far from falling in the "easy to read" category, and would actually fall in the "deco font" category. That font should be used for big bolded titles or stylized text, but not for window titles, tooltips and module info text. It's just not natural and not flowing for the eyes.

Some people might have gotten used to the size and shape of this font, and may like its style, but for most players with larger resolutions, it's very tiring to read and should be changed.

Carpe Diem inc.
Posted - 2009.06.15 19:36:00 - [191]

Originally by: Kaylan Jahlar
Edited by: Kaylan Jahlar on 15/06/2009 15:06:35

You should offer at least 3 fonts in EVE:

Monospace (i.e. current font)
Serif (i.e. Times New Roman)
Sans-serif (i.e. Verdana)

Then, offer at least 3 size presets:


You should also be able to change the default font size of windows & UI panels, tooltips, and context-menus separately.

I'm adding additional support for this particular solution.

My 45yo eyes love Verdana on my lousy, old monitor. But Good ol' Times New Roman is easier to read on my son's his-res flatscreen.

3 fonts and 3 sizes would be simple enough but would allow nearly every combination of visual acuity and monitor resolution to be accomodated.

Theodore Kaczynski
Posted - 2009.06.15 19:37:00 - [192]


Hell, CCP should let us add our own fonts. If the font we chose happens to break something (not fit in the assigned space, or whatever), then that's our problem, and CCP wouldn't have to worry about it. But let us pick fonts!

Imminent Ruin
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2009.06.15 21:27:00 - [193]

yes, having to copy and paste someone's character name into notepad just to figure out what it says = fail

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2009.06.16 01:26:00 - [194]

IilLJj1| = same character in eve

nuff said.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.06.16 14:32:00 - [195]

Gonna have to agree here, It'd be nice to see a few different options for fonts in game.

Something clear cut like Tahoma, Lucida Sans or Segoe would be fine in game tbh.

Don Pellegrino
Pod Liberation Authority
Posted - 2009.06.17 02:37:00 - [196]

We need a couple of choices ingame

Twilight Magester

Posted - 2009.06.17 07:22:00 - [197]

size too

Malice Redeemer
Posted - 2009.06.20 18:08:00 - [198]

Size first, font style 2nd, make it so. This is starting to be a game breaker for me.

Louis Dubois
Posted - 2009.06.22 01:56:00 - [199]

I can't read anything on my 73" Mitsubishi DLP at 1920x1080. I only get around by rote when I'm playing on this display. And it beats playing on the other 17" LCD for many obvious reasons. I don't care so much about the font itself as the ability to go past 12 points. It needs to be adjustable far past this.

Uronksur Suth
Posted - 2009.06.22 06:45:00 - [200]

Originally by: Hertford
I,1 O,0 5,S 6,G 8,B : I think that covers the basics.

hmmm, I now see what you mean.


Molock Saronen
Posted - 2009.06.22 10:19:00 - [201]

Kato Kimura
School of Applied Knowledge

Posted - 2009.06.23 14:29:00 - [202]

Please do something about the font size

Chuck Skull
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2009.06.23 15:21:00 - [203]

Pretty please, with sick of going cross eyed on top.

Big Bit
Posted - 2009.06.23 22:51:00 - [204]

TOG Empire
Combat Mining and Logistics
Posted - 2009.06.24 03:55:00 - [205]

God yes, supported.

Also hyphen and tilde look the same (- and ~).

Posted - 2009.06.30 23:23:00 - [206]

Yes, please.

Just got a new graphics card and was looking for options to make it cry and since there is no AA I turned res up...ooooh pretty and smooth graphics...but to read the largest font at 1920x1440 requires me to be 3 inches from my screen (19" CRT). :(

Um...DEFINITELY needs to be bigger...or can I get a free magnifing glass? :)

Judiciary Pag
Posted - 2009.07.25 04:43:00 - [207]

Edited by: Judiciary Pag on 25/07/2009 04:45:56
Years ago, when my eyesight was still flawless, I got majorly hooked on EVE. That lasted for a year or two and ended with me having gone through two sets of glasses (I'm up to three now) :p Don't get me wrong - I only blame myself for that, not taking enough breaks and so on - but I do wonder sometimes if it would've helped if EVE had some sane fonts.

Anyway, I just reactivated my account again, and am somewhat shocked (or rather annoyed) to find it's still not possible to get a decent UI font. It was so bad on my 1920x1080 22" screen that I just swapped it with my old 1680x1050 22" one :/

I should say it's not just the text size (which it seems you can now at least modify to some extent by making it less condensed), the shapes seem horrible too, I can up the chat window font size 2 or 3 notches and I still can't read it comfortably.

So theres my vote, please consider making this possible!

Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.07.25 04:59:00 - [208]

There is a system in Delve that I have no idea what it is actually named because of this. It could be 0-I0AI or O-1OA1 or 0-1OAI or 0-I0A1 or O-101A or 0-IOA1 or...

U'los Riddick
Posted - 2009.07.25 11:15:00 - [209]

Edited by: U''los riddick on 25/07/2009 11:17:00
Yes. Please. Even improved kerning and tracking of the current font would help a little, with attention payed to those characters mentioned in original post.

Liandra Xi
The New Era
Posted - 2009.07.26 12:04:00 - [210]


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