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Sakar Vahn
Posted - 2009.12.03 13:05:00 - [301]

I would say some minor changes at least no need to overhaul the whole freaking thing. Also letting us choose our font perhaps?

Kyle Cataclysm

Posted - 2009.12.05 02:13:00 - [302]


Ben Fenix
Posted - 2009.12.06 21:32:00 - [303]


Phoenix T'ril
Hashimoto Corporation
Posted - 2009.12.06 22:07:00 - [304]


Posted - 2009.12.06 22:49:00 - [305]


Vort X
The Collective
Posted - 2009.12.07 05:25:00 - [306]


da Hawk
Posted - 2009.12.07 06:40:00 - [307]


Posted - 2009.12.08 13:29:00 - [308]

yes, its killing my eyes

Posted - 2009.12.14 01:17:00 - [309]

I also have a problem reading it at 1920x1080 on my 42" LCD. All the lower non native resolutions have a blurred degraded look to them. 1152 is the next best resolution and it still looks horrid(except for the fonts which i can then read). I've wondered if I could trick Eve into using a different font. Either change the font file in Windows or perhaps somehow inject a different font...Similar to how people do graphics model changes in other MMOs, put an uncompressed file in a certain folder etc.

Gharr Rhinn
Posted - 2009.12.14 02:31:00 - [310]

yes please!

Onnen Mentar
Murientor Tribe

Posted - 2009.12.14 02:57:00 - [311]

Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2009.12.14 15:28:00 - [312]

Great idea and obviously fully supported! (and yes, this is perhaps a better place to bring it up)

Pasus Nauran
Posted - 2009.12.14 19:43:00 - [313]

A game that's as text-driven as EVE should really have far more font options than those currently available. Choosing between a small list of serif and sans-serif fonts, and being able to set the text size of individual windows or the game universally would help alot.

I have trouble reading some of the text, and my vision is quite good. My father (who plays) complains quite a bit about having trouble reading things.

Xonus Calimar
CaeIum Incognitum

Posted - 2009.12.14 22:38:00 - [314]

Do want.

Posted - 2009.12.25 19:21:00 - [315]

I am a relatively new player and I enjoy EVE a lot, however one Issue is bothering me a lot:

I play EVE in 1920 X 1200 resolution and the fonts in the game are absolutely tiny and I really have to strain my eyes to read them. I did find the way to increase the fonts in the chat and also chose the "expanded" font width, but the fonts that are not in the chat or context menu are still very small and hard to read.

I tried to find a way to increase the fonts in and found this CSM issue:
Which had a link to this thread.

I also noticed that according to that page it seems like the issue has been raised back in 2008 and the CSM still didn't vote on it. Anyone knows why?

Posted - 2009.12.27 18:26:00 - [316]

I completly agree! This is by far my bigest gripe with the EVE client.

I would hav ethought the launch of Dominion update would have been a great time to work it in. They alreay cleaned up a bunch of UI things like fleet control eve-mail etc. Would it have been too much to fix the font problem while at it?

Do developers read these threads? are we just waisting time complaining here or is there soma chance that someone that can fix this will see it and do something.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.12.27 19:10:00 - [317]

Sounds like a plan!

Posted - 2009.12.28 00:59:00 - [318]

Originally by: Hertford
I,1 O,0 5,S 6,G 8,B : I think that covers the basics.

Oops; wrong quote. I wanted to quote the player that said: "I'd imagine this is less difficult than wormholes" or something similar.
Rolling Eyes
You would think this could be addressed rather easily and quickly.
OVER a year I have repeatedly asked for the text (fonts) to be upgraded (option for larger font size most needed), these old eyes (even with newly prescribed glasses) can't see some of the text (esp. the map features).

ShockedDo you (CCP) see that players need more font features!!!
Please give us the font options and include LARGER TEXT.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.12.28 16:32:00 - [319]

Edited by: Bel''shamharoth on 28/12/2009 16:31:52

Omega Flames
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2009.12.28 22:04:00 - [320]

Alexis Rakun
Posted - 2009.12.29 10:06:00 - [321]

Edited by: Alexis Rakun on 29/12/2009 10:12:20
Supported, please change the font so my ":D" smiley looks like its grinning rather than astonished.

Also for readability, multiple font selection and customisable font height.

Posted - 2009.12.30 00:01:00 - [322]

Supported, but not holding my breathe. Let's face it, since this has been an ongoing complaint practically since day 1, CCP obviously doesn't have the stones to admit when they have no idea how to fix a problem.

Major Crash
Posted - 2010.02.21 04:39:00 - [323]

yes, please sooner than later. infinitely more important than ambulatory chars, IMHO..

Snypar Australis
Shadow Confederate
Payment on Demand
Posted - 2010.02.24 16:08:00 - [324]

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2010.02.25 00:12:00 - [325]

Didn't CCP say they hired a typography expert?

Any progress?


or in Eve....


Arec Bardwin
Posted - 2010.02.25 12:10:00 - [326]

Al Thorr
The Wheel
Posted - 2010.02.25 14:02:00 - [327]

You do realise "If" (and its a big "If" ) they ( CCP) were to make the font readily legible . We would lose the Hannerhead Drone. Im pretty sure the EU would slap a preservation order on them.


Posted - 2010.02.26 23:43:00 - [328]

YARRRR!! Fonts are way to small for large screens and high res please increase them ASAP!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!

Mari Iijima
Posted - 2010.03.11 22:22:00 - [329]

Yes :D

Posted - 2010.03.12 12:36:00 - [330]

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