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Bill Buttlicker
Posted - 2009.10.08 23:20:00 - [271]

Similar letters have to be fixed, size adjust would be nice too as long it doesn't screws with ui...

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2009.10.09 02:03:00 - [272]

Originally by: Hertford
Five months after the original post, and this topic keeps on bouncing up. What does that tell you, CCP?

not an emptyquote

Pator Tech School

Posted - 2009.10.09 04:28:00 - [273]

Dibsi Dei
Salamyhkaisten kilta
Posted - 2009.10.09 10:05:00 - [274]


yani dumyat
Pixie Cats

Posted - 2009.10.09 16:12:00 - [275]

Heria Herath
The Scope

Posted - 2009.10.09 21:22:00 - [276]


Posted - 2009.10.14 09:55:00 - [277]

and now ATI/AMD's new EyeFinity tech is out, which means I can turn 3x 24" monitors (or 3x 22" which I have) into a 'single' monitor...I can't imagine the text at 3600x1900 or 5500x2750 or some nearly unreasonable resolution (depending on whether you leave your monitors horizontal or flip them up to vertical).

But Eve on 3 monitors as a single screen...!

Cyrrus Ex
Privateers Of Virtue
Vicious OuTLaW
Posted - 2009.10.14 21:01:00 - [278]

yes. signed.

Gypsy Band
Posted - 2009.10.16 13:15:00 - [279]

There was old font years ago that was better then current

Posted - 2009.11.04 11:10:00 - [280]

Edited by: Caashel on 04/11/2009 11:10:24
So Any more news on CCP "addressing " the issue...

Good thing I didnt 'hold the old breath' , Smile


Jared Ulfsuun
Posted - 2009.11.04 13:54:00 - [281]

Yes please! EVE is the only thing on my computer that constantly makes me lean in for a closer look.

Ashina Sito
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2009.11.05 03:21:00 - [282]

Edited by: Ashina Sito on 18/11/2009 05:47:38
I'd put 3 thumbs up if the doctors wouldn't have removed that extra arm when I was born!!!

This topic is of significant interest to me and I will push heavily as a CSM.

Khapter II
Posted - 2009.11.17 15:39:00 - [283]

Really appreciate anything that CSMs can do to put this topic on the front burner. Eve is such a pretty game overall, the font is the single ugliest thing in it. Why-o-why canít we just have a simple, elegant, readable font? Is it really asking so much???

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2009.11.17 23:39:00 - [284]

I read somewhere that CCP has hired a typography expert.... or "font guy".

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2009.11.18 01:29:00 - [285]

Edited by: Mara Rinn on 18/11/2009 01:30:57
I'd love a font something like "Twenty-One" or "Abtechia". Though it would want to support the full gamut of European alphabets, including punctuation and numbers.

Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2009.11.20 03:40:00 - [286]

Edited by: T''Amber on 20/11/2009 04:08:44


This was partially covered by my CSM agenda and is now a seperate item.


Sane Industries Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.11.20 09:46:00 - [287]

Oh, god yes. Supported.

stoltz x
Moonshadow Intelligence
Posted - 2009.11.20 20:34:00 - [288]


Posted - 2009.11.20 22:18:00 - [289]

Edited by: Mistchaser on 20/11/2009 22:28:31
Yes very much so; my gf's biggest complaint was "Ew how can you read that?"

Edit: My primary issue is not with the font itself but with sizing.

Kenz Rider
J Club
Posted - 2009.11.20 23:07:00 - [290]

The font changed in 2006, I know because I quit playing in 2006 due in part to the font. I had a 1400x1050 screen and it was just really hard to read. I started playing again when I got a new monitor, and it's been ok. Maybe they tweaked the font a bit in the meantime, I don't know.

Anyway, the font is not that great. There are many commercial fonts that look very modern and are also easy to read.

Frutiger Next is one.

Boris Borison
Evolution Rising

Posted - 2009.11.23 20:19:00 - [291]

Posted - 2009.11.26 11:39:00 - [292]

Edited by: touster on 26/11/2009 11:39:13
CCP do something with fonts! Its really hard to see anything in high res

1920x1200 is really painfull for eyes :/

Beau Heem

Posted - 2009.11.26 12:26:00 - [293]

With all the issues regarding gameplay forming a proactive and empowering community to EvE Online, this font issue - no matter how many times it has been brought up over a lengthy period of time - is perhaps the most crucial CCP is going to face in any foreseeable future.

Hell, let players tweak the font system in the SiSi client and provide you with a plethora of suggestions that you can choose from. I promise EvE a load of publicity in the acdemic and professional service design publications for such a prosumerism/produsage-oriented approach towards typology as well as visual and usability design.

Apart from not losing customers because you'd make the game better (and less hurting for the eyes), you might gain some lost customers back if you again send those 5d free game time invites to unsubscribed customers and tell them that this issue has been fixed (or at least changed with the aim of fixing it).

The font/readability issue is not one that requires work without generating revenue - in fact, I dare say it is quite the contrary.

Thank you for making this change yesterday.


Posted - 2009.11.27 13:14:00 - [294]

Originally by: Herschel Yamamoto
The current font is nice and spacey, but I'm sure there's a spacey font out there that's also readable.

Chilton Haynes
Posted - 2009.11.28 00:20:00 - [295]


Posted - 2009.11.28 06:06:00 - [296]


Posted - 2009.11.29 03:33:00 - [297]

I approve and support

Mohammed Kohane

Posted - 2009.11.29 06:47:00 - [298]


Posted - 2009.11.29 07:17:00 - [299]

I wouldn't take away the current one, just offer people a set of different ones to choose from. Supported. Smile

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade

Posted - 2009.12.03 12:44:00 - [300]

Yes please. EVE is practically renowned for eyestrain. End that.

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