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Professor Dumbledore
Posted - 2009.03.10 18:44:00 - [61]

Anchorable Bubble and POS Bubble effects need to go we use this **** connately and it ****ing annoying as hell.

go check out the pr- station if you want to have a siezure.

twin sister
Posted - 2009.03.10 18:46:00 - [62]

Edited by: twin sister on 10/03/2009 18:46:59
Originally by: Pottsey
The new introduction is very poor. Its low definition and encoded badly. It's so blocky it looks like a pre 2000 FMV.
Not only do it look extremely poor its completely rubbish and does not contain anything about Eves history or the world background. An introduction is meant to tell you about the setting of a game which the new intro fails at. The old intro was great for placing the setting.

Why did CCP ignore all the complaints and still implant the introduction? At the very least it should have been encoded decently and the blocks removed.

Actually provided me with a good giggle. movie starts. female cvoice says travel the universe in the biggest most powerfull ships blah blah and what ship depicts this in the video ......

100 points if you said a rifter !! \o/\o/\o/

yea rifter is wicked but not exactly what i aspire to fly.

Posted - 2009.03.10 18:51:00 - [63]

Sound is absolutely terrible.
Ship and drone icons are just...stupidly oversized....cant wait for a decent sized fleet to see nothing but colored blobs flying about the screen.
New warp tunnel is finishs half way through warp, so you have no indication of exiting warp at all.
Sound is absolutely bad i thought it was worth mentioning twice.

New ship effects are awesome though, d/l was smooth, fast and painless...

DTson Gauur
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2009.03.10 18:52:00 - [64]

It seems "Load Station Environment" option is gone too... Why?

Atm the Station env sounds are so loud for me that my only option really is to disable sounds altogether when docked. If I set my sound settings so that Station Env sounds are "ok", everything else is more or less inaudible.

Sade Onyx
Posted - 2009.03.10 18:59:00 - [65]

Edited by: Sade Onyx on 10/03/2009 18:59:31
Deployment: This has been my worst eve expansion experience so far regarding getting the thing running.

Downling 1.3gb patch.. takes hours then says "it appears your download has corrupted, manually download it".. first, THANKS, the last thing I downloaded which got corrupted was when I was back on 56k modem!

Then the manual download patcher just stops working, all the time.. Same with the full client.

So im forced onto torrent.. 1k/s

These are the same problems that were on the test server, of which there were many complaints, I just knew this would happen.

So looks like I wont be playing for a few days, If I thought someone gave a damn Id ask for my money back.Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:02:00 - [66]

David Grogan
The Motley Crew Reborn
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:02:00 - [67]

Edited by: David Grogan on 10/03/2009 19:02:49
Originally by: Arestan
Originally by: pfantom
This is link to offline installation file.

Ps: Why there is no link to file on the default downloads page?

Downloaded it, updated my EVE. Now when I launch it says: "incompatible version" and that is it. Does not offer an update or something like that and downloading the new bulkdata from the other thread did nothing. Now what?

yes there is actually 2 patches one is 1.3gb other is 12mb which comes after u install the big one

Lana Kent
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:03:00 - [68]

Patch auto-downloaded successfully. Failed during install. Code 19.
This brought me to a manual download page. Spending 1.5 hours to download the patch just to have it fail and then have to RE-DOWNLOAD the patch again???

Not everyone has 100 free gigs on their drives!!!

Yep, now that I have installed and patched, and it failed, I do not have the room to re-download the patch!

Now I have to copy this drive to a larger drive so that I can try it again!!

Seriously could you not just have the file available for a download and save to our harddrives so that we can put the patcher WHERE WE WANT and INSTALL WHERE WE WANT???

Can you tell I am one of those that has past boot.ini issues???

sigh... back in a few hours...

I was unimpressed with the content of the patch before 10 march 09, now not even having seen it, I am really unimpressed!!!

New content meh... FIXING bugs FTW!!!! Spend 6 months on that ffs... Seeing WT in People and Places when they logged hours ago is seriously lame!

Maria Kalista
Knights of Kador
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:05:00 - [69]

The new warp effect from jump gates is simply awesome... but!
So awesome I kept warping in and out for a while, then started to feel a bit... wobbly.

Solution: if you don't zoom in to your ship when it jumps, the effect on you is zero to none.

Manta Ice
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:10:00 - [70]

I have a 1Gb data cap per month. My local library's wireless internet has a 100Mb data cap per day and no downloading onto their machines. The local internet cafes charge per megabyte downloaded over 50Mb, PLUS a half hourly rate. I'm looking at having to spend over a year's subscription costs to download the patch, either at one of the local internet cafes, or going for a drive to the nearest larger city (one hour travel each way). (And that's assuming there are no problems with the download...)

I have barely enough room for the patch file on my drive. Assuming it then goes nuts with temporary files, I simply won't have enough room. (Which is also why I couldn't find this out by trying to connect to the test server - I don't have room for a second Eve install)

I'm assuming this counts as Apocrypha feedback. :(

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:10:00 - [71]

Originally by: Ancy Denaries
Edited by: Ancy Denaries on 10/03/2009 17:08:11
Originally by: joydivisionn
what i was afraid off happend, both PC and laptop are unable to run eve with the high resolution standard....unless your company will refund my hardware upgrades neccecairy to run eve at al. We are not all fortunate ppl who can spend hundreds euro's on hardware.

i can not play but have just payed my 3 month subcription, i want my mony back.
Thanks mate, laugh of the day. I almost fell of my chair.

Did you somehow MISS all the ads, talks, news items and stuff telling you EXACTLY what was going to happen? Do you live under a rock or something?

No, apparently you knew, you just ignored it. (italized part) YOUR fault, noone elses.

Good to know at least someone laughs about it, point is , i knew what was going to come but had a slight hope that it wouldnt turn out for the worst.

no, you can NOT have my stuff.

Jareth V
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:16:00 - [72]

On Skill Queue:

The queue will not let you add a skill if you don't have the prerequisites at the time you're adding it.

Meaning: I'm training afterburner 4, and at the completion of that skill, I would like to train high speed maneuvering because I will then have the prereq to train it. But, I cannot add that to the queue unless I already have AB4 at the time I try to add it, not at the time it would start.

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:19:00 - [73]

Well I have 1 char who warped from a hi sec station to a roid belt to mine then froze and now I'm told he's stuck in a wormhole and I can't load him up in char screen. My other char went into a wormhole with an ally and had no probes on him and wen he jumpoed b4 me the wormhole collapsed.

Sorry but I have to ask have you thought this thro u expect me to pay to be stuk in a dead area of space ?

So patch not really a big hit with me today :(

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:23:00 - [74]

i cant even download the stupid patch been trying all morning eve classic wont let me. Keeps saying not compatible version. So i dont know what you guys can do but please fix it. yeh and i tried the bulk data thing to no effect

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:23:00 - [75]

i cant even download the stupid patch been trying all morning eve classic wont let me. Keeps saying not compatible version. So i dont know what you guys can do but please fix it. yeh and i tried the bulk data thing to no effect

Ace Secunda
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:24:00 - [76]

Download rate is terrible, Is there any way to speed this up, performed a test to check it wasnt me and it isn't (showing 2.2mb) so why is it only downloading at 40 - 50kb/s, surely there is enough bandwidth put aside for everyone to download comfortably?

IronEagle X
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:24:00 - [77]

Dude I realllly do Hope you have an option to go back to the other Ship Load-out, Becouse the one you're trying out Sucks a Bowling ball threw a garden hose. you cant see weapond if theres ammo in it unless you move mouse onto the little tab. this whole load-out section is in no way easy to navigate, nor user friendly, For the love of God dont screw-up something that was'nt broke. or at least give us the option of useing the user friendly version and DUMP the flashy unfriendly one.ugh

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:24:00 - [78]

Well i cant even get it to download. I bring up the client and it tells me its incompatable build. I cant download the patch, when I try i get the old patch.

So I don't know what to do at this point.

Venal Replication Industries
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:25:00 - [79]

I was sitting at a star just spinning the camera around my ship when I came across this effect coming from the star. I think this could be a decent warp tunnel effect.


Drak' Thul
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:28:00 - [80]

My biggest problem is sound balance. The background noise when docked at a station is just way too LOUD!! and very makes my head hurt.Evil or Very Mad There is no way to turn down the sound at stations without turning down ALL of your environmental audio. (which means you cant hear your turrets firing, missiles launching, lockons, etc..) Please balance the environmental sound or make a seperate slider for the in station garble.

The new shiny graphics are nice, but i have a suggestion: MORE COLOR for the ships, i loved the red stripe that caldari vesseles had on low res, it looked like war paint.Twisted Evil

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:29:00 - [81]

I ca'nt even download it . incompatible build yes very helpfull. if someone knows how to fix it help ??? the autopatcher won't even start.

Aarturo McBwen
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:31:00 - [82]

Wow... 5 hours to download an upgrade... first time in my experience, better be good

Hyperion Enterprises
Magellan Empire
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:33:00 - [83]

Originally by: Isest
Well i cant even get it to download. I bring up the client and it tells me its incompatable build. I cant download the patch, when I try i get the old patch.

So I don't know what to do at this point.


White Buffalo
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:34:00 - [84]

Fantastic job CCP . I've been involved in several mmo expansions and this seems to be the smoothest one yet.


Crayson Carlyle
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:36:00 - [85]

I think, the convertion of the new scanning sucks :


My Sisters Recon Probe Launcher = Converted in Sisters Expandend Probe Launcer = OK !( Scanning for Ships )

My Sisters Scan Probe Launcer = Converted into Sisters Expandend Probe Launcer = This is not ok .... ! ( Scanning for Complexes )
Because i think this should has been converted into Sisters Core Probelauncer ....

It can only be a joke that my expensive Sisters Scan Probe Launcer for Scanning Complexes are now not more, and they now only can be used to scann for Ships - ALL ( Recon and Scan ) Probe Launcers are converted into (Combat) Expanded Probe Launchers and that is so planed ? I dont belive so !

In the Above Blog, it says it gives TWO new Probe Launchers .... not ONE

"There'll still be two launcher types, but we've shuffled them around a bit. There's the Core launcher, which uses 15 CPU and only launches exploration-type probes, and the Expanded launcher, which uses the full 220 CPU of the current launchers and can launch probes which can scan for ships, drones and structures. "

"For people with existing launchers/probes/BPs: all existing launchers become Expanded launchers of the right type, all exploration probes (including multispecs) become Core probes, all ship probes become Combat probes, all observators become Deep Space probes. Sisters versions remain sisters versions. BPs are changed in the same way."

And the Probe Launcers not convertet into the RIGHT Type, they all Converted Into one Type ! ( Edit : They ALL have 210 CPU, no one has 10 CPU which says it is a New Core Probe Launcher. )

Out off my Bug Report !


Originally by: CCP Greyscale
The only thing that was done to the skills was to change the names over and the bonuses they give. The skill that you have in your character sheet that's currently called "Signal Acquisition" will have its name changed and will have its bonus changed. The rank of the skill and the number of levels you have trained in it will not be changed. Thus if you currently have Signal Acquisition trained to level 5, you will find post-patch that you have a skill called "Astrometric Triangulation", which will be a rank 8 skill still, and will be trained to level 5 still. Nobody is losing skillpoints, nobody is having the ranks of trained skills altered. All that it means is that the most useful skill is still the rank 8 one and it will still have as many skillpoints as you have in the current rank 8 exploration skill.

So i think i los skillpoint for one simple example :

Bevor Patch, Skill for Strength at 5 an for Scan Time at 4 !

If i have Astrometric Triangulation at 5 (5x) an Signal Acquisitan 4 (8x)
After Patch
If i have Astrometric Triangulation at 4 (8x) an Astrometic Acquisitan 5 (5x)

After Patch, i must Skill a 8x for a Second Time to 5 .... ( in need to skill arround 20 days more as i would skill if i have both skills only at 4 )

A other Example :

Bevor Patch, Skill for Strength at 4 an for Scan Time at 5 ( yes in old, it was a bit usefull to skill it at 5 ) !

If i have Astrometric Triangulation at 4 (5x) an Signal Acquisitan 5 (8x)
After Patch
If i have Astrometric Triangulation at 5 (8x) an Astrometic Acquisitan 4 (5x)
So i have not need to skill the other skill at 5, because Scan Time is now not needed at 5, because it gives only 1 second.
I think the Player in Example 2 is a lucky one, he saves 20 days of skilltime or became spend 1 Million at Skillpoints !

So some Players are better, some Players More badly, in Point of the Skillpoints / Skilltime. 1 Million Skillpoints given for a Lucky Player.
I never spend 20 days to Skill Astrometic Acquisition at 5 for only 1 second ...

Tuco Volta
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:38:00 - [86]

Edited by: Tuco Volta on 10/03/2009 19:43:24
Scanner window is bugged!

the "probes in space" section bugs out and just vanishes. I still have the drop down arrow for it but when i try to expand it the diffuse gray background consumes my option buttons and nothing appears. I have to futz with resizing the window and sometimes it will display correctly. I tried re logging, changing display settings, going from windowed to full screen.

with the arrow in the expand position nothing works, if i set it to minimize and close out the window and reopen it sometimes it comes back, but as soon as i re-size the window the probes in space section vanishes and i cant adjust or see the probes status.

ULTRA ANNOYED....please fix the behavior of the scan of now its not usable

this issue seems to be tied to how the window redraws itself when scan results are clicked. it almost seems like probes in space is "pushed" out of frame. closing scanner window and reopening seems to be a work around but you have to minimize the scan results...dodgy at best

Mr Bimble
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:38:00 - [87]

OVER FOUR HOURS DOWNLOADING.... Now Ive got an incompatible client. Call this successful? What a load of *******s.How much longer will it take to get online. Useless bunch ***%%@@***

Aremon Moonserpent
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:40:00 - [88]

I have tried to download the patch since it (officially?) became available. "temporary error" all the time.


Please define what you call "successful". Evil or Very Mad

Gaius Tojan
Posted - 2009.03.10 19:43:00 - [89]

Originally by: Tobias Sjodin
1. "There was a temporary error downloading the required files."
2. Retry / Cancel
3. *clicks retry*
4. Goto 1

*rips hair* Evil or Very Mad

I've been getting this. Going to just try just re-downloading the client.

Posted - 2009.03.10 19:47:00 - [90]

found that when scanning if you open 4 more than 5 minutes the old cant zoom back to ship bug comes back even when i docked all i got was hangar items, ship hangar and space map (systm map not universe,
also how about explaining how the fark to use new probes what a fark up took long enough to learn old ones , find heaps of ships but you cant right click and warp to even when scan strenght or sigmnal strength is 100% and ther 300 k away

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