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Sky Burner
The Ninja Noobs
Posted - 2009.03.12 08:14:00 - [661]

Edited by: Sky Burner on 12/03/2009 08:15:59
Just wanted to say that I love the new jump-gate effects/animation! <3

Specialist McQueen
Posted - 2009.03.12 08:15:00 - [662]

WTH ccp you totally messed up. My netbook ran eve classic fine, but now that its only prem... I just wasted 20$. I am shipping in less than 2 months, and I just wanted to sit back and play a fun game, not waste my VERY limited time and money on something that is only going to frustrate me. I have downloaded the patch, and the full client install 3 times now each. Spent nearly 2 days trying to fix this problem. And even on my work computer, I am stuck at login screen with 37/39 bulk. EVEN AFTER THE PRESCRIBED FIX. Please just help me, I sent in an email nearly 5 hours ago. 24/7 email support? What happened to it? ANYONE WHO IS PLAYING EVE. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH AN ATTACHMENT OF YOUR BULK DATA FOLDER. I WILL UPLOAD IT TO RAPIDSHARE, OR BOX.NET FOR OTHERS TO USE, AND HOPEFULLY PLAY EVE PLEASE ONCE AGAIN, MY EMAIL IS [email protected]

Specialist McQueen
Posted - 2009.03.12 08:16:00 - [663]


Specialist McQueen
Posted - 2009.03.12 08:17:00 - [664]

Edited by: Specialist McQueen on 12/03/2009 08:16:54

Tonestar 1
Posted - 2009.03.12 09:22:00 - [665]

I am having heaps of problems with my graphics, they keep "blacking out" during missions for about 2 secs. My graphics drivers and PC have failed. My PC is only 12months old and uses Intel Chipset Graphics....

Can anyone offer ideas ???

Requiem Jofama
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:11:00 - [666]

* Setting route and then change to for example prefer faster doesn't change route, you have to remove your destination and add it again.
* autopilot jumproute doesn't show in "F10" in stations, you have to undock to see how many jumps it is on left side, all blank.
* Scanner thinks I have probes so I can't use the onboard version (happens time to time, workaround relog client)
* bad lag on landing on gates even if I'm alone in system.

Roast and Toast Inc.
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:17:00 - [667]

Edited by: Rimhawk on 12/03/2009 10:20:14
Probably reported already, but here goes:

1. Autopilot sometimes stops responding. If it warps to a gaate it sometimes just stops and hangs 15km from gate. Turning the autopilot off and on again seems to fix it. Pretty easy to reproduce, it happens once ever 15-20 jumps.

2. When using multiple silos or coupling arrays with complex reactions I'm noticing that often one run of materials (e.g. 10000 units of titanium carbide) are left in the silos/arrays before the final silo, even if it has room left.

reactor -> coupling array -> silo
10,000 units 300,000/800,000 units

I'm noticing this on pretty much all complex reaction POS's since Apocrypha, not sure about other types of reactions.

3. Finally the POS shields give me a bleeding headache, but only if I'm inside them. It's the 'lightning' effects in the shield that cause it. Outside the POS shields things look fine, but then the 'lightning' effects look much smaller and are not so obvious.

I will attempt to file bug reports later today.

Tako Yaki
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:27:00 - [668]

Please please please bring back the *option* for us to have camera shake during warp. I understand if some didn't like it, but some did.

IMO warp feels much less intense now, the sense of movement and power greatly diminished.

Danillo Z
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:38:00 - [669]

A problem I had when docking my screen was showing space and nothing else, even though people were saying I was in station.

Forsaken Forerunners
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:52:00 - [670]

Please put wormholes in their own scan group, so that people looking for complexes don't waste time scanning down wormholes, and people looking for wormholes don't waste time scanning down complexes. Also to make it a bit easier to find your way out of a wormhole system when you get lost....

Trying to figure out which one of a dozen complexes in a system is a wormhole is extremely time consuming, and needlessly so.

Black Phlanx
Kingfisher Industries
Posted - 2009.03.12 10:54:00 - [671]

Originally by: joydivisionn
Originally by: maranne marachian
Originally by: joydivisionn
We are not all fortunate ppl who can spend hundreds euro's on hardware.

where on earth do you live where a geforce 7200 costs hundreds? its like 20 euros and can run it at high...

and a new laptop.

That's still the users problem, not theirs. That is why gamers have known for DECADES that you do NOT game on laptops because they're impossable to upgrade. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2009.03.12 11:06:00 - [672]

looks great guys. the wormhole thing looks cool. One point though. if a player doesnt bookmark the wormhole on the other side, hes lost forever. I found some poor soul in there. he'd been there for about 30 hours!!:) perhaps when on the "other side" that the wormhole can show up on the overview no matter how far? obviously this shouldnt be done in normal space but for those that are just discovering, this can be a problem that they can never get out of.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:11:00 - [673]

Edited by: Halarach on 12/03/2009 11:11:00
"During the extended downtime, roleplayed news items chronicling the cataclysmic arrival of Apocrypha..."

You name it...

Honnestly :

Sound sucks
Effects suck, perticulary the warp effect (but so much, that it's even unpleasant) and the tractor beam one is also ugly. Jump effect is fine, as long as you're able to jump Rolling Eyes
Assets, skill queue and so on : these are bugs that should by all means have been fixed before deploying the patch. Come on, do you know what "production" means?

Are we meant to beta test your pre-alpha software while paying?

Come on folks, admit you released this version way too early. Being on schedule is fine as long as you're ready, otherwise just delay.

Kel Kun
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:17:00 - [674]

I find the expansion and its new features awesome.

I must say I have problems with dragging the probes, clicking on the arrows is harsh.

Posted - 2009.03.12 11:17:00 - [675]

PLEASE can we have the battle sounds back

Posted - 2009.03.12 11:19:00 - [676]

oooo yeah one more thing. the ship loadout. no offense but i don't really like it. im sure others do. is there any way we can have a choice?

Posted - 2009.03.12 11:20:00 - [677]


good job on the patch, from what little I've seen so far it looks like a goodstep forward.Very Happy Just one plea to the developers..... I'vejust finished spending 20 hours downloading the patch (at upto 30kbps). Whilst this was irritating I could live with it.However I had planned to use the one download to install on a couple of machines here...and the bloody install deletes the temp file!Evil or Very Mad Please, please, pleasecan we tweak this for the current & future patches? it's simple enough to fix.

Vanistic Nightmoon
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:27:00 - [678]

hey fellow pilots, hope every one is flying safe, I just wanted to drop some feedback about the patch. Any one else seem to notice that they reduced the audio range?? It seems like you have to literally zoom right on your ship to even hear your weapons fire, both your gun fire and the volleys hitting you. This really bothers me because during those large battles you want to be able to pan out and see the lay out of the action, I no I'm most defiantly not the only pilot that prefers a farther paned out camera. Its just really lame that I cant even hear the battle when I'm zoomed out, I never had a issues with this before and I have no idea why CCP would want to lower the sound effects like that, besides that I think that patch is great so fare, some really cool new animations, but they also dumbed a lot of already cool animations down. CCP is doing a great job, eve has come so fare since the begging and I'm glad to see more and more pilots every day, thanks CCP!!!!


Divine Power.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:35:00 - [679]

Edited by: Fotsman on 12/03/2009 11:38:10
Originally by: Tonestar 1
I am having heaps of problems with my graphics, they keep "blacking out" during missions for about 2 secs. My graphics drivers and PC have failed. My PC is only 12months old and uses Intel Chipset Graphics....

Can anyone offer ideas ???

yes intel chipset on board graphics chipset are not supported eve client needs a dedicated graphics card to run proply. Simple answer buy a dedicated graphics card price range from 20 pounds to 250 pounds. if i was you id opt for a midrange card like a 9600 gt you can get them for around 80 pounds for example > GeForce 9600 GT 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express)
650MHz Core, 512MB 1800MHz GDDR3 Memory, 64 Stream Processors, SLi Ready should play eve on mid to high. settings with every turned on.

or if you on a budget and want a card that will play eve on a budget plump for something like this >
Asus ATI Radeon 3450 Vcool Silent 256MB DDR2 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) -
600MHz Core, 256MB 1000MHz DDR2 Memory, 40 Stream Processors, CrossfireX Ready, for around 30 pounds. would probly only play eve on low to mid settings. hope this helps

Kreg Rencroft
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:46:00 - [680]

Well, I've been surprised by this new patch. I can't even start it on my quad-core gaming pc with GeForce GTX 280 and all, but my old laptop with a crappy GeForce Go 7300 VGA card managed to log in and do a couple tours in space. A little too slow and laggy for my taste, but haven't tried to tweak the gfx settings there yet.

Anyways - while trying to start the client on the gaming pc, I get the first splash screen and that's it. No error message, nothing. It just hangs. I reinstalled the client, updated the gfx card drivers to no avail. The pc is running Win XP Pro fully updated all the way, everything has been smooth up until this patch arrived.

Firstly I hope I'll be able to tweak graphics on my laptop such that it'll lose the lag, and secondly I really hope there will be a huge fix for the new client. -Or simply a rollback to previous version..


Will Nazca
The Benjamin Project
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:52:00 - [681]

Patch went smooth, as they always have. So far so good I guess. Laptop runs about 20 frames per minute (not per second) which is truly unfair to a lot of folks. Its my work supplied laptop so no upgrade coming. Will just have to hang on and see what fixes happen.

But seriously, the JITA congestion? Thread says stay away because its too busy? I have been there twice now and its been 400 or less pilots both times. But still hard to jump in??

Koyangi Jiu
Posted - 2009.03.12 11:54:00 - [682]

i've only just managed to hop in and have a look.

seems to work fine for me. no glitches or craziness, and looks fine.

though i only noticed this:
a: when i start salvaging, there's this kind of wacky sound which sounds like a .wav file popping when it hasn't been recorded properly. is that a special effect? makes my speakers jump.

b: the music volume is fine but try as i might with the volume controls, i can't hear any battle. i put my headphones on and can kind of make it out in the far far distance, but i feel so detached from my lay-zors. it's like the fight is soemwhere else and i'm not invited. even when i zoom right in, i still can't hear the lay-zors very loud in comparison.

c: i warped. at least, i think i did. i had to rotate the camera a few times to be sure. after a while a kind of slippery special effect told me i was indeed warping. i think these other guys are right - camera shake was cool. at least i knew i'd moved. camera shake was like the game saying, "dude, you're really zooming now." now i'm like "my ship's glowing out of its butt and all but nothing's moving in the distance - i'll check behind me - oh, there goes the planet! i'll rotate back to the front - oh way, there i go." there's no roar of engines even. :( it's a little like watching star trek doors without being able to hear the swish sound.

d: i know everyone said these things, but i feel they're the only things i had to contribute. not my fault they all copied my ideas then took their timetravel devices back and pretended they were theirs.

e: please turn up the explosions and lay-zors. i do so love the sound of hi-tech scifi violence. it cools me out. charlie chaplain was great and all, but let's not steal his soundtrack. sorry to add this sound thing in again, but it's really important to feel the shuddering BOOMs. i'm twitching without the crunchy sounds of my enemy being disintegrated and pounded down to oblivion with my super-zappy combat turrets of DOOM and amrageddon stuff. ZAP ZAP KAPOW! not zzp zzp pzft.

i love you, though, ccp. i'd have your babies but i'm a boy.

Posted - 2009.03.12 11:56:00 - [683]

This will probably get buried in here, but here is goes.

Aside from everything else said, I like the upgrade/patch.

The visuals are much more to what I envisioned, even the warping (if someone can't tell their engines are on to determine they are still moving is beyond me).

Anyways, my only issue and it may be my cheap 10 dollar speakers is that it seems like projectile weapon sound is non-existant (autocannons) and with no visuals that I can see.

The visual part I can understand, the projectile wouldn't create a visual in space due to lack of atmosphere, but sounds from within the ship of the guns firing would be there.

Other than that, I think it was a great job.

The Scope
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:05:00 - [684]

Please put wormholes in their own scan group, so that people looking for complexes don't waste time scanning down wormholes, and people looking for wormholes don't waste time scanning down complexes. Also to make it a bit easier to find your way out of a wormhole system when you get lost.... Trying to figure out which one of a dozen complexes in a system is a wormhole is extremely time consuming, and needlessly so.

Errrrm..wouldn't this defeat the object of exploring? The whole point is you find a cosmic signature, and then you chase it down with your probes using decreasing range..and as such more powerful scans...until you identify it, If you could just get rid of half the signatures by selecting 'wormhole' or 'complex' then you defeat the whole objective and ruin what has essentially become another mainstream career in eve.

I for one like the new probe system in eve :)

Meav Supernickle
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:07:00 - [685]

Edited by: Meav Supernickle on 12/03/2009 12:10:05
The one issue I have is the sound. I artilery cannons and the sounds used to be awesome before the patch. Now, if they sound at all, they sound like machine guns instead of the awesome boom. The salvage effect sounds like feeble static. I also cant hear the nice explosions of the enemy ships any more and the cool warp sounds are gone (along with the feeling of great speed and power now that the camera doesnt shake). Its like this was the "put your ship in a silent vaccumm patch". I realize that sound cant travel through space, but the Eve sounds before the patch were fun an pleasing.

Posted - 2009.03.12 12:12:00 - [686]

Edited by: dappaj on 12/03/2009 12:14:49
Edited by: dappaj on 12/03/2009 12:13:07
I don't know if others is getting this problem but something seems wrong with the auto pilot. Tried to to do a 5 jump trip while I did something else on my computer. When I checked back my ship had stopped two jumps into my trip approaching a gate. This happened to me twice in one night and have never happened before.

Also I hate the new warp. Mad It is like if someone spit water on my screen. Please bring back the old warp it was so way better.It was the first thing had actually liked about this game. There is also no camera shake anymore. Warping has lost that sense of speed you used to have.

The new sound also is not working. My engines and guns sound so dead now. Sad Even when I turn world sounds up to all.

Drunken Ratbags Inc
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:13:00 - [687]

Love the patch guys very impressed but as i have read with the camera shake when comin out of warp needs to be fetched back, the scanning is tedious and frustrating especially if your a pvp`er and trying to find a hostile ship, well... its basicly a waste of time Confused, but what ive read up 2 now of this forum every1 seems to have forgot to mention about when u jump your cap ship or jump frieghter the wormhole effect as you jump has gone, now in my opinion this never got old and you have changed this, plz plz plz ccp fetch this effect back Cool


Valentius Ammarian
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:17:00 - [688]

Edited by: Valentius Ammarian on 12/03/2009 12:22:20
Having read the whole thread going to just post my experiences so far:

1. Very smooth install - other then one retry on the mini-patch which was my net/ISP being weird.
2. Sounds are a major problem - agreed with many - Hangar sounds TOO loud/should be seperate control for that - external station noise - obnoxious - that should go - ambient sounds too LOW - can't hear much of anything. Checks on Sounds - some work/some don't/some so faint even with everything set to max vol. - should be a total revisit from devs - also what is the point of lowing the old (and LOUD turret noises to the current levels then adding a seperate control - I like the control with the old WAY Loud noises makes sense - as is its rather silly.
3. Icons - I can deal with but they are large.
4. Some effects aren't seeming to work quite right - also some are very odd: I hate the salvager effect - weird - pick something else... most are very nice though miners are good - I feel though that more weaps need a in-your-face boost sound and effects - the miner lasers are actually the best effect per say... blasters, etc need a good boost - firing a weap should be a in ones face experience.
5. warp effect needs to 1. complete to warp end and two lose some of the Dr Who effect or add theme music - particularly bad when warping with angle to the sun that make it look just too weird to be space.... more stars going by less of the cheese holes effects would be nice...heck just make it all stars streaking and I would be happy.... go to pin point when no warping...
6. Agree POS shield effects are WOW - ouch to the eyes....
7. Cloaking is better then the old imho - so that is a win
8. Skills/Attibutes and such are nice - win also
9. Turret placement needs a look see - several ship have or continue to have some very weird turret placements rather then grouping (graphically or not showing turret in the right spot - Geddon is one offender - 7th mounting - Rokh has turrets all over in random...annoying...
10. Turrets themselves have lost personality, and sounds etc... major fail.
11. ENGINE NOISE - where is it??? it's gone...

That is it so far. over all I like the changes and accept that nothing is perfect with the fixes the patch should be a really nice change to the EVE universe.

Thanks and looking forward to the fixes! love EVE your work is appreciated.

Sir Ibex
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:22:00 - [689]

This patch blows in almost every way.

1)Sound sucks. Many new effects suck. Only a few are nice.
2)Cant get into Jita, Oursulaert, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, etc. Who's gonna refund people back for the days they are not able to play? WTF? If it was for one day it would be fine, but it's been 3 days already! Hell, I cant log on at all today.
3)Give people the classic client back. Let those who want premium play premium. Don't force people to do something they don't have to or don't want to do. Yes I know, people can upgrade. What is someone don't want to? (So quit you say? Go away? - Well, I'll take my $15 a month with me. Thanx very much.)
4)CCP mentioned earlier that it will be possible for players to explore wormholes WITHOUT being worried about being attacked by other players. This is apparently NOT the case at all. What's up with some jerks being able to exploit wormholes and collapse them on purpose trapping people inside?
5)The existing missions are STILL not improved. The mission interface is, but the missions themselves are the same.
6)Free skillbooks for doing tutorials? Why? Now these items are worthless on the market. They weren't too expencive for newbs to begin with.
7)All this talk and hype about revamped newb tutorials and profession tutorials... I expected built in movies or something! In reality it's just slightly more info. If I was a newb this would still not even be remotely enough to avoid doing stupid mistakes when starting out. How hard is it to make some basic instructional videos like those on u-tube?
8)Sleepers? Wormholes? Nice.. But only for those who can get to them and has the skills to get into this stuff. Why couldn't this been made more available and accessible to most people?
9)The new fitting screen is hardly an improvement over the old one. If only in a few ways. Maybe...
10)New asteroid skins.. Nice. That's a welcome change.
11)Market works better and faster. Also nice.

Steve Hunter
Posted - 2009.03.12 12:26:00 - [690]

Well my feedback, considering how much got changed in sisi the weeks before The patch went as i expecteded it. I feel sorry for those stuck in the cold cos of old hardware, but 3-yr old hardware shud be able to run the lite version. (got to keep up with the times :) )

i have only 2 negatives, 1st Turrets. im a fan of the turrets and thier effects. at the moment i consider the models to be awful, the effects are ok (not seen them all yet) but could still be tweaked. Pre-patch were good except for erroneuos hardpoint placement (on the geddon + others). No offence to the modellers, but i cant even distinguish T2 from T1 anymore. just revert them to pre-Apoc. (plus where did the recoil action go?)

Sounds. i like that i can manipulate the world noise separate from master, but it seems pretty bodged, i had to trn everything to 10 before i heard decent combats sounds (EVE radio was louder even when i lowered the volume to 10%) - i wont mention the physics that in a vacuum, sound does not exist hence no fx at all. ok maybe i did ;)

Apart from those two im happy. not sure what people are on about with the warp problems, i thought its cool. (and just a little different)

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