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Sal Lipton
Posted - 2009.03.04 16:33:00 - [1]

So I've recently got back into EVE. My character only has 1.1M SP and like 12mil isk (at the time of writing this) I've played EVE multiple times before and this is just a new account I made. I'm looking for a mining corps because i do just that; I mine. I have no problems with sitting back and just watching my lasers work and I also don't mind moving cargo from point A to point B. I'm looking for a corp that will take on a newb and help him learn the tricks of the trade.

I'm willing to work and i don't mind taxes as long as they don't consume all the profit xD. A corp that is small or very tight knit would be awesome, because i know there are those large corporations out there and that can kinda make a noob or a guy like me slightly nervous and useless... I also have a decent bit of free time during the week( 3 P.M. - 10 P.M. and anytime on weekends)so i playas much as possible!

So I'll check back here daily until i get a desired respone or you can contact me in game through Private Convo or EVE mail.

Excelsior Industries
War and Pestilence
Posted - 2009.03.04 16:57:00 - [2]

Hey Sal Lipton,
Welcome back to eve. We are not necessarily a mining corp, but it is a good part of what we like ta do. A very tight knit community we welcome new members. You definitely wouldn't get lost in the group. Good luck finding what you are looking for. Fly safe.

Tides of Silence has over a hundred members, existing since August 2006, currently in Empire.
We are extremely inclusive, taking players new to EVE up to players in excess of 40m SP.
Our members come from all over the world; split about 50/50 between EU and NA timezones.
We are preparing to take full advantage of the upcoming Wormhole Space with exploration, hunting Sleepers, resource gathering, production, and invention.
We are developing our PvP skills in low-sec roams and run our own incentive-based corporation PvP tournaments.
We understand that real life can get in the way and value having fun while playing more than anything else.
We are looking for pilots with a good attitude to join a fun, mature corporation and we believe we have a place for everyone (with the exception of pirates!)
If you are interested please join us in our help channel "Tides Help", post your application at , or eve-mail either Killshandra, ozz gonarun, or Eidolon Ra.

Drake Malthon
Wormhole Engineers
Greater Realms
Posted - 2009.03.04 17:02:00 - [3]

Hey Sal

You are exactly what i'm looking for for my new corp. We are fairly new only four members but need someone of your caliber to help build corp capital as well as line your pockets as well. I am a miner myself, so I would definitely be interested in having you take a look at us.

Definitely an opportunity for you to help shape the destiny of a new corp and help make major decisions regarding it. Here is a little info about us.

We are a mostly industry related corp that's in it to make isk and have fun doing it. This includes mining, mission running, trading, manufacturing, exploring, and whatever else will help make the corp and its members more isk. We are a pretty casual corp and are looking for mature minded individuals to play with.

If you are a veteran looking for a fresh start, a player who has a month or two into the game, or a rookie just starting out, check us out. I'm sure we can all learn, grow, have fun and most of all make a lot of isk together.

At the moment we would like to find members that play in the US time zones that way we can have more players on at any given time to do ops and run missions together.

Needs at the moment: Miners, Salvagers, and Mission Runners and most of all level headed fun folk that understand this is just a game.

Would like to coordinate some good mining ops so veteran orc and hulk pilots are definitely welcome as well as new miners.

Short Term Goals: Build Corp Capital - Mining and Mission Running
Generate isk for members
Assist new players

Mid Term Goals: Acquire and utilize frigate and cruiser BPO's for production
Conduct Exploration for Tech 3 equipment when expansion hits
Run Level 3 and 4 Missions

Long Term Goals: Acquire POS
Acquire and utilize Battle Cruise and Battleship BPO's for
Low Sec Mining and Production

MichaelAnthony - CEO
Drake Malthon - Director

Our HQ is at Tasabeshi IV - Moon 2 - Chief Executive Panel Academy
- Caldari Space

If you are looking for this kind of challenge you can contact us in game, drop by our HQ, or just reply to this post and we will definitely get back to you.

Duke Mimada
Posted - 2009.03.04 17:02:00 - [4]

hey there, welcome back to eve..... okay we love miners (actually we love everyone), have a look at our recruitment thread below and if your interested in joining up or have questions please feel free to contact us in or out of game...

Brutius Llyod
Chaos Rendering
Posted - 2009.03.04 17:17:00 - [5]

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Greetings and Well Meet Sal Lipton.

I would like to ask you have a look at this post.
Ihatalo Heavy Industries

I think we may have what you are looking for in a Corp.

Thank you for your time.

Wing Commanderess
Immortalis Mortis Angelus
Posted - 2009.03.04 17:24:00 - [6]

I too would like to throw our recruiting link in :)

Boom Corp Recruitment Thread

This game provides nothing if not choice..

We currently have vacancies for miners, missioneers, manufacturers, researchers, and toilet cleaners! However, our bread and butter is Mining, and this is our priority.

Should decide you like the look of Boom, then feel free to give me a shout, or join our channel ingame.

Fly safe!

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.03.04 18:09:00 - [7]

Hey Sal Lipton,
I read your post and think that the XIII Interstellar Legion could be a good fit for you.

We are a very relaxed corp focused on building solid relationships with our members by investing in there development.
Currently looking to take expand our US and UK timezone memberships.
We are also wanting to take on a few more new players to eve and invest in there development by providing a friendly place for them to learn there trades.
Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time!

Below is a copy of our corp details -

We are a laid back corp that encourages its members to fully enjoy all the aspects that EVE has to offer, We support Anti-Piracy .

The Legions has a established & experienced leadership that have been playing since 2006.
A Standard Tax Rate: 10%

Member Timezones: 50% (cst,est) 25% AUS, 25% EURO - All timezone welcome!
No Skill Point requirement: The Legion is willing to invest in both new and old members!

Mission Running / Small Fleet ops
Corp Fleet Mission Running (L4/L5 Agents) - Lead by experienced Fleet commanders!
Corp small roaming fleet ops (low sec) - Lead by experienced Fleet commanders!

Mining ops
Corp Mining Contracts - so you can get paid while you help the corp on your own time!
Corp Mining ops - Weekly
Charon, Orca(soon) supported mining fleets

Manufacturing division [T1]
BPC member program in the works
Drop in, Drop out policy (Real life comes 1st, and The Legion will not force you to do anything you dont want to.)
Ventrilo voice chat supported.

Our Long term goals are
A High Sec Research & Manufacturing POS
Low Sec Home
Alliance formation

What is The Legion looking for?
- We are currently looking to take on a few (new/simi-new) pilots to fill its (3M) ranks and help build this corporation from the ground up.
- New pilots: We are starting a Mentoring program that will allow new EVE pilot's a friendly environment that will teach you how to find those profitable opportunities.
- Industrial Oriented Individuals: If you are a new industrial pilot looking to be more than just another miner... Learn the in's and outs of Manufacturing & Mining, Trading & Market opportunities etc...
- Mission Running & PVP Pilots: Lets face it... at some point you have to learn PVE&PVP. (No Pirates Please)
- Science Oriented Individuals: We are currently looking for members to create a Research, Invention and Exploration division. Does this interest you?

If you are interested in joining one of The XIII Interstellar Legions please feel free to visit one of our Offices located in:
Jakanerva II - M5 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant
Ikami VIII - M12 - Peace and Order Unit Logistic Support
or contact us via EVE-Mail:
Nightmarcher or Gothiele
Stop by our ingame channel: XIII INTERSTELLAR LEGION
Visit our website

Man Dinga
Old Farts Rest Home
Posted - 2009.03.04 18:24:00 - [8]

hi there,
well we are a newly formed corp based in high sec minmatar space....we are small at mo with 11 active members...we do mining missions and sum pvp....but mostly industry...
we run weekly mining ops ,which we pay u for...also have a contract system where we buy ore from members at market price...
we are friendly group of guys that like to have fun while playin the game...
we are in an allinace so have su low sec mining optinns there...when ure ready of coarse.. also have experianced members to help u along ingame...
if u would like anymore info then feel free to convo me
man dinga

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2009.03.04 18:50:00 - [9]

We're looking for more miners to take on bigger jobs at Shadow Cadre!

We have a fleet of Orca's and can strip belts in a hell of a hurry.

And make lots of ISK.

You need help getting that hulk? Wan't to shoot for an Orca? Check us out... we can get your equipment up.

So long as you earn your keep. : O )

Check us out ----> Recruitment Thread

Website ---->

Nolan Rulgin
Enigma Services
Teutonic Guard
Posted - 2009.03.04 21:30:00 - [10]

People of the Way are recruiting and we need miners especially. Cooperative play with a family friendly atmosphere. Check out for information. Hit up Nolan Rugin or Sir Caldor online. I'll try to hit you up in game as well.


Lightfoot Pestisss and Blake Enterprises
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2009.03.04 21:52:00 - [11]

We would be interesting in speaking with you about joining. We are a casual bunch of miners/industrialists/scientist who like to have fun playing together.

Jess Telnor
Sankkasen Industries
On the Rocks
Posted - 2009.03.05 03:04:00 - [12]


Check us out!

The Sankkasen Mining Conglomerate

(All info is here including website & Alliance info)

Fly Safe....Fly with Friends!!!

Erra Fazira
Galactic Network Industries
Blue Sun Trust
Posted - 2009.03.05 04:02:00 - [13]

Hello Sal Lipton,

Please take a look at our recruitment thread.
We are not a big corp that do many things but we do buy minerals or ores from our members at 90% of market average price and we sell it back at 100%. the 10% profit from you is to increase the corp wallet for buying of POS and getting ready to move into 0.0 space. We operate in Metropolis region but willing to expand to other region once we have more miners across the galaxy.
We have 2 ORCA pilots that can work with you.

Erra Fazira

Sal Lipton
Posted - 2009.03.05 21:31:00 - [14]

wanna thank you all but i have found a corp!!! i checked into some of you guys but the one i chose fit my needs better =) I hope to see you guys in game and maybe mine some ore with ya!


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