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Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.03.02 12:05:00 - [31]

OOOO shineh Very Happy

Posted - 2009.03.02 12:36:00 - [32]

Edited by: Za''afiel on 02/03/2009 12:37:02
Wow! that was really amazing, watched it twice already, first with reading all the stuff from the box and second for a general overview, and will watch it probably few times more, you will take sth like 3 hours of my life!!! oh well, worth every minute.

PS: You could actually make the movie with some of your best fights with an audio commets on strategy and hints in pvp.

PS2: Happy Birthday! All the best in life and many EPIC fights with fraps on in EVE :)

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2009.03.02 13:13:00 - [33]

Epic vid and happy (late) birthday :)

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.03.02 13:23:00 - [34]

pure win Cool

sh4rp ov3rvolt
tr0pa de elite
Posted - 2009.03.02 13:32:00 - [35]

<3'd brutix's adventure, wanna MOAR!!11!!shift+1!!11

Lexa Hellfury
Posted - 2009.03.02 13:38:00 - [36]

Dude you are a god! Very epic video Very Happy

Master Technique
Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2009.03.02 14:17:00 - [37]

Yay for finally posting this and me getting to see more than the first 15 seconds!=)

Unfortunately it is 6am and I have to go to work. Will watch it when I get home, I'm sure its radical.


Oli Robbo
Posted - 2009.03.02 14:54:00 - [38]

Great vid. Great fights. Good job, especially in the bruitx in the first scene.

Diabolus Ex Machina
Posted - 2009.03.02 15:21:00 - [39]

Edited by: enjoi on 02/03/2009 16:07:28
Can never get me enough of Kil2 movies tbh

Hope it's as good as the others!

Edit: of course it is! Good **** as always hombre

Endless Subversion
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.03.02 15:37:00 - [40]

Edited by: Endless Subversion on 02/03/2009 16:42:42

Truly this is the most entertaining type of pvp to watch. You're constantly outnumbered and out-isked but you win the fights by outplaying them.

Highlights for me were:
1) Brutix pvp expo.
2) Navy Mega's fitting choice. It isn't 'optimal' and it's a 'lol-mail' but it 100% advances the goal of getting people to fight you. Very cool to see that.
3) The presence of mind, while fighting some silly numbers of opponents solo, to scoop and reuse hostile drones.

I hate to come off sounding like a fanboi, but this stuff is truly awesome to watch.

**fake edit** also, the typos didn't even register, not once. Too busy watching the fights!

zenthral staichon
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.02 16:19:00 - [41]

Excellent vid as always, Kil2!

Posted - 2009.03.02 16:32:00 - [42]

Very good vid.
Nice musik,how are the tracks called?
I dont see a tracklist.^^

The 8th Order
Posted - 2009.03.02 16:42:00 - [43]

awesome video, deffo keeping this Very Happy

Posted - 2009.03.02 16:53:00 - [44]

Sweet video Twisted Evil Very nice music , hehe , Moar !!!!!

Killian Pirx
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.03.02 17:56:00 - [45]

o/ Love the vid dude, great as always.

Solo Brutix was by far my favorite part, really shows how to fight outnumbered. Shows that outblobing isnt the only way to win fights, you just have to kinda juke em out and get them disorganized, get them thinking your running scared when your really just waiting for the right moment to engage.

Genos Occidere
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.02 17:57:00 - [46]

That was easily your best movie so far, IMO.

Very enjoyable.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.02 18:03:00 - [47]

First of all,
happy birthday m8

To your vid:
Afaik the one who has birthday gets the presents, but you just hand out another top video to the community, thanks \o/

Nova Satar
Sileo In Pacis
Posted - 2009.03.02 18:04:00 - [48]

Edited by: Nova Satar on 02/03/2009 18:34:06
kil2 made me 27 minutes late for work...

..and then, when i got there, my parking space was gone, so i had to park in the multi-story carpark, and that cost me £15 GLORIOUS British pounds just for 7 hours!...

and then! i was on MSN at work and told my friend who also plays eve all about your movie and my boss caught me, and i got in even more trouble!

But DESPITE £15pounds and a telling off, i urge people to download this video! NAO!

btw, i love all the Robyn remixes you use, wikid tunes.

Very Happy

Posted - 2009.03.02 18:15:00 - [49]

Originally by: Kil2

a)... lowered my standards slightly...

Nice troll, I'd give it a 8/10.

This was probably the best you've ever released. Quite hard to tell. Great hero tanking navythron!

Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2009.03.02 18:49:00 - [50]

Edited by: Kil2 on 02/03/2009 18:51:31
wow i cant believe you guys like it this much. i guess watching the same fights over and over during editing makes me start to hate them. but i guess ill have to try and release more heh! i had 2 or 3 fights of similar quality that didnt go in for one reason or another. ill try to start working on another one soon as possible =P

thanks a lot for happy birthdays! =)

btw, do you make isk from you're pvp'ing? or do you have a high sec mission/trading/scamming/whatever alt like most? (just curious)

oh and as for this- when i started making movies i was making enough isk off pvp + a bit of trading to pay for my named fit, no rig t1 ships without much trouble. then drapo began killing market and i leached off him for a long time so i could buy more t2 mods(hes my best friend), and now i found eoh poker so isk will never be an issue again =)

Sgt Jinxed
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.03.02 19:17:00 - [51]

Awesome vid. Much <3

And happy bday too!

Oshaga Nanir
The Wretched.
Posted - 2009.03.02 19:22:00 - [52]

Very very good job sir :)

Happy birthday to you as well!

Ignition SemperFi
No Falcons Allowed
Posted - 2009.03.02 19:41:00 - [53]

Edited by: Ignition SemperFi on 02/03/2009 20:01:41
I would say the one thing i think could be improved was showing just a little bit more of the 1vs1 from the eve-radio. Going straight to structure i think cut too much out.... I would think showing his tank right at the breaking point then going would be good.

also meh on the titan fight... lol but my alliance does what it wants, even if i wish they wouldnt drop titans everywhere ;-p lol

Structure hero tank FTW, ive done the tactic of letting my ship hit structure on my super shield tanks just so ships on station/gates dont try to deagress... but this brings on a whole new style.... and i love it

Obsidian Operations
Cartel Syndicate
Posted - 2009.03.02 19:42:00 - [54]

Happy Birthday Kil, awesome vid. Can we go back to Morsus Mihi space and see if they drop another titan? XD

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.03.02 20:13:00 - [55]

downloaded will watch in a min <3

Posted - 2009.03.02 20:21:00 - [56]

Great video.

Please, please tell me the name of the song, start at 8:30 with your fleet tempest action. I need it, please say it...
awesome sound, YAAAR!!!


Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2009.03.02 20:24:00 - [57]

Edited by: KaiH on 02/03/2009 20:33:35
Edited by: KaiH on 02/03/2009 20:32:44
Edited by: KaiH on 02/03/2009 20:25:26
Edited by: KaiH on 02/03/2009 20:24:45
Originally by: Thud
Very good vid.
Nice musik,how are the tracks called?
I dont see a tracklist.^^

1. Adam Freeland - Burn The Clock
2. Noisia - Gutterpunk
3. Robyn - Konichiwa B.i.tches (Trentemöller Remix) (without the dots)
4. Junkie XL - Cities in Dust
5. Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
6. Shiny Toy Guns - Rocket Ship (this sucks)

edit: hahahahahha this profanity filter is ridiculous.

Kalitern Tarha
Faust Industries
Posted - 2009.03.02 20:32:00 - [58]

Sexy bundle of MKV goodness.

Oh and happy birthday Cool

Helldrek Demonstar
The Fallen Angels Unit
Posted - 2009.03.02 20:35:00 - [59]


Dake Darkstalker
Locus Industries
Posted - 2009.03.02 20:44:00 - [60]

Awesome Vid yall Club Bear guys were always some of the funnest to fight.

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