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Storm Davitt
Posted - 2009.02.23 09:17:00 - [1]

As topic really im using my alt to see what kind of options are out there for me.

i am a uk player with 3 chars and might be looking for a new home im primarily looking for a new home in a large alliance that can offer me somthing on the comunity side aswell as gaming

I am a heavy pvp'r but also am looking for ward to the new expansion.

my pvp records speak for themselves really.

plz post because this is obviously an alt.

Absolutely No Retreat
Posted - 2009.02.23 09:55:00 - [2]

check out ANR via the linkage under my signature


Chubby Chuppers Chubba Chups
Posted - 2009.02.23 09:57:00 - [3]

if your into pvp or exploration then we are the place for you . we do daily pvp ops and the exploration where we live is great @

if your intrested drop me a mail ingame or join [owned] chat

The Blinded
Rens 911
Posted - 2009.02.23 13:42:00 - [4]


We might be what you are looking for - tight knit pvp corp living in the heat (Delve / Fountain) with minimal amount of blues.

We were part of the RUR team in the sixth alliance tournament (scored second, yay) but we left the alliance after the tournament because of political bull****, mandatory fleet presence and POS warfare.
Since then, we live in the same area but on our own and we love it.

We do daily pvp roams, mostly with sniping hacs or recons. We also have pretty comfortable logistics, some decent ratting space, killboards, voicecomms etc.

Median SP in the corp is around 40-50m at the moment.

Check us out

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2009.02.23 13:58:00 - [5]

Edited by: Triiniity on 23/02/2009 13:58:29
We have a few people in our corp who are quite similar to you: have multiple accounts all with loads and loads of SP - been playing the game forever and get involved with a few different things

you haven't stated your time zone?

Here is the general recruitment blurb thing that I am currently working on for our corp

contact details are at the bottom


Point of No Return (PUNT) is a PvP only corp

We are made up of around 40 close-knit guys who are split across the UK/EU and USA TZ: We are active from around 18:00-03:00 EVE time

The corp is established and although just over a year old is made up of members who have been playing together for much longer. The corp is also established in the fact that we have forums/team speak server/killboard etc

We are currently based in a low sec system one jump from empire and 3-4 jumps from two different 0.0 regions which are very target rich. We have access to 0.0 space with excellent ratting for earning isk or fixing sec status

We have been and probably will be a member of a 0.0 alliance (for access to safe 0.0 systems + alliance pew pew) although we have a very strict policy which any alliance we join must adhere too. PUNT does not get involved with anything POS of Sov related. We always have been and always will be exempt from alliance operations that involve POS bashing or defending. PUNT have no interested in Sov; we are a PvP corp; all we need are NPC systems and stations to keep our PvP ships in

We prefer small roaming gang action made up of cruisers/HAC's/HIC's/AF's and Interceptor fleets. We also have command and logistics pilots

We provide logistical support for moving ships via carrier or our alts work together to help each other out getting new ships and hauling. All members are self sufficient and while the corp does not directly get involved with anything mining/industrial related a few of us do have alts that work together and get involved with such activites

Corp members have also been known to scan down plexes together and the corp will have a look at the new worm hole stuff that is coming out soon. Our intentions are not only to kill the sleeper rats (cap ships included etc) but also to gank others who are trying to do the same thing

Team speak is a requirement

For more information or an interview please contact the public channel "PUNT" or convo/evemail Blastill, Skunkguru, Macks, Elomacaug or Triiniity - or any anyone else that you may find lurking in the PUNT channel

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:01:00 - [6]

What the corporation AWE in Intrepid Crossing [IRC] offers:

1) IRC Policy: "If it isn't fun, why play?"
2) Anti-pirate & Anti-smack, no exceptions
3) We respect the Priority of Real Life

4) Empire Based Academy to Prepare New Pilots + FAQ ( FAQ )
5) Fast Track To 0.0 for Experienced Pilots ( Progenitor Corporation )
6) Training and advice in PvP (and EVE the Game) if required, from experienced pilots
7) Full advice on skill planning and progression

8) Mandatory Home Defense Policy and Call to Arms ( no one ducks a fight )
9) 0.0 Accomodation ( Etherium Reach and Malpais ) see Influence map
10) Multiple alliance stations ( 10 Outposts in total ) - see EVE Strategic Map
11) Allies: Etheral Dawn; Goonswarm; xDeathx & others!

12) AWECO Killboard Statistics ( AWE Killboard )
13) Intrepid Crossing Killboard ( IRC Killboard ) - Verify our PvP here!

14) Lucrative Drone Ratting To Support Your PvP Addiction! Economic model that works!
15) Arkanor, Bistot, Crokite, Ochre, Mercoxit & more in multiple constellations!
16) Jump Bridge Infrastructure supporting mining, ratting & PvP!

17) Alliance over 1500 pilots! Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! - Facts: see DOTLAN info
18) Ventrilo server ( Questions & Answers available )
19) Active Forum with 1000+ registered members

20) We recruit dedicated players, so we ask for a limited API code.

If you would like more information before applying contact:

* AlekMcG
* Aria Sharri
* GordonH
* HavvieG
* X1376
* Xira Xarien
* Zedd Al'thor

Storm Davitt
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:08:00 - [7]

Edited by: Storm Davitt on 23/02/2009 15:08:37
Yea i am looking for a uk based corp. tbh most of my assets are towards the north of the map so i wouldnt mind razor/mm/tcf

On the other hand i love pvp so -A- is also and option i am not looking for somwhere that is going to be conquered i have been at the forfront of pvp for the last 6 months and am willing to pvp whenever i am online i also would like to relax a bit aswell :)

O yea and i am over my 3 chars i can fly most ships in the game and amarr capitals dread and carrier.

Point of No Return
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:12:00 - [8]

Feel free to checkout ITTC / FIFTH SYNDICATE ALLIANCE.

Link to our recruitment post --->

Or join ingame channel "ITTC Public" if you want to talk.

lord nater
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:41:00 - [9]

hey mate,
Could contact me in game we mighta have good offer for ya.. would rather talk in person, im in the UK too so catch me in the evenings!


lord nater

Trojan Trolls
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:45:00 - [10]

Hey storm

Give us a look


Malur Fy'Lap
Solar Nexus.
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.02.23 16:21:00 - [11]

Hey there!

We are currently recruiting players who have over 10mil SP and are 18+ years of age

Our corp is 0.0 PvP based living up in deklein region with an approximately 600+ members in alliance. We live in a great constellation with a true sec of approx. -0.9 so you'd have access to the best rats/ore and full access to stations for production/refining/etc. We also have a very successfull K/D ratio and we pride ourselves on our organization and highly experienced leadership. Also, we are primarily UK and North American time zone pilots (half-half).

We offer daily roams and larger fleets on weekends, as well as capital fleets. We also fly with other blue alliances in the neighbourhood so there is always someone to fleet-up with. We use alliance ventrillo and our own private corp channel. We are not friendly with Goons or the ex-GBC.

If you're looking for a friendly group of guys, but with lots of EVE experience, we may be just what you're looking for.

If you find yourself interested, please don't hesitate to contact me in game via EVE-mail or convo. You can also join our public channel: EU-SF Public

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2009.02.23 17:08:00 - [12]

I would like to recommend Eve Defence Force (EDF). We are a well established PVP Corp that has been operating in Eve for over 5 years.
We are part of the IRON alliance witch has pilots over all time zones and very good leadership with clear goals.
I can offer you non stop pvp, be that in the form of fleets or in the form of roaming gangs but either way, I can give you daily 23/7 PvP. I can also offer you support in your funding of PvP by way of corporate insured BS and monthly prizes (ships) given away for the top members. Best of all we can offer you a stable home in a five year old corp with very experienced veterans who've accomplished an awful lot together.

For more information, check out the link below, convo me or drop in to our in game channel TheEDFbar" for a drink and a chat.....Free peanuts supplied!

Eve Defence Force

Storm Davitt
Posted - 2009.02.24 08:38:00 - [13]

still looking.

Crimson Royals
Swarm Of Locusts
Crimson Dragons
Posted - 2009.02.24 10:51:00 - [14]

we are Looking for a New Home Defence War Commander and PVP Leader.

Swarm of Locusts is an industrial corp that does little PVP in itself but is part of the " Shadow of xXDeathXx alliance. as events in BQ0-UU showed last Sunday the alliance is in true need of an experienced PVP FC and Commander. someone to organise and build a PVP force to battle the thrice daily incursions into our region of the drone regions and who can lead an empire side War to deter the constant war decks against the alliance. We invite you to check out the region in your investigation alt and see if this is a role yu would be willing to take on. income from ratting in the region can be quite substantial and there is plenty of pew pew on a daily basis both in 0.0 and empire to keep a good FC happy.

allso as wormholes are going to be coming out in the near future and the AI for the Sleeper rats is supposed to be more like PVP there will be lots of opertunaties here to delve into the deep unknown. The local Leading corp in the alliance is allso recruiting new people looking for social and gameplay opertunaties. Blueprint haus is expanding and allso needs good people with PVP experience and FC skills.

join the " Swarm of locusts " and " 30plus recruiting " channels to find out more about locusts and blueprint haus.

toni almeida
Posted - 2009.02.24 13:03:00 - [15]

Hey storm, please contact my self in-game, or join "CANT-RECRUIT" also in-game and speak to either myself or another DIR. We maybe of interested to you.

Happy hunting o/

Gaborn Black
Posted - 2009.02.24 13:16:00 - [16]

dont listen to toni he is a bad person.

Dissonance Corp
Posted - 2009.02.24 13:18:00 - [17]

Hey m8, KOD is looking to expand it's pvpers so if ya like large alliance (nearly 1000members if not al lready) then contact me in game.

Below is recruitment pos Very Happy

Knigts of Destiny Recruiting

Many people believe that Empire is the limit and that the game ends there, well it doesn't! and prepare to adventure further into the depths and wonders of EVE.
We believe that trust, loyality and hardwork build the very foundations of a successful corporation and by following these combined traits we, ourselves as Knights of Destiny [KOD] have become who we are today.

A successful corporation joined with a healthy alliance of 0.0 space, helping to hold sovereignty in one of the most wonderful constellations in New Eden. Frequently defending our space against some of the most epxerienced alliances around (-A-, Rebellion, UNL..) Endeavouring to help protect our alliances territory and surrounding boarders to help protect Providence space and to allow the use of it to all.

Knights Of Destiny is looking for new pilots to help amplify its combat and industrial forces and to help expand its original abilities. If you are looking to join a group and family of fun, entertaining friendly group of people of which make our corporation, then deeply consider this oppertunity. If you are enthusiastic, want to make a difference and think that you recognize yourself in the following points then we are looking for you!

We are looking for the following pilots:

Active, however we do understand RL comes first!
Are able to live and survive in 0.0
Are able to contribute to the team
Are happy to play active rules within the corporation
PVP and Industrial pilots all welcome..

We do hold a current skill point requirment of 5million skill points, however if you cannot make this requirment just yet, do not threat, we may still allow members in if we believe you can handle yourself, this means you must be sufficent and able to handle yourself in 0.0

All pilots should be, at least, able to fly a battleship to help defend our boarders.

What we can offer you

First of all, you get an active, supportive, friendly, mature, entertaining experienced group of people
Regular hostile enviornment, with frequent PVP ops.
Large Allies and Friends to help out.
Outpost access to all of Providence!
Access to high grade ice - Dark Glitter
Access to good ratting space
A wide range of equipment avaliable to you through the corporation
A large alliance market avaliable to you to trade in providence

We are]

Knights of Destiny is a corporation within the Libertias Fidelitas Alliance.
Libertias Fidlitas hold the constellation ZQ2-CF, boardering Catch
Our alliance helps to hold providence, to help keep the region active and to help it develope

If your are interested in joining Knights Of Destiny, please answer to this thread, or join our recruitment channel "kod-recruitment" for a chat. Also feel free to contact our recruiters Orto Mar, Eradicator44 or Terrabyte44.

Rogan Sarl
M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.02.24 13:33:00 - [18]

Hi Storm aka The alt of someone/three

M. Corp is north, its 23/7 Corp and got many UK players as well.

Check out our ingame channel:


Good luck in your hunt



M. Corp webpage:

Alex Under
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.02.24 15:55:00 - [19]

Hi Storm,

How is your search for a new corp going? Are you still entertaining other possibilities? I am going to save you from reading a wall of text with canned responses like the ones above. Razz

Storm, check your inbox, I sent you an evemail with some details. Contact me if you want more info.

Best Regards,
-Alex Under

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.02.24 16:08:00 - [20]

Originally by: Storm Davitt

I am a heavy pvp'r but also am looking for ward to the new expansion.

We're old school PVPers too now looking towards the wsapce update. We're ready to take wspace and fight in wspace and are looking for solid pilots to join us in this new era of EVE

Please check out for more info.

Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.02.24 20:18:00 - [21]

Plz check our recruitment thread link in sig.

Wise Guys
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2009.02.24 20:41:00 - [22]

Admiral IceBlock
Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2009.02.24 23:15:00 - [23]

Don't be a peon in a mega-corporation; Be a real valueable person in a medium one. :) Contact me ingame.

Storm Davitt
Posted - 2009.02.24 23:47:00 - [24]

Still really looking for somewhere to call home my time in my current corp is ending would like to rest my feet somwhere and make new friends

Toranaga NM
Shadow Reapers
The AsyIum
Posted - 2009.02.24 23:54:00 - [25]

We are a very small but tight knit corp of veterans. We do not recruit openly and carefully select new members. We only accept highly experienced veterans, saves us all alot headache and noone gets bothered by babysitting noobs all day.

Shadow Reapers currently reside in Curse which is always a very hot pvp arena. We like to go out in recon gangs, sometimes as corp alone, sometimes with friends but always looking for a good fight. We rarely camp gates as staying on the same spot for too long gets people killed ;). We go out in recons, stalk our targets and hit them when they dont expect it, just to dissapear again after our deed is done.

For earning some coin we primarly like to do exploration, currently however we run missions for the Angel pirate agents to get good standings and eventually some nice LP shop reward.
As soon as the new expansion hits TQ we like to focus on wormhole exploration and T3 components. We got capitals, POSes, high skilled characters, lots of experience and everything needed to get the adventure started.

We are part of an alliance but we do not belong to any powerblock. We shoot goons, AAA, Bob/Ken, NC ... basically everyone except a few local corps which we made friends with.

We are not alot members but we are highly dedicated. We are not weekend soldiers, we are playing eve for a living. Most of us run several accounts and are online every day for 3++ hours during the euro TZ. What we lack in numbers we compensate in dedication and commitment. Ofcourse RL always comes first and noone will be blamed if he cant play internet spaceships due to RL. However, the casual player might not get happy with us. Being an 0.0 dweller and exploring the new wormholes requires to be highly adaptable. Things might change at a fast pace which a casual player will have trouble keeping up with.

Last but not least our Killboard

If you are interested contact our CEO 'Nightmare I' ingame, preferably via eve-mail.

Storm Davitt
Posted - 2009.02.25 15:42:00 - [26]

still looking for that all important lead for a nice corp to join.

The Jackhammer
Hydroponic Zone
Posted - 2009.02.28 19:56:00 - [27]

We're NOW recruiting PVPers for 0.0 ...

Small gang specialists ... NO POS bashing ... No SOV worries

Our Public Chat: UTA Public

Our PVP Pilot Recruitment Thread: CLICKY

Our Alliance is Recruiting PVP corps: CLICKY

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.02.28 20:23:00 - [28]

heyo, hit me up ingame and i'll give you the sales pitch!! :)
will give you killboard links and inform you of replacement program etc..

Posted - 2009.03.01 05:54:00 - [29]

lo Storm, contact me ingame if you wish and I can tell you a bit about us and we can get to know you in the way.

all the best

Blind Violence
Huzzah Federation
Posted - 2009.03.01 08:10:00 - [30]

Hello Storm,

My corp may well be what your looking for,

We are a pure PVP corp, currently based out of Lonetrek, We roam daily from empire wars to 0.0 roams or fighting the local pirates/anti pirates, We offer a relaxed but tight knit atmosphere where RL is always first. would be interested in chatting further, gimme a shout in game or stop by our public The Sunshine Club

Cheers El


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