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Is forporn
Posted - 2009.02.24 19:12:00 - [31]

Edited by: Is for**** on 24/02/2009 19:16:19
Originally by: JeanPaul Sartre
Originally by: Le Skunk
Hello All

I wish to complain about the activities of the alliance formally known as BOB.

Recently, Kenny pilots have been pirating in my local low sec neighbourhood.

This is despite being told many times by kenny (then bob) pilots to:

Arrowcome and fight in 0.0 like a real man

Today alone, I saw them gank a mission runner drake, which dropped at least 5 million isk in loot.

I would respectfully ask GoonSwarm and Co to please let a few BOB/Kenny out to rat or something (or whatever elite pvpers do in 0.0) Perhaps let them out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as long as they promise to redock by midnight on wed night (eve time).

This will then stop them having to come and scrabble around in the dirt with us pirates and stealing our mission runner drake/ autopiloting isk farmer bestower loots.

Whats the world coming to when elite PVPers are pirating noobs. If this keeps up I am going to have to enrole in Molle Academy and learn the ways of the elite pvp alliance to achieve balance in the universe (minus the Director responsibility delegation course... ill give that one a miss)


Disgruntled From Rotheram

The one and only time I've ever seen you (in game) you died HORRIBLY in a Disco mega with all your lows fitted with WCS.

I'm certain I speak for the entire community when I suggest:



edit: ****ING KICKED

Le Skunk
Low Sec Liberators
Chubby Chuppers Chubba Chups
Posted - 2009.02.24 19:13:00 - [32]

Edited by: Le Skunk on 24/02/2009 19:18:11
Originally by: Sovox

hmm let em see here 1st thing... about your neighborhood is you cant own low sec!! true story
#2 You are Low Sec Liberators? well Liberate something WTF!!Twisted Evil
#3 you will not be missed or remembered..
#4 Big fish eats little fish if it wasnt BoB/Kenzuko it would have been another alliance. key word here is ALLIANCE. Example working with other corps and alliance's with same goals such as killing BoB!!:).
#5 You need people to work with in the game nobody is alone or can achive anything such as security alone.
#6 how many helpless noobs you popped? funny thing they didnt come here crying for help so why are you?
#7 what system you in? Twisted Evilim looking for some soft low sec for my private business investments.
Welcome to EVE. Fight/Adapt/Take or Die.

Your Points

6) 1,657 pods. Which brings us to ..

4)I think you will find that being in an alliance is what caused Kennys problems. If they were not in an alliance, they wouldn't have had a rogue director be able to DISBAND the alliance, thus losing them sovereignty.

ArrowConclusion - Dont join an alliance as you will LOSE from being in the alliance.

Logic, ya? Beats the trolls every time


NEWSFLASH: Further News On Kenny Piracy: Yesterday, Kenny pirates considered taking on a 6 man BS gang which rolled through system. After due consideration, Kenny warped from SS to SS in system before docking at an npc station. They remained in this station and I believe went AFK. I waited for about three hours in my cov-ops but they did not undock.

EDIT: Thanks for all the kind words, advice, and offers of people to bring in unarmed ships for me to kill. I unfortunately cant destroy your ships at the moment though, as theres like NO WAY im getting out of my cov ops whilst Kenny are in the area. Im not crazy!

Orange Faeces
The Atomik Izlamiks
Posted - 2009.02.24 19:30:00 - [33]

Originally by: Rotnac
I think you'll find over time that they aren't so hard to fight against. Camp them into a station and insult them in local, and they'll run far far away.

This approach certainly has worked to cleanse lesser alliances. I certainly hope it works with Kenny when they realize they've spent 13 dollars (or whatever) to sit in a station all day.

When WIS hits, goons will have better luck rousting them from the bar.


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