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Vladimir putiiin
Posted - 2009.02.17 15:42:00 - [1]

Edited by: Vladimir putiiin on 17/02/2009 15:43:53
Hey there people!

Just bought my a stabber. And i want some help to fit it for pvp.

If you have time you can write to me ingame and help me out. I can give away that code so you can use that program

// PutinCool

Posted - 2009.02.17 16:05:00 - [2]

Sell it and buy a rupture.

Or if you want to keep it.

220mm ACs
Heavy Missiles

Large shield extender
Warp disruptor
10mn MWD (maybe AB for antifrig combat)

DCU maybe

1 measly light drone

Vladimir putiiin
Posted - 2009.02.17 16:20:00 - [3]

So rupture its alot better?

Posted - 2009.02.17 16:26:00 - [4]

Originally by: Vladimir putiiin
So rupture its alot better?

Slightly more buck for a heck of lot more bang.

Posted - 2009.02.17 16:33:00 - [5]

Edited by: fac3hunter on 17/02/2009 16:34:06
well rupture is alot more easy to play.

1600mm plated ruppy fit:

4x 180mm
2x rocket launchers

1x mwd
1x webber
1x scampler

1x damage control
1x 1600mm rolled tungsten plate
2x gyros

4x hobgoblin
1x hammerhead

drones, warp disruption mod, propulsion mod and the 2 utility slots in highs you should play around with and see if you got some better options that might fit your playing style atm better.

Deep Penetration Inc.
Predatory Instincts
Posted - 2009.02.17 17:05:00 - [6]

The rupture and the stabber are great ships. You can't say that one is better than the other as they have two totally different roles.

Rupture for in your face gank and tank, stabber for vagabond training.

Psycho Nomad
Posted - 2009.02.17 17:16:00 - [7]

Edited by: Psycho Nomad on 17/02/2009 17:21:28
*Psycho Nomad shoots himself in the face.... after reading the OP a second time i noticed the big fat PEEVEEPEE.... which fecking ends my original post right here...

The reason some people are saying get ur hands on a rupture, imo is mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the Rupture is more heardy, yet allot slower than the stabber, (the stabber is mainly a 'speed' tank). secondly its better for pv'e'. To which i don't understand as this thread is then filled by various pvp setups, which, when considering you have only just bought your fist stabber, i presume you won't be getting into as much as you will be pve. Furthermore, the stabber some may argue IS better for pvp (mini vaga anyone?) but does require quite a backbone of heardened pvp experience to handle well, as it involves dictating range and being able to assertain the supposed fits on target ships QUICKLY and act accordingly. The rupture, some may argue is 'easier' in pvp AND pve as its got a much better tank, bigger drone bay e.t.c. anyway...

PVE Stabber setup (adequate for running lvl 1 and 2 missions)
[low slots]
Tracking Enhancer I
Partial Hull Conversion Overdrive Injector [x2]

[medium slots]
Invulnerability Field I
Medium Shield Booster I
10MN Afterburner I

[high slots]
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I [x4]
Assault Missile Launcher I [x2]

[drone bay]
Hobgoblin I

-*specific to rats*

this setup exploits the fact the stabber is one of the fastest Cruisers in eve (hence the speed tank aspect of the fit), while coupling that aspect with a second type of tank (shield). the 2 overdrive injectors and the Afterburner means your mainly aiming to keep a high transversal velocity with your enemies (orbiting) with the tracking enhancer granting you a tracking speed increase adequate enough to keep a tight orbit and still effectively track the target enough to hit well. The invuln and the Med shield booster is an ACTIVE shield tank, meaning you are transfering capacitor into shield hit points. Along with the high tansversal gained from the speed tank set mods, any hits you 'do' sustain is mainly absorbed by the invuln field (you should be running constantly while in battle) and any overhead dmg being sustained you are meant to 'mop up' by riding the shield booster when needed. Note that this setup is potentially cap heavy. With the After burner running, and the invuln on, and the shield booster when needed, allot of attention has to be payed to the capacitor, and how much (and how quickly) the cap is being used, and act accordingly to maintain enough cap. You need to find the balance between healing, maintaining adequate speed (transversal) and conserving enough cap to last the length of the fight. The Vulcan Auto Cannons are close range weapons, used for abvious (speed tanking) reasons. The assault missile launchers are a basic addition to DPS. They MAY potentially be swapped out for Nosferatus to help with capacitor if your finding the setup is to cap heavy.

This fitup will let you pretty much EAT through most level 1 missions, and will be very adequate to run level 2s. It's also a nice setup for ratting in belts. although REMEMBER in low sec ur always potentially pirate meat. Luckily the stabber will have a rly low align to warp time, which is handy when trying to escape from a sudden appearence of pirates.

Hope this helped... fly safe and good luck! o7

The Athiest Syndicate
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2009.02.17 17:21:00 - [8]

Edited by: Visceroth on 17/02/2009 17:22:00
Originally by: Psycho Nomad

So you are assuming that he wants a PvE setup, when he clearly states in his first post he wants a PvP setup?

Anyway, get a rupture. They provide a hell of a lot of power for a cruiser(a lot say rupture is best cruiser in the game).

Mostly what you will be doing in a stabber is locking people down while you wait for gang members to deal the damage. If you really want an Edit:Effective yet expensive Stabber; get a Fleet Stabber.

Posted - 2009.02.17 17:23:00 - [9]

Edited by: corprunner on 17/02/2009 17:23:56
lol i know dude, read my edit Rolling Eyes

im on it im on it, im gonna write a pvp thingy now... rawr Shocked

F%^K! its not my day <this is my newly made alt, still not getting used to choosing my main toon to post...

*psycho nomad heads off to find coffee

Posted - 2009.02.17 17:34:00 - [10]

Edited by: Aphoticus on 17/02/2009 17:37:37
Lows: 3 Cargo Expanders
Medium: After burner and capacitor recharge and empty (suite to needs)
High: 3 salvagers and 3 tractor beams

Edit: Oops, I made the same mistake. Carry on, but I am sure their is a ninja salvager in here some where.


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