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- Work on the map isn't complete. ...2009.02.09 16:05:00
- The new billboard is very prominent to say the least. Are Nvidia Adds in 100 foot high letters comi ...2009.02.09 16:04:00
- I'm down with a fever, does that count ?The only cure is more cowbell. ...2009.01.08 15:58:00
- I've had a quick look, and strangely, it's not erroring out like I would expect it to. There's somet ...2008.11.04 17:26:00
- Edited by: CCP Redundancy on 04/11/2008 11:03:08 Edited by: CCP Redundancy on 04/11/2008 10:57:06 ...2008.11.04 10:53:00
- Edited by: CCP Redundancy on 02/09/2008 08:15:24 Kaspersky antivirus has it flagged too. Damn annoy ...2008.09.02 08:14:00
- Edited by: CCP Redundancy on 03/06/2008 11:45:50 I believe you can and do get comparable images fro ...2008.06.03 11:44:00
- You won't get "exactly" the same shots, no. The guys doing the screenshots have tools to set up scre ...2008.06.03 10:48:00
- There are very few new "renovations" features in this expansion, although work on that is continuing ...2008.06.03 09:42:00
- The reason the videos look a bit crisper in the video is probably because they're using the full siz ...2008.01.18 17:16:00
- So to speak: hey, maybe it will be fixed, maybe it won't... we don't have a clue why or what but who ...2007.12.18 14:58:00
- Edited by: CCP Redundancy on 18/12/2007 12:16:27 Cool, thanks for the response Redundancy.If it's n ...2007.12.18 12:15:00
- It's too late for me to put in any more attempts at fixing this issue at this stage, but I'd really ...2007.12.18 12:02:00
- As far as I'm aware, this is just due to the compression of the textures, and there's no setting tha ...2007.12.14 11:34:00
- The word STOP is meant to be used instead of the "." rather than with it. Silly you.MY NAME IS REDU ...2007.12.12 11:31:00

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