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- We have a fix for the issue causing some of the problems listed here. Singularity will be updated wi ...2009.10.02 10:02:00
- Looking into this. ...2009.09.30 14:35:00
- There is a fix for the occlusion, but it didnt make it into the build. ...2009.09.30 14:25:00
- "EVE Tv will be streaming live from the Fanfest this Saturday the 3rd of October."From here ...2009.09.30 13:05:00
- No idea for certain, but as far as I am aware (and I'm not involved in the organisation, so not that ...2009.09.30 12:17:00
- Hate to correct you, but Iceland is only 1 hour 'behind' the UK. (technically you are actually an ho ...2009.09.30 11:48:00
- Please file a bugreport and attach a dxdiag report so we can investigate this further. ...2009.09.29 20:02:00
- As far as I can determine, any remaining handshake errors are either due to:You typed your password ...2009.09.18 11:02:00
- Will look into this some more in the morning. ...2009.09.17 19:47:00
- Still getting this error, have not been able to log on once so far. Side note, will you get the hand ...2009.09.17 16:32:00
- Found the issue, should be fixed now. Enjoy. ...2009.09.17 15:33:00
- Turns out that one of the problems here is that there is an error in the error message proc. Useful ...2009.09.17 13:31:00
- Please ensure you file bugreports about this sort of thing. I'll get this investigated. ...2009.09.17 09:31:00
- Thanks for all your replies so far. I appreciate the feedback you have been giving, and will forward ...2009.05.08 15:41:00
- My apologies for a late reply (dentist ftl ).If you open the control panel on your pc, after startin ...2009.05.06 10:57:00

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