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- ebs_DATADUMP.sql temporarily here. ...2008.07.30 15:15:00
- There was a bug we missed in the latest Empyrean Age release, Just got back from holidays, we only j ...2008.06.24 11:35:00
- Having just come back from holidays, PrismX and I are now actually physically able to provide you wi ...2008.06.24 11:32:00
- I have no words ... ...2008.06.19 14:47:00
- If I remember correctly, it only took a couple of days to produce a data export in the previous patc ...2008.04.22 15:04:00
- Edited by: nihlanth on 01/04/2008 15:56:02 Is my face the new version or old version?Damn, I still ...2008.04.01 16:14:00
- Edited by: CCP t20 on 01/04/2008 16:32:07 Looks like it half-worked for me. Click on my pic and you ...2008.04.01 12:52:00
- Since the portrait servers is a collective effort on behalf of the software department; operations; ...2008.04.01 10:54:00
- the renering process is known to several but ... it's T20's fault I give it another couple of mont ...2008.04.01 10:32:00
- Edited by: CCP t20 on 12/02/2008 15:24:38 Note that even though you're sending in a logo for eve-TV ...2008.02.12 11:41:00
- OK Found the Postwe now just need T20 to patch it or whatever ...It has been patched last friday, th ...2008.01.24 15:23:00
- I got my protrait to show up here by right clicking my protrait in game and clicking "update" (I thi ...2008.01.14 09:23:00
- last client patch impaired the portrait rendering boxes from rendering out portraits. The problem ha ...2008.01.07 08:09:00
- If we wouldn't have been in a content-freeze, we'd have added it ... it's on the "corporate registry ...2007.11.22 14:13:00
- (yes, it is really me when i was 3 ) you almost fooled me there, I though this was a recent picture ...2007.11.21 17:08:00

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