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- CCP will be releasing a DVD from the alliance tournament and are working right now on putting everyt ...2006.07.26 11:14:00
- This Saturday the 100.000 subscriber mark was broken. As you can imagine this is a major milestone ...2006.02.05 12:59:00
- Based on write-in votes from you, the players, MMORPG.COM is going to enter EVE Online into a run-of ...2006.01.03 17:03:00
- Our good friends at MMORPG.COM are running a 2005 Readers Choice Award and EVE Online is nominated i ...2005.12.28 16:27:00
- Weasel acted very fast and has implemented some changes as some of you suggested.1. Implemented nav- ...2005.08.25 16:25:00
- The Tracking Guide on the EVE sites was actually made for us by the same person (aka Weasel) that cr ...2005.08.25 11:13:00
- A new Flash based tracking guide has been added to the Player Guide. It will explain how turrets act ...2005.08.25 09:11:00
- The new CD boxes have finally arrived after much waiting for the printing company and our online sto ...2005.05.03 15:37:00
- This is just the start peepīs, we are about to start an extensive marketing campaign in both the U.S ...2005.01.22 12:12:00
- There will be a new section added to the EVE Player Guide on POS very shortly. In the future you w ...2005.01.05 10:48:00
- Edited by: mxmus on 25/11/2004 13:03:31 Please note that a revised manual is on itīs way as one sec ...2004.11.24 17:27:00
- Xelios, you are right that the Exodus trailer is a teaser and intended as such. Pretty cool if you ...2004.11.24 03:39:00
- Edited by: mxmus on 08/11/2004 14:56:49 It is true that not much advertising has been done in the U ...2004.11.08 14:54:00
- Edited by: mxmus on 03/11/2004 16:30:19 Thank you all for the nice comments about the trailer. Thi ...2004.11.03 16:27:00
- To keep you all informed: We are doing some improvements to the trailer right now and are working ha ...2004.10.25 14:05:00

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