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- As today is my last day at CCP, I will no longer be working on the EVE API. However, we have design ...2007.12.14 11:55:00
- I am touched and don't really know what to say. Thank you. So much. Your words mean a lot to me.E ...2007.12.14 11:33:00
- You're right, corp losses are not exporting. I found the bug but it will require a database update, ...2007.12.14 08:29:00
- Hot damn, I finally have a station list. Garthagk, I want to have your babies. Sweet, usually I'm th ...2007.12.13 13:14:00
- The API will be going down around 1300 GMT for 30-60 minutes for upgrade to version 2. The actual n ...2007.12.12 13:07:00
- We promise to give you one week of data.If one week is less than 1000 entries, you might get 1000, y ...2007.12.09 14:05:00
- Personally, if I was looking to get into development of applications for third parties in EVE, I wou ...2007.12.07 11:15:00
- You will need a key from each corporation. ...2007.12.06 17:13:00
- You can do this by creating a shortcut to EVE, and add the following parameters to the Target line i ...2007.12.06 12:16:00
- I forgot to update my thread, it's updated now.clicky clicky ...2007.12.06 11:56:00
- Do we also get the CSVs?Sorry, the CSVs are not being exported at this time. I'm sure someone would ...2007.12.06 11:56:00
- It's not in just yet. Give me a few days before API v2 is released.And yeah, no schema yet, but tha ...2007.12.06 11:41:00
- Oops, it's right there on the deployment schedule Operations published, I just missed it. The API s ...2007.12.06 11:33:00
- API is still disabled. I'm not sure when it will be back, sometime today I'd expect. I'm trying to ...2007.12.06 11:23:00
- This is allowed. It's similar to a donation button: as long as you aren't requiring people to click ...2007.12.04 22:14:00

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