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- I know a few of us used to have the tag CCP in battlefield. I have used Eris in other games. At the ...2010.10.01 13:53:00
- but a pain for people with one who runs multiple accounts and even more annoying when you have wind ...2010.09.19 19:58:00
- See if you can join eve university and help them train new players? I think they have some pvp goin ...2010.09.13 22:47:00
- Totally thought it was about this and left somewhat dissapointed.And yes physics in EVE are wonky ...2010.09.13 22:39:00
- I like the idea but at what time does it happen? It can get dark pretty damn early here in winter ti ...2010.09.13 22:35:00
- On topic: You can subscribe to the EVE facebook page. They tend to inform you of dev blogs and any ...2010.08.19 00:19:00
- Zoomzoom time in my old nanos ifthey came back. \o/Big if, load is serious business. Just because we ...2010.08.19 00:17:00
- A lot of people miss them, here at CCP many of us miss them too and I won't be surprised if in the f ...2010.08.19 00:11:00
- We have open positions for effect artists and have grand plans for them when they join CCP ...2010.08.19 00:09:00
- The end is nearBut nice going Chribba ...2010.08.11 17:15:00
- Should I put that on my t shirt for fanfest?Glad the skillqueue is still making people happy and pro ...2010.08.11 17:12:00
- Ants are cool but jumping spiders are adorable and very good hunters who appear to be very curious a ...2010.08.07 00:20:00
- BBC Iplayer Search "mongrels" Enjoy, oh, adults only. Best puppet show evarThe teddybears in the ...2010.08.06 22:08:00
- I don't have any new suggestions because I think joining a corporation, eve university or getting in ...2010.08.06 22:01:00
- Maybe not strictly within the EVE universe but I'm always surprised at how small the world is if you ...2010.08.06 21:53:00

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