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- Let's see..."Target Painters Do NOT Work on Titans, Supercaps, Structures, or Sieged Caps"On Titans ...2009.11.20 16:30:00
- Small update:Falloff by tier on auto-cannons/repeating artillery changed to 0%, +10%, +20% from orig ...2009.11.03 11:56:00
- Looks like the changes won't make it to Singularity today. Will try to get them out as soon as possi ...2009.10.28 10:41:00
- Thanks for all the feedback, sorry for not being active in the thread, there is tons of other work t ...2009.10.27 16:20:00
- After more testing and feedback we're happy with our first iteration to go out on Singularity.Ammo D ...2009.09.28 17:49:00
- While you're at it, could you reorder ammo a bit? Imho the best order would be: Fusion, Phased plasm ...2009.09.23 14:58:00
- Oh, and also Tracking Computers. We're looking at some falloff love. ...2009.09.23 14:55:00
- Edited by: CCP Nozh on 03/11/2009 12:52:18 Over the years we've made many changes to other weapon s ...2009.09.23 13:36:00
- Ok,I'm sitting at home reading over this thread. Brainstorming about new ECM mechanics, help me out: ...2009.04.22 22:27:00
- After reading through the "Balancing - Identifying problems" thread posted last Friday I noticed sev ...2009.04.22 18:46:00
- So I think we've got enough top 3's now, time for discussion threads?Aye.By the end of the day ...2009.04.22 12:44:00
- Good stuff, keep it coming.I haven't counted or anything but the main issues seem to be: ECM - Main ...2009.04.17 15:07:00
- Hi,Balancing is an ongoing process; there will always room for improvement. This pursuit for maximiz ...2009.04.17 09:13:00
- Next patch!Had some internal problems getting it out in 1.1. ...2009.04.17 09:09:00
- Edited by: isdisco3 on 03/04/2009 15:13:18 again, the agility helped solo and small-gang pvp becaus ...2009.04.03 15:29:00

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