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- So, is this female player group coming to the Fanfest?A few of the ladies will be attending yes. Not ...2007.08.10 16:48:00
- Duckling, I have a serious question.What motivation does any large group have to participate in the ...2006.11.24 22:55:00
- What model graphics card? Ah, guess that information is important It´s the nVidia GeForce 7900GTX ...2006.11.24 17:41:00
- Hi,I would like to say thank you for a great weekend to all of you who came to the Fanfest. For thos ...2006.11.24 17:08:00
- Hi everyone,The Buddy page has been updated. Yes, I remembered the link this time Check it ...2006.10.24 10:25:00
- Hi,We have updated the Buddy page to include new raffle prizes.Linkageduckling ...2006.10.09 16:53:00
- Due to a large number of CD keys and ETCs being sold on the Internet, we want to remind you that CCP ...2006.07.24 12:05:00
- Hi everyone,You can find information about the latest Buddy Raffle on the Buddy page.duckling ...2006.07.20 09:08:00
- Hi everyone,We have finally updated the Buddy page. You can see the prizes for July here. You probab ...2006.06.23 08:35:00
- Nice!Btw. when will we see the results of the last couple of ruffled feathers, err buddy raffles? So ...2006.05.24 12:01:00
- Hi everyone,We´ve just updated the Buddy Page. Check out the Buddy Raffle prizes for June.duckling ...2006.05.24 11:37:00
- Hi everyone,I´ve updated the Buddy site to include prizes for next month´s raffle. You can check it ...2006.04.25 09:40:00
- Hi everyone,This month´s Buddy Raffle prizes are from the EVE Store. Check out the Buddy Page.duckli ...2006.02.20 13:45:00
- Hi everyone,Just wanted to let you know that we´ve announced the prizes for the next Buddy Raffle. C ...2006.01.20 09:51:00
- Will we return to in game prizes? Future prizes have not been decided but you will see a mixture of ...2005.12.21 09:47:00

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