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- I want to thank CCP Elerhino, CCP Stillman and any other CCP dev that have worked on the contract AP ...2011.09.02 11:09:00
- Hi,Try running eve with the minidump flag enabled and see it you'll get the .dmp file in the proper ...2011.07.10 08:32:00
- We're working on this feature as we speak. Hopefully it will become available through the API in the ...2011.07.01 19:58:00
- We're working on it.Also, this. ...2011.06.24 13:46:00
- The Asset Buddy here pretty good and integrates nicely into the IGB ...2011.06.23 08:21:00
- So, what's going on in my feedback thre... HOLY CRAP, 9 pages of hate! Anyway, thank you all for you ...2011.06.15 19:37:00
- In the 3rd party Dev tracks at this year's fanfest, CCP mentioned that they will create a license mo ...2011.06.11 21:10:00
- Thank you! A lot of love went into the new contracts interface. I'm glad you like it. I can't speak ...2011.05.31 11:49:00
- Edited by: CCP Atlas on 27/05/2011 13:55:24 We've recently reduced the cache timer on the Asset Lis ...2011.05.27 13:54:00
- This is most likely due to a known defect that will be fixed shortly. Contracts where you get stuff ...2011.05.27 13:17:00
- Edited by: CCP Atlas on 21/05/2011 19:22:29 Indeed. This functionality is not available now.What I ...2011.05.21 19:21:00
- Am I safe to assume that work on this has been silently dropped now that fanfest is over? No no, th ...2011.05.07 08:38:00
- The current mechanism of contracts assigned to a corporation is broken. As stated in Corporation_Co ...2011.04.24 16:50:00
- Thank you for your comments. We are hoping to upgrade the ingame browser to the latest Chromium vers ...2011.04.24 16:43:00
- This is actually something that we want to do; to allow you to have several Ingame browser windows o ...2011.04.06 16:58:00

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