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- soon™ ...2011.01.25 19:11:00
- soon™ ...2011.01.21 16:33:00
- Wonderful EVE community, I realize there are many good points raised in this thread which I could co ...2010.07.19 14:57:00
- I am reading this thread, so that is something ...2010.06.14 13:00:00
- This thread just reminded me to fill up my skill queue, thanks! ...2009.05.28 15:23:00
- Edited by: CCP Hellmar on 01/07/2008 23:01:39 It's wonderful to read all the positive feedback in t ...2008.07.01 23:01:00
- Congratulations to Jacques, the runner ups and to CCP for having such awsome vols! See you at the Fa ...2006.09.29 01:34:00
- For more details on our _old_ setup, please check with IBM ...2006.02.17 16:44:00
- Update: Half a ton of kit just cleared through UK customs and has been delivered to our hosting faci ...2006.02.10 14:59:00
- Thank you for your kind comments, they really mean a lot to us, especially after a session such as t ...2005.12.16 02:59:00
- Come to the technical track tomorrow and see Dan Speed literally obliterate the NPC lag you refer to ...2005.10.21 01:26:00
- Nice to see all the positive feedback, thanks so much. This is only the beginning in this phase of ...2005.10.20 23:50:00
- Read all about it in EON ...2005.09.29 22:33:00
- CCP actually has 2 people at GenCon Reynir (Creative Director) and Pétur (EVE:TCG creator). The dev ...2005.08.18 21:38:00
- Thank you for the traceroutes and comments. Nice to know that our efforts to improve connectivity to ...2005.07.03 20:42:00

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