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- The server is starting up now with all nodes running and properly mapped services. The issue was tha ...2007.07.14 12:54:00
- I like to show off my awesome geek powersFixed that for you.That too ...2007.07.12 02:47:00
- Yay for CCP responses! Thanks for telling us what went wrong Valar, much appreciated. I don't imagin ...2007.07.12 02:43:00
- I think everyone knows what went wrong, this happens like once a week now, contract system.This was ...2007.07.12 02:37:00
- We had a problem with the contracts system again. It maxed out the SQL Server CPU. I was on it wit ...2007.07.12 02:28:00
- There seems to be a separate issue. Most likely the contracts system overloading the database server ...2007.06.13 12:37:00
- The problem was that a node died during a critical part of the startup, thus preventing the cluster ...2007.06.13 12:20:00
- Postmortem for tonights issues.Around midnight the main contracts lookup database procedure got reco ...2007.06.09 06:38:00
- Great you found this problem and solved it. Would you mind naming the involved systems?Then again I ...2007.04.20 18:53:00
- Note that the server will be a quite laggy while the SQL Server rebuilds it cache. It should be back ...2007.03.19 13:38:00
- I am truly sorry about the extreme delay in startup.At downtime today, we attempted to replace 4 of ...2007.03.19 13:35:00
- The main log table overflowed integer. We knew that this was going to happen and I had a fix lined u ...2007.03.15 11:36:00
- UUnet/WorldCom/ Now MCI fiber backbone TAT-14 that services New York to Stock Holm, then to Frankfur ...2007.03.12 14:06:00
- We are looking into the connection issue. At the moment it seems to have affected more then just EVE ...2007.03.12 13:27:00
- Thank you for the kind words /me goes back to work on fixing the wallet transaction logs ...2007.03.04 21:06:00

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