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- Happy Holidays everyone! May you have plenty of good things to eat and drink. Wyrm ...2006.12.25 15:27:00
- Edited by: GM Wyrm on 11/12/2005 18:44:08 I put in a complaint and you never got back to me... to b ...2005.12.11 18:43:00
- We just wanted some sort of explanation ... how can some players be stuck and others not? ... severa ...2005.12.11 18:27:00
- Hey Bozl1n! Long time no see ...2005.10.24 01:24:00
- Edited by: GM Wyrm on 23/10/2005 20:05:02 Wow! We made it to 17k! ...2005.10.23 19:54:00
- Oh BTW Wyrm, I bought 50 Strip Miner I's and 50 Ice Harvester I's on Singularity this morning after ...2005.02.10 14:23:00
- Tranquility is starting up again now. ...2005.02.10 14:10:00
- If you log back in and find yourself in a pod, send us a petition through the Ask A Question page ...2005.02.10 13:44:00
- Again, sorry about the short notice. We needed to take it down as soon as possible. We are applying ...2005.02.10 13:37:00
- psyborg, I will send you the username/password in evemail ingame. ...2004.12.09 13:31:00
- Hi, Seems like your support account is stuck in some endless loop. I'll fix it and send you a messag ...2004.12.08 11:11:00
- Oooops wrong button It's being fixed as we speak and server will be back up Soon(tm)Check the news f ...2004.10.14 12:47:00
- Avast ye bilge rats! YARRRRR!Cap'n Wyrm ...2004.09.19 22:23:00
- And may I add that there are two more holidays coming up... Sunday the 30th and Monday the 31st are ...2004.05.21 15:07:00
- Happy Birthay EVE!Thanks for a great year everybody! ...2004.05.07 00:32:00

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