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- Many thanks to all of you for the kind words -- and even to some of you who unintentionally made me ...2011.06.28 15:40:00
- Karma: I have advised the team to look over threads that were locked in the last three days and unlo ...2010.04.05 22:51:00
- Guys, I don't know how else to say it except to own up that there was a domino effect of mistakes th ...2010.04.05 20:37:00
- One clarification that I would like to request: you restrict discussion of non-EVE games to OOPE, bu ...2010.04.05 20:12:00
- Clarification on 'recruitment of groups for other games will not be permitted' Say I start up a corp ...2010.04.05 20:04:00
- Dear capsuleers, Recently, it came to our attention that there were conflicting rules about whether ...2010.04.05 19:47:00
- IBTLThey can't lock me. They like getting paychecks. ...2010.02.11 20:46:00
- Wow Pann, is that the pann from 2004/5 that we used to take the mickey out on eve radio? :PGuilty as ...2010.02.11 20:44:00
- Boy howdy, ya'll don't miss anything, do you. ;)Yes, she's new to the team and I'm sorry that we did ...2010.02.11 20:25:00
- Avalloc: Last year's auction winner is a Goon too. How's that for a twist on typical Goon behavior? ...2008.09.28 23:06:00
- It will be published on our website tomorrow, so if you can't find a viewable version on one of the ...2007.11.26 21:56:00
- Just to set the record straight (somewhat), we have not officially announced a release date for EVE ...2007.11.12 18:33:00
- <Continued. See, there's that literary elephantitis I warned you about!> Nyphur: 2) Will the policy ...2007.08.07 23:07:00
- Edited by: CCP Pann on 07/08/2007 22:53:15 Please accept my most humble and sincere apology for not ...2007.08.07 22:51:00
- Hideyhi, pilots, pirates and procurers of many things! Auntie Pann here bringing you news about some ...2007.08.01 15:41:00

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