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- Yes, that's an old message indeed, except it's not really an error message. It's not intended to re ...2005.11.14 20:32:00
- Papa is it true that level 4 agents in empire space are gonna be nerfed either less bs spawns or cra ...2004.11.11 19:45:00
- Papa, I just wanted to confirm whether or not Concord would turn up if a player initiated a hostile ...2004.11.11 19:43:00
- Could somebody please send a logfile of the occurrance to [email protected], with the subject " ...2004.10.31 22:45:00
- Edited by: Zoltaris on 30/10/2004 18:42:56 What about the Negative standing, they were declining be ...2004.10.31 13:31:00
- Either that or find a way for me to get him whacked . Hopefully "Agent's in Space" will make it int ...2004.10.30 00:57:00
- Work for negative quality agent ... believe me ... it will fix your bonuses and rewards ... high qua ...2004.10.30 00:55:00
- It'll never come back*(* Game Experience And Dev Opinions May Change With The Time Of Day During Onl ...2004.10.30 00:52:00
- Edited by: Shamis Orzoz on 29/10/2004 21:25:36 Dungeons may be spawned dynamically, so agent missi ...2004.10.30 00:46:00
- Would it be possible to add an additional warning, just like the warp/webbing rat warning, that says ...2004.10.28 13:17:00
- There's no point for them to implement something that we don't want.There is no point to asking what ...2004.10.28 13:14:00
- From reading this it seems that "Deadspace Complexes" might be small and require a close range setup ...2004.10.22 08:56:00
- Do you know the ETA on "Complexes"...we're getting offly close to the Novemember 3rd release.If they ...2004.10.22 08:50:00
- Sorry if this is obvious or has already been asked, but complexes have been the number one thing I'v ...2004.10.22 08:29:00
- Will there be "monsters" too?I can see it now: treasure chests guarded by animatronic dragons contai ...2004.10.19 15:53:00

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