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- Thought I'd take this at face value and go back and rate my last couple of petitions. Only I find th ...2010.07.01 14:49:00
- Hey guys,Nice to hear from so many of you. Many good comments and suggestions.This will be a multi p ...2010.07.01 14:48:00
- Congratulations finalists. Job well done. We'll see you at the fan fest Jacques Cheers! ...2006.09.29 10:57:00
- This has been fixed. If anyone runs into any further billing problems then please let us know right ...2006.07.31 01:28:00
- Is there any CCP e-mail address i can contact you at? I have something important to say about the ...2006.07.31 01:16:00
- Sorry but thats only half the issue.You can't cancel suscriptions you get a communcation error (unco ...2006.07.31 01:09:00
- Hi.This is being looked into and we hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible. I don't have ...2006.07.31 00:58:00
- I think that our replies are being stopped by your spam filters. I personally replied to both the pe ...2004.08.12 00:01:00
- You should file a other petition about this in the billing category.If you send us an email you get ...2004.08.02 06:25:00
- This mission, Research Convoy Ambushed, is currently broken. There is no way to complete it. The pir ...2004.07.06 20:29:00
- I'm a game master in a popular online game ...2004.05.27 16:17:00
- anyone know of any brif guides on this, or care to explain?Yes I do Stations Warp disruptors ...2004.02.09 15:17:00

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