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- Please write a bug report about the div background bug. I checked the code and the background image ...2007.03.19 19:44:00
- mamano: There are various reasons why the turst headers are not submited: 1. Your page is not in th ...2006.12.13 09:24:00
- This happens because you have used percentual height within a style, which is currently not supporte ...2006.11.16 10:46:00
- It probably because you have it on your ignored sites list. When you add a trusted site, you usualy ...2006.11.03 12:11:00
- I will update the IGB documentation for Kali. It just takes some time and i am not very good in docu ...2006.10.19 08:31:00
- In my opinion, lag is something caused by you network connection. It is defined as delay between sen ...2006.10.19 08:29:00
- what about HTML entities?Could you be a bit more specific, please? ...2006.10.09 10:59:00
- Status of the IGB bug fixing: - Form encoding using the GET method does now work as expected - uni ...2006.10.04 07:02:00
- The IGB does not support frames. Therefore, this way of redirect does not work.In php a redirect loo ...2006.09.28 08:17:00
- Thanks for the reports Furris and John Merrick. I will try to fix them for Kali. In case you have te ...2006.09.28 06:00:00
- Here is a working example for the IGB: php co ...2006.09.25 06:33:00
- As with all other browsers, write a php script that outputs the image to stdout and reference this s ...2006.09.23 12:45:00
- Screenshot? The explaination, you gave, is a bit vague. Only tells me that you see bugs but not whic ...2006.09.23 08:30:00
- How do you reference the images. The IGB automaticly updates images that are created by php scripts. ...2006.09.23 08:25:00
- Yes, you can use tractor beams on wrecks. You can loot wrecks the same way you did on the orignal lo ...2006.09.20 09:45:00

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