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- The next content patch (revelations 2.2) will see a vast reduction in NPCs in this mission, to preve ...2007.07.25 14:55:00
- Hmm our database indicates that the level 2 recon mission is not using the same damage as the level ...2007.07.20 19:04:00
- Please submit a bug report Title: Encounter BugDescription: Encounter not despawning after completio ...2007.06.29 17:28:00
- And the 'unknown' site issue, that's being looked at by people in Game Design. We might make the ol ...2007.06.29 14:35:00
- The despawning issue, this is being looked at. There is a code bug where the despawning sometimes d ...2007.06.29 14:30:00
- We've noticed a bug related to lag which affects missions and exploration sites, causing them someti ...2007.06.29 10:23:00
- We're currently looking at this issue inhouse, it's affecting some other missions as well. Seems li ...2007.06.28 13:19:00
- Are you guys sure you tried destroying both Pleasure Gardens. There are 2 Pleasure Gardens, but onl ...2007.06.28 12:54:00
- I believe this is the result of how our distribution system works. If people are constantly doing e ...2007.06.28 11:16:00
- Edited by: CCP Zrakor on 12/06/2007 21:19:14 I don't remember ever promising tools against being pr ...2007.06.12 21:19:00
- Edited by: CCP Zrakor on 01/06/2007 17:00:17 a) I don't care how crappy, T2 BPOs aren't "unremarkab ...2007.06.01 16:59:00
- Edited by: CCP Zrakor on 01/06/2007 16:27:56hey hey Flame the crap out of me or whatever . . and Z ...2007.06.01 16:28:00
- Edited by: CCP Zrakor on 01/06/2007 16:05:52 So you're saying that of all the CCP employees that yo ...2007.06.01 16:06:00
- Edited by: CCP Zrakor on 01/06/2007 15:58:17 They still never addressed why BoB are the only allian ...2007.06.01 15:36:00
- I sent this to Q/A, they will take a better look at it. ...2007.05.01 01:15:00

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