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- We apologise for the extended downtime, Singularity is being updated and one of the database updates ...2011.05.05 09:48:00
- We are looking into the issue of systems and characters getting stuck, this is happening on both Sin ...2011.03.18 12:53:00
- This has been dealt with. ...2011.03.18 12:51:00
- Is a DualityLauncher in the works?Yes, this is something that we're working on.Duality is currently ...2011.03.17 13:59:00
- We aim to have mass tests on Duality instead of Singularity in the future and use Singularity for on ...2011.03.15 11:48:00
- DEVBLOGDuality on EvelopediaThis week we will open up a new semi-public test server called Duality. ...2011.03.15 11:05:00
- Aqualie started shooting me as I was outside station, no reason. in 6-czhere is screenshothttp://i19 ...2011.03.08 13:09:00
- SBU anchored in XZH-4X by WI(dot) in Doomsday Testing sov system.Banned and SBU asploded. ...2011.03.08 10:37:00
- Venemene:Starbases and station services are included in the "No non-consensual combat" rule. This me ...2011.03.02 10:27:00
- Edited by: Simeon Tor on 25/02/2011 07:28:46 I think I know what I'm talking about.This coming from ...2011.02.25 09:13:00
- That is not accurate, you would not need less room because you still need two full clients. And this ...2011.02.24 17:04:00
- IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:1. This thread is only for reporting rule violations, not for discussion. The ...2011.02.24 14:41:00
- Incarna is not being released before Fanfest and we will likely not have the CQs on Singularity next ...2011.02.18 22:32:00
- Just a question, what exactly is considered urgent action? I presume that means when during testin ...2011.02.18 20:19:00
- Market seeding will stay as is?Will the 'guideline' beacons for ship mass class be 'guidelines' only ...2011.02.18 20:17:00

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