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- Known Issues with this build:Verified by QA:The tutorials refer to overview functionality which is n ...2011.05.20 21:28:00
- Howdy fellow capsuleers,As mentioned in CCP Chiliad's latest blog, we will have the latest iteration ...2011.05.20 16:51:00
- Yeah, we really want to be clear about this being a very rough build. There is a lot that is still u ...2011.04.19 19:44:00
- Howdy folks, As mentioned in my latest Dev Blog, we will have the new Captains Quarters up for publ ...2011.04.19 18:51:00
- We'd love to get more detailed information about your issue. Can you please try running a network mo ...2010.11.30 21:26:00
- Howdy folks,When you complete an Incursion site, send an EVE-MAIL to the character "Watcher Poitot": ...2010.10.07 15:54:00
- To Genya: I've pointed your question to our Core Server Team, who are far better equipped to answer ...2010.08.16 20:00:00
- Informative.Improvements to the Planetary Interaction UI, making it easier to useDETAILS!! If PI ge ...2010.08.16 19:40:00
- I've been to a number of tests, but I haven't seen one where you've allowed the use of bombs. In my ...2010.08.16 18:54:00
- First! :p Seriously, now go read the blog, it's chock full of info. We'll be around for a bit after ...2010.08.16 17:25:00
- Howdy folks,All feedback and logs submitted up to this point have been gathered. I'll take this oppo ...2010.08.10 18:21:00

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