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- I guess the BoD have ganked em That is a really primo way to ensure they never reply to any of your ...2007.02.20 00:41:00
- your notes in "notepad" in the client should be stored server side. ...2007.02.20 00:39:00
- Not untill tomorrow, i left my digital camera at the g/f's house ...2007.02.20 00:32:00
- i love it :)It's warm and eve-y. I'd reccomend going for the larger sizes though as they can be a bi ...2007.02.20 00:24:00
- I'm afraid that it did not work, with three attempts. Must be something else. Ok, go to the EvE fol ...2007.02.19 22:26:00
- Rename it to what, will it make a difference?I'm trying Cache_OLD right now, but I just dont see how ...2007.02.19 22:22:00
- I have been logging on, putting my settings back, and exiting the game by hitting Esc, and then sele ...2007.02.19 22:15:00
- You can use ships prefitted with rigs, without having the rig skills.The downside is that you suffer ...2007.02.19 22:10:00
- just reinstall and try to rejij youre settings off a new baseReinstalling is a last resort, i would ...2007.02.19 22:08:00
- All i can think of now is rename the cahce folder to cache_OLD and try set all the settings, quit ev ...2007.02.19 22:07:00
- The powers that be refer to anyone who is higher up the chain of command than i am.Thanks Jiekon, th ...2007.02.19 16:19:00
- The powers that be refer to anyone who is higher up the chain of command than i am. ...2007.02.19 16:10:00
- It sounds like your setting folder has become corrupt or non writeable. Rename your cache\settings ...2007.02.19 13:59:00
- best idea here is to file an exploit petition and ask the GM's. ...2007.02.17 13:54:00
- From testing, this happens by default, ship is launched from an assembly array (or whatever) and it ...2007.02.17 13:51:00

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