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CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2008.10.24 14:33:00 - [1]

CCP Zulupark has decided to answer every single question you can throw at him, and he'll answer them as fast as he can. This thread will remain open until midnight (GMT) Sunday, 26th October. Until then you are free to post any question you wish and it will be answered. Please keep in mind that Zulupark will still need to sleep and that it may take a while before your question is answered. We also ask that you keep an eye on the previous questions so we don't get multiple copies of the same question. This thread is for questions only, not dicussions!

In some cases Zulupark may not be able to answer your question, for example he can't give you a full Fanfest schedule or certain decisions are not made on certain things etc, in those cases he will let you know that he can't answer it and why he can't answer your question.

Answers can be found in this thread.

Since I seem to have to repeat myself, this thread is for questions only and absolutely nothing else no matter what, anything else will be deleted and you will be warned for posting an off topic post in this thread!

Thread is now locked. I've already answered about half of all questions posted and I'll continue answering them into next week. I ask you to be patient as these are a lot of questions and I still have to do other work over the week. I'd like to give the deadline of having everything answered at latest next Friday (Oct 31st).

Thank you all so much for taking part in this, it's been great fun and we'll do it again (and on regular basis from now on).

p.s. once I've finished answering everything and getting answers from 3rd parties I'll probably build an index and pretty up the answers a bit

Thanks to all of you again
- Zulupark

Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:35:00 - [2]

Edited by: Rexthor Hammerfists on 24/10/2008 15:13:36
Carrier spidertanking makes capfights pretty boring, but at the same time 20 dreads kill a non spidertanked cap in seconds, does ccp have any plans on adjusting this?

Insurance makes losing t1 ships like battleships but even caps a non issue for groups with access to even the most basic 0.0 ressources (even missions will do for replacing bs losses)
Any changes planned?

Does ccp still follow the plan to give carriers more options to choose their roles, ie. a more logistic approach instead of doing damage or the other way around - if so will it be possible to use guns or launchers instead of drons/fighters even
(may it be bonussed small guns as a defence system)

Is ccp aware that the Blood cosmos contellation yields up to 10 or more billions each week leaving the other cosmos constellations far behind, this money is easily obtained with 2 characters.
Also this constellation lies in delve which has 15 of the best moons there are in the eve universe.

More and more titans are entering eve, not long and there will be over 100 floating in the universe. These titans can, in numbers, severly destroy an evening of otherwise fun fleetfights with few mouseclicks.
Something has to be done about titans, more then a simple doomsday nerf.
Any plans?

While slave pirateset implants benefit armortanking ships including moterships and titans. Shieldtanking ships are not so lucky - leaving them with a good 35% less hardened hp behind the armortanking caps, any changes planned?

Big alliances have it easy to control huge amounts of space while not being there, since poses, with which the space is held, leave the defending alliance enough time to come back from the other side of the universe and smash the attacker.
One problem here is that one alliance can control too many poses at once, holding alot space which smaller allainces just cant grab.
The other is that destryoing poses itself is a corrupt process and needs a huge change,
attackable pos mods was a good ambition but only a minor change into the right direction

Pilots showing up in local is with the current mechanics a must, but also doesnt allow many interesting tactics to be used. Such as bonused cloaked ships really being hidden (change unbonused claoks) toa smaller gang and even fleets outmanuevering their enemies through clever uses of the map etc.
Are there changes to the local planned?

The nighthawks role for pvp seems to lie in destryoing smaller shipclasses then its own, while the other races commandships deal alot damage to the same class or bigger.
Will the nighthawk keep its role or are there plans to put it next to the other commandships.

T1 frigs and cruiser got a huge overhaul 2 years ago, but since then stil lack in certain area to even fulfill their own role.
Is ccp going to take a look at those ships and make them worthwhile to fly, making it easier for newcommers to compete.

Is ccp going to change missions and belt loot so that it wont yield any or atleast alot less minerals, making it worthwhile to choose a miners career.?
Currently a missionrunner can keep up with a t1 mining barge in producing tritanium, while still getting bounties etc.
This also makes producing t1 mods pretty useless,
what does ccp think about reducing named lootdrops and npcs not dropping t1 loot alltogether and increasing mission bonuses instead?

Shirley Serious
The Khanid Sisters of Athra
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:36:00 - [3]

Edited by: Shirley Serious on 24/10/2008 16:18:25
Will the Coercer and Retribution ever get a second midslot?

Response from Zulupark
Coercer and retribution midslot:
Could happen some day, currently it is not considered necessary for game balance but that could change.

Hmmm. OK. Would it be too much to inquire about the balance here?
A 2 ship formation of Catalysts, both with mwd, one with web, one with disruptor, can catch and hold frigate sized ships fairly well.
A 2 ship formation of Coercers cannot do this. With a mwd, they can't hold, with a web or disruptor, they can't catch.

Lena Planeswalker
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:37:00 - [4]

Edited by: Lena Planeswalker on 24/10/2008 14:37:13
stealth editShocked

on a more serious note, can you tell us more specific changes to the industrial ships?, i remember reading that they will be changed in some way but nothing beyond that...

Khandara Seraphim
Fallout Project
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:38:00 - [5]

Edited by: Khandara Seraphim on 24/10/2008 14:47:26
How is the black ops going to get fixed?

Whats the deal with pos warfare's future plans?

what's ccp's position on cloaking being an "iwin" button for someone being hunted?

when are you going to fix logoffski?

... do you hate us yet? Laughing

Edit- New graphics? where are the new backgrounds planets pos modules etc. We needed those more than the stargates that already got a facelift in trinity... (although the new gates are fabulous and we love them)

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:39:00 - [6]

Please keep the subject matter serious Smile

Will things like mines and other new weaponry be available in the future?
Will there be a new destroyer in the future?
Will automatic targetting system become viable?

State Protectorate
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:41:00 - [7]

Are you working on a UI Overhaul, both functionality and graphics wise?

Will the website & forum ever be updated, both in looks and more features?

Will Planets ever be huge and more realistic?

Could you increase the size limit and resolution on signatures on the forums? :D

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:42:00 - [8]

When can we expect the rest of the trinity updates? Like planets, asteroids, starbases, the background and effects, etc.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:43:00 - [9]

Edited by: Batolemaeus on 24/10/2008 14:43:13
I've been into exploration for quite some time, and made a few threads about it.

What i'd like to ask is, do you plan to build more into the current exploration mechanics? In my opinion it could counter a lot of problems we have currently, and be a mighty tool to make eve more dynamic.

So, my question comes down to one thing:

Belts. In Exploration. When?

LaVista Vista
Conservative Shenanigans Party
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:50:00 - [10]

Edited by: LaVista Vista on 24/10/2008 14:54:57

1. Can we please get a total UI overhaul, so you recode the whole UI so it doesn't suck quite as much?
2. When will you kill off blobs? What is your plan? More goals for 0.0 warfare which doesn't encourage blobbing?
3. When will you expand 0.0 with more regions? Maybe make it harder to claim whole regions for alliances?
4. Exploration is getting static and stupidly time consuming. Any plans for a bit of love for that? More variation please? Maybe more things to do than just the 3 types(Mag, Radar and Unknown) which are currently even worth doing(The first 2 are hardly even worth it anymore).
5. Force multipliers are the flavor of the month. Any changes to that after you nerfed nano?
6. Will we get T3 ships? More flavor in ships perhaps?
7. When will you remove local and improve the intelligence tools we have?

Jefferson Dubois
The Walkmen
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:51:00 - [11]

Do you think ECM ships are overpowered? or are players just not taking advantage of available ECM counters?

Posted - 2008.10.24 14:52:00 - [12]

My only question: What in the Flying Spaghetti Monster's name makes you think that not having a skill queue encourages more playing?

I have a limited amount of time I can devote to the game, and no skill queue will change that. In fact, not having a skill queue slows down my progress, so I have to wait longer to get to the desired level to do some things or fly some ships (I have a pile of lvl2 and lvl3 skills that I find difficult to train without wasting precious training time.)

A 12 hs. (or two skills at a time) skill queue will be enough for me and most people with a regular job to train at least one 3 to 10 hours skill and keep the training pace of other people with more time to play.

So, to make it short, why you think that, but putting things harder for people like me, you will encourage me to play more?
If I need certain skill to do something in the game, and that skill ends up at 3:00 am on a working day, do you think I'm going to wake up to change skills? And do you think that I'm going to start playing at 3:00 am? And if the skill ends in the middle of the morning, while I'm at work, do you think I'm going to leave my office (I can't install anything at work without the SysAdmin's approval) to go change the skill at home and start playing the game? While at work?????

Explain your reasoning, please.

Deira Lenia
Mortis Angelus
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.10.24 14:58:00 - [13]

Edited by: Deira Lenia on 24/10/2008 14:59:51
Is CCP ever going to confirm that LAGS molests their LOGS?

Will the spawn chance of Officer/Faction ships ever be explained?

Are you going to change Soverentiy/Captital fights so its not a numbers game? (45 dreads kill anything under 5 minutes)

Are we going to see a Mini-Titan for empire?

Are you a green or a red tomato?

Will Oveur not be drunk this fanfest?

With the current economical crisis, and the bankruptcy of various Icelandic banks, Will i have to pay more for my alcohol fix this fanfest?

Will there ever be a day no nerfs are needed?

Nexus Advanced Technologies
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:02:00 - [14]

We all know that sometimes CCP is aware of a situation that is possibly fubar, but takes a while to get around to fixing it, because it's low priority.

Is the fact that t2 ammo penalties stack for each gun in which the ammo is loaded one of these?

Le Skunk
Low Sec Liberators
Chubby Chuppers Chubba Chups
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:03:00 - [15]

Edited by: Le Skunk on 24/10/2008 15:38:03
Please keep questions relevant to current game mechanics and the future if EVE Online. Navigator


Ill rephrase it as I think its very pertinent:

Does Zulupark think the last great CCP backdown (the carrier nerf thread) and his collegues failure to support him during that thread has created a mentailty at CCP that "its out game and you can lump it" towards any future changes.

Would ZULUPARK agree that CCP are pushing forward changes they want despite MASSIVE opposition (200 page threads about speed, GTC, ghost training).

Would ZULUPARK agree that many people play eve DESPITE it being owned by CCP, not because, and does he realize the contempt the company as a whole (and in certain cases individually) is held in the eyes of an ever increasing percentage of the gamebase.


Terianna Eri
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:06:00 - [16]

First of all kudos for Zulu for doing this <3 nice to see this kind of thing happening.


1) How viable should solo PVP be?
2) Are mechanics that encourage bringing more people good because they encourage cooperation, or bad because it makes an individual more meaningless and discourages certain playstyles and tactics?
3) If I am in a solo roaming ship X, and I jump (not warp) into a well-organized gatecamp, should I die, either on that side of the gate or upon burning back to the gate and jumping out, where X is...
4) Are you concerned that making ABs the superior module for tactical maneuvering and damage mitigation is problematic, since the reason MWDs are fit on basically every ship isn't to mitigate damage but to burn into range / out of range / back to gates? In all of these cases the speed boost from an AB is not sufficient and the MWD boost is needed to be able to avoid blobs and not die to any random old gatecamp you encounter.
I feel that without giving ABs the ability to use scripts / charges / huge overload bonus which enables them to be used to burn back to a gate in times of "oh ****, gtfo", all of the effort spent balancing AB/MWD will go to waste since the MWD will be just as mandatory and fit just as often as it is now.
Do you understand my concern, and do you agree/disagree?

Would someone pass on to the art department that the orca is super duper sexy? Embarassed

The Ankou
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:08:00 - [17]

1.) will there ever be a new class of missiles? ie: some sort of fast moving high dmg (to ships not structures) missile?

2.) If you were going to give a rough estimate of when we can expect Ambulation - when will that be? ie: Q2 2010? or something of that broad nature

3.) In the eve store there are battleship models for sale. Will there ever be any other types of models? Possibly ones under 100 USD?

4.) Very briefly what future plans does CCP have to go after illegal isk sellers?

5.) In short will hi-sec ever be nerfed? It seems crazy to me that you can chill in hi-sec and make just as much money running level 4's as risking your nuts in 0.0 ratting. Risk and reward between security systems should be rebalanced IMHO.

Thank you!

Sgt Blade
Save Yourself Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:10:00 - [18]

will we ever see anti cap non cap ships... think of it like ion cannons in homeworld

Gabriel Darkefyre
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:11:00 - [19]

One of the ideas speculated upon for an increase in the complexity of Industry was the possibility of introducing components to the T1 manufacturing process with the potential of Meta T1 Production being enabled as a result.

Given that the next expansion will be pitched towards industry, has this idea been given consideration, and if so, what are CCP's feelings towards this?

Posted - 2008.10.24 15:12:00 - [20]

Will the fun ever return to eve, or do you just plan to continue supporting skillblob zergfests with terrible 0.0 sov mechanics where numbers (and especially numbers of titans) == victory?

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:16:00 - [21]

Ok, i have some few questions here.

1. Is there any plans on fixing the few things with the Tempest that we have now?. Like the Tempest that have more shield than armor when the ships is more an armor tanked ship. Will the Tempest get any shield and armor hp exchange ever?.

2. Will there be any fix to the projectile ammo (EMP for example)?. Like get the damage on EMP L ammo for example up to what the Antimatter Charge L ammo are on, or the other ammo types?. Even when the EMP L ammo and Antimatter L ammo have the same damages, the Blasters will still take more damage then Autocannons. So i see no problems with that.

3. How much beer do you want me to give you when i'm coming to the Fanfest next yearSurprised?.

Alright, that was my questions so far. I might update my reply here if i have more questions to add.

Cassandra Valieries
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:19:00 - [22]

Will there ever be things like colonisation of planets, city building and ground warfare in EVE, if so how many years in the future will this be (rough guess ok Very Happy)

And thanks for doing this!

Dr Fighter
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:20:00 - [23]

Originally by: Khandara Seraphim

How is the black ops going to get fixed?

what's ccp's position on cloaking being an "iwin" button for someone being hunted?

docking games in high/low sec.

high qual lvl 4 agents in very high sec systems.

New ships lined up?

Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:22:00 - [24]

1. When will we see ambulation? Ballpark would be nice since many thought it was coming in Midas

2. Will Midas remove material penalties for specific POS arrays (e.g. component assembly array, ammunition assembly array)? Does CCP see POS's as a way to relieve manufacturing slot congestion in high traffic areas, or is it not on their radar at all?

3. Will we ever be able to run reactions (reactions, not moon mining) in High Security space?

4. Will the change to webifiers in the nano-nerf affect people's ability to use webbing to make freighters enter warp quicker?

5. Given all the nerfs that super-caps have gone through and given that they are far more vulnerable (especially moms) than they were on initial release, is there any intention to allow them to dock?

6. When will CCP develop a jump planner tool similar to whats is available on EvE-ICSC. Why has CCP out-sourced this kind of functionality to its customers when it should be available in-game?

7. Will CCP develop a secure method for trading ships that cannot dock, e.g. Moms and Titans?

8. Secondary markets: When will EvE have a formal stock market trading system?

Posted - 2008.10.24 15:31:00 - [25]

Edited by: RedSplat on 24/10/2008 16:35:07
Edited by: RedSplat on 24/10/2008 15:32:06
How many of the developers actively play the game in something other than an NPC corp: also perhaps some of them would like to write/comment about their favourite aspects of EVE and what they personally would like to see happen in the future? Smile

Is the sentiment that 'blasters will be fine' (paraphrase) after the speed rebalancing one shared by the majority of the Dev team or does this represent your personal view?

Do AC's need to be looked at and re-balanced?

The proportion of players that post on or read the forums with any regularity is rather low, in addition few people get to see proposed changes first hand. Do you think making an effort to encourage more players to jump on the test server would be a good idea? At the least your 'quality' of feedback might improve- or at least become invective with a grounding in truth.

Do you think changes need to be made to gameplay that promote small gang warfare?

Do you think you (and anyone else involved in future dev-blogs) could please avoid making vague statements- please? Confused (Edit- inb4 'Maybe')

P.s. Nice idea

Zadren Radek
The Scope
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:32:00 - [26]

My questions:

1. What steps are being taken to ensure that blaster ships remain viable in light of the upcoming speed changes? A large portion of the playerbase that has adopted this playstyle feels ignored when all the evidence suggests that their concerns are valid.

2. Can you release any solid plans on the future of the Black Ops battleships, other than to say that they are getting a fuel bay? More jump range? Ability to jump a fair sized cloaking gang a reasonable distance, ignoring cyno jammers and to also have a useful combat role in their own right?

3. Can you please reduce the price of bombs to a level that is line with other ammunition?

4. Ships such as the Arazu were hit very hard with the nerf to sensor damps. Are there any changes planned to restore there usefulness, perhaps with a boosting of the ship bonus, or even the addition of a module similar to signal distortion amps for dampers?

5. What reason can you give for the inability of Stealth Bombers to warp cloaked? Is there any scope for this to be changed?

Posted - 2008.10.24 15:35:00 - [27]

Edited by: ArmyOfMe on 24/10/2008 18:53:29
1. How will the nano nerf affect guerilla warfare? you have once said it was possible in the past before nano ships were used as they are today, and you are correct, but back then 0,0 didnt have things like jump bridges and large bubbles.

2. Why the speed reduction on battleships currently on sisi? dont you feel that ships like the megathron is already slow enough as it is?

3. how will the web nerf affect blaster ships chance to hit smaller targets? and is this something you are looking into?

4. why the nerf of medium drones? i havnt seen a single post in my over 4 years of playing were anyone has complained that medium drones are overpowerd.

5. Will Minmatar get a boost now that you are nerfing one of its biggest assets(speed)?
they have the worst dps, the worst optimal, the worst tanks(tempest/muninn anyone?) oh, and they also have nerfed ammo for godknows why reason.

6. Can you please have a look at the muninn from a balancing standpoint?
and if you tell me it performs as well as the other hac's ill shut up about it, but i will really want to see some good arguments made by you then about itWink

7. Can we please swap the hybrid turret damage bonus on the ishtar to something thats actually usefull? like a armor resistance or armor rep bonus?
it only has 3 turret slots so its probably one of the most useless bonuses ever.

8. once again, please look at projectiles and the tempest and tell me if you find them extremly underpowerd compared to other ships/guns ( i will happily trade non cap use for actuall working guns that dont loose up to 50% of their dps cause they were designed to fight in falloff, witch is actually right in the middle of pulse lasers optimalConfused)

9. What plans do you have for jove?

10. What will tech 3 be like?

11. when will we see t3 and jove?

stealth edit:
12. what kinds of skill reqs are we looking at for tech 3 mods?

Caminus Trux Germani
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:36:00 - [28]

1. When can expect that CCP remodel some ships, i.e. caldari one and why dont you redesign all t2 ships instead giving them a existing hull ?

2. Why didnt you give from beginning of eve Online all races missile and turret ships and not only caldari and some to amarr/min?

3. Whats the point to play this game ?

Sidus Isaacs
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:40:00 - [29]

Edited by: Sidus Isaacs on 24/10/2008 16:39:58
Edited by: Sidus Isaacs on 24/10/2008 15:40:39
Why do the T2 Javeling missiles have reduced range? Does not that make them usless?

Will the Drake ever get a slight PG buff?

Will missiles launch seperatly like guns (separate in space, not time) in the future? or keep going like a blob?

Will blasters get a change/boost after speed changes?

Will it be possible to change my skill training via my cellphone in the future?

Will Industrials get some tractor boosts? or do they get tu use their great cpu in the future?

Will warp jammers affect MWD's? If yes will that not be overpowerd, and basivally make the MWD usless excpet for very specialized long range ships?

Will we ger pirate faction BC and dessys?

Can I have some free stuff?

And of course keep up the good work! Great game!

Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.10.24 15:42:00 - [30]

Edited by: Rexthor Hammerfists on 24/10/2008 15:45:39
Are there plans to bring Scorch ammo inline with the other races closerange t2long ammo that is on sisi atm?

Are there plans to make XL torps faster so they can better compete in ranged capital warfare.

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