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CCP kieron

Posted - 2007.11.03 16:47:00 - [1]

Update: The links provided in the announcement earlier have been removed, as they will not work on Tranquility after the patch deployment and Multiplicity is currently not accepting connections. New links to complete build downloads will be provided after the patch has been deployed.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused the community.

As announced earlier in this forum thread Revelations 2.3 will be deployed on Tuesday, 6 November. This patch will contain a number of fixes which can all be viewed here, but most importantly it contains formal support for Mac OS X and Linux! If you would like to have a sneak preview of what it is going to be like playing on the supported OS of your choice, then I suggest you download the full installer and connect to our test server Multiplicity and try it out.

Here are the system requirements for Mac and Linux. Windows requirements are still the same.


Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Ubuntu 7+, Suse 10+, Linspire 6
CPU: CPU speed equal or greater than 1,8GHz Centrino
RAM: 1024 MB
HD space: 6.0 GB
Video: NVidia 6600, ATI is not supported.

Recommended system configuration for running EVE-Online:
OS: Ubuntu 7+, Suse 10+, Linspire 6
HD space: 6.0 GB
Video: Nvidia 7600 or later, ATI is not supported.


Minimal system requirements
OS: OS X 10.4.9 or later.
CPU: Intel based computer with CPU speed equal or greater than 1.8GHz , the client does not run on a PPC.
Video: ATI X1600 or NVidia 7300
RAM: 1024 MB or more
HD space: 6 GB

Recommended system configuration for running EVE-Online:
OS: OS X 10.4.9 or later
CPU: Intel based CPU 2GHz or better, the client does not run on a PPC.
Video: ATI X1900 or Nvidia 7600
HD space: 6 GB or more

How do I install EVE on Macintosh

The installation experience on Cider Runtime is identical to any Mac OS X installation procedure.

In General, Cider Runtime uses a simple drag and drop installation, i.e. into the Applications folder.
1. Download the EVE Online client. The client will be packaged as a .dmg file.
2. Double-click the .dmg file.
3. Drag the EVE Online Icon to your Applications folder.
NOTE: EVE Online may be unstable if run from a disk or installation package.

How to install Eve on Linux

Download the package for your distribution:

The user installs EVE Online using a graphical or command line package manager. On installation a Starter Kit will install program shortcuts and installation configuration files.

On launch, via the Start Menu shortcut or command line, the Starter Kit will download and install all necessary files for the application on Cedega.

Tick the Internet radio button to download the latest Game Package release from the Internet and then click Continue.

Patches are automatically downloaded and applied using the regular Auto-patcher.

How to connect to Multiplicity:
1. Run the client
2. Once the log in screen appears type in in the server Combo box.
3. Enter your username and password that you had on Tranquility the 2nd of October as the mirror was taken from Tranquility at that time.
4. Click Log in.
5. Profit?

Feel free to discuss this news here.

Blood Blind
Posted - 2007.11.03 17:03:00 - [2]

Edited by: kessah on 03/11/2007 17:03:59
you beauty! now i never need use windows ever again.


never been first in a dev post before. *kessah does a little jig*

Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.11.03 17:37:00 - [3]

Edited by: Ranko on 03/11/2007 17:47:59
Finally..... I can nuke my windows install and go back to Linux and OSX, never ever have to worry about using Windows again.

All I need now is a Ventrilo client for Linux

Heraklitus Nomidzon
Lost Enterprises...
Posted - 2007.11.03 17:41:00 - [4]

I love you.

Posted - 2007.11.03 17:41:00 - [5]

Edited by: Ga''Rahn on 03/11/2007 17:41:08
This is a wonderful thing. I kinda wish you had gone the direction of a true port instead of using cider for the Mac build. But beggars can't be choosers. It runs well enough on my macbook, so I can't complain! Very Happy

Elf Zwolf
Posted - 2007.11.03 17:57:00 - [6]

ATi is not supported Sad

Rafau Maco
The Mandate of Heaven
Black Core Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:13:00 - [7]

very nice! glad i have nvidia :)

Happy hOur Mining and industry
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:19:00 - [8]

"ATI is not supported" :(

Any hint on when the official Linux client will support ATI cards?

Times of Ancar
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:24:00 - [9]

Originally by: CCP kieron
ATI is not supported.

Very bad news. Is it just not officially supported or is it sure, that it doesn´t work?

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:36:00 - [10]

If you keep this up I'll never have to install vista!

Posted - 2007.11.03 18:40:00 - [11]

I see Cedega being mentioned... Is this not a native client?

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:45:00 - [12]

My ignorant question for the day:
How do I set it to connect to Multiplicity?


Zeneth Entorion
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:48:00 - [13]

Downloaded... installed... ran... splash screen... splash screen goes away...

No login screen comes up. =(

VCBee 118
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:49:00 - [14]

For those interested WINE and Crossover provide limited support for ATI cards. Crossover actively supports EVE Online and apart from not being officially supported by CCP does all the tasks this Cedega wrapper does on install. EVE runs almostly flawlessly already under these solutions.

Aman Grusi
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Nebula Rasa
Posted - 2007.11.03 18:58:00 - [15]

Will ATI be supported at some point in the future?

FP Enterprise
Posted - 2007.11.03 19:12:00 - [16]

For those asking, this is NOT a native client for linux but a wrapped exe with a pared-down version of cedega

now, as I really don't think much about the wrapped client, the only thing I would like to know is whether eve will still work with the NORMAL version of cedega now and in the future or whether transgaming will only support this rump cedega? (the answer should be an obvious yes but you never know)

Posted - 2007.11.03 19:44:00 - [17]

So there isn't really any benefit to using this client vs the windows client with cedega other than official support? I'm more concerned about performance than support as my client works with Cedega.

The Knights Templar
Posted - 2007.11.03 19:51:00 - [18]

Edited by: Zeminy on 03/11/2007 20:07:52
This is actually very disappointing to say the least! Now we have to pay to play EVE and pay to play eve on linux! I mean seriously. Why not go with an open source solution like wine and we don't have to pay, than go with cedega and having to pay an additional fee every month.

Okay so I am an idiot and you don't need to pay for it ... I apologist to CCP for my negativity... all you need to do is install the nice little download they give you ... go to "Games" on the start menu and select "play eve". Incidentally I am using Kubuntu 7.04 with NVIDIA card ... busy downloading now.

Che Martino
Posted - 2007.11.03 19:55:00 - [19]

Actually, cedega is included in the linux client for free, so no extra cost...

patroklus murakami
Posted - 2007.11.03 19:57:00 - [20]

Superb news, I look forward to playing Eve windows-free in future:)

I've downloaded the Mac client but I can't find a way to connect to Multiplicity server to try it out which is a tad disappointing...

Do we have to wait until 6 Nov to play with the Mac version? Or are am I missing something? Or did somebody screw up at CCP?

Che Martino
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:03:00 - [21]

Well there seems to be some trouble with the multiple user install on linux. I have several permissions issue. The last one points to unavailable files (not present):
(given that the game is installed in /usr/local/games/)

I'm using debian, but I'm quite sure that is not the problem. Gonna try the single install right now.

Posted - 2007.11.03 20:10:00 - [22]

Thanks, *but* wouldn't it be nicer to, have the client as a tarball or .sh script (like Doom) that installs in user account.

I'm not quite sure what the current setup does. I've checked the files in the .deb and it seems that it is an install of Cadega. Soooo, is this going to be just Eve that runs under Wine-line environment? It doesn't seem to be a native client. Comments?

The Knights Templar
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:15:00 - [23]

I think it is worth mentioning that you will have to install python22 before the package will be installed ... however the installer does tell you that ... just a note

Posted - 2007.11.03 20:20:00 - [24]

You can just use something like rpm2targz to convert the rpm. I'm a gentoo user with no inclination to install rpm (11 dependancies of clutter) or dpkg (22 dependancies of clutter).

Che Martino
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:26:00 - [25]

deathlord: It is indeed cedega running the windows client it seems. So if you have the stuff working fine with wine, I see no reason to change...

Phred Jonz
Ratio Decidendi
Freelancer Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:28:00 - [26]

Well, I think this is a great step and I'm sure CCP intends support for ATI and others in the future. This is certainly a step in the right direction, no matter how it is currently implemented!



An Eye For An Eye
Rigor Mortis Mortalis
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:28:00 - [27]

So where do i submit bug reports on the installer.

The Knights Templar
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:37:00 - [28]

Originally by: alpheon
My ignorant question for the day:
How do I set it to connect to Multiplicity?


When I try and connect to multiplicity using the IP address supplied it just tells me incompatible version. DOH!

Alit Neroon
Dutch Nuclear Taskforce
Posted - 2007.11.03 20:45:00 - [29]

I`m gonna give it a try, my pc has a 1,65 GHz. AMD Sempron, and it runs fine on Windows, but I hate Windowz, so i hope it runs good enough on linux...

I`ll be sure to tell y`all how it works out...

Posted - 2007.11.03 20:55:00 - [30]

Please remove lines 44-47 from .updater/cedegaUpdateChecker and lines 93-96 from /usr/bin/eve or at least give us the option to run as root in the future.

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