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ISD Deckard Bishop

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.07.07 17:32:00 - [1]

There are new Rules for trading characters for isk.

*** Character scamming in any form is not allowed. ***

For the Buyers Guide please scroll to the next section, for sellers please carry on reading!

An option for the safe and secure exchange of EVE Characters for EVE Online ISK is currently being coded. This guide will be updated when it is available

Questions & Answers

Q) WTF? What do I do? What do i check?
A) If you are selling a character for isk, you should first check your account management options;

My account >> Account services >> Transfer Character

  • Check the forms of payment you can use to pay for the transfer.

  • Remember the seller always pays the transfer fee.

    If you cannot pay, you cannot trade, its that simple.

    Q) I can pay, whats next?
    A) This is where most people go wrong! Your forum post is next, this should follow the rules and give as much information as possible. However you must always do the following:

  • You must create the thread with the character you are selling

  • You must state that you will pay the transfer fee

  • You must disclose whether or not the character being sold has a negative balance in its wallet and the amount.

  • You must post in the thread with the character that will be receiving the isk.

  • You must reflect the character correctly in the thread, posting that the character you're selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually has is a bannable offence.

  • You need to be in an NPC corp before you do the transfer

  • Q) What are the types of sales? Which so i choose?
    A) Before you post its important to decide how you want to sell. There are 2 options, a straight sale or an auction:

  • Sell: You should start your thread title with [WTS] or Want To Sell, this type of sale is for fixed prices

  • Auction: You should start your thread title with [WTA] / [Auction], this type of sale should include the following:

    - Starting/minimum bid
    - Minimum bid increment
    - Closing date and time

    You May also include:

    - Reserve price
    - Buyout price
    - Sniper rule
    - Item Location

  • Q) Ok, I have chosen, what else do i need?
    A) There are several things that buyers expect to be listed in character sales, these are:

  • The total number of skillpoints the character has and what is currently being training

  • The characters attributes and any implants you might have

  • Assets that are included in the sale

  • Location of the character

  • The characters security status, standings and loyalty points

  • Any killrights / bounty

  • Full breakdown of character skills (See below for details)

  • There are three common ways of listing character skills.

  • Post a list in the thread - very hard to read, not recommended

  • Use character showroom here - upload character xml manually or from evemon, defunct

  • Use here - captures character data directly from our website, easy to read

  • Use Ryushe's Skill Display here - Uses your API key to get your skill data right from our site. Clean and easy to use.

  • Once you have all this information you can create your thread, including all the above reduces your chances of being called a scammer, and will reduce the amount of questions you will receive in the thread

    Thats it, good luck with your character sale.

    Other related links:

    Sell Order rules thread is here

    Character Sale and Auction Rule Changes are

    ISD Deckard Bishop

    ISD Interstellar Correspondents
    Posted - 2007.07.07 17:33:00 - [2]

    Character Buyers Guide

    OK. So a few people asked for this.

    If you want to buy a character for isk do the following:

  • have a look on the Character and Timecode Bazaar Forum

  • this will show people willing to sell their characters.

  • next, post a message on the forum in the sellers thread, either with a bid/offer or buyout.

  • important:
    - please remember to have enough isk in your wallet
    - Please make sure you have a free character slot for the character to be transferred into!

  • Please read the rules regarding the forums and the recent rule changes before posting.

  • Character scamming in any form is not allowed.

    Please petition if you suspect you have been scammed.

    When buying and selling characters, please note that by confirming the trade via EVEmail, you ensure that the facts of the matter are documented, should any later disputes arise that require GM attention.

    Other related links:

    Guide on how to avoid character scams for buyers and sellers here


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